Useful Idiot Range Day

Story; video above.

Use this weekend to do better than that.

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  1. “Working to stem the tide of reactionary recruitment within white working class communities, fight white supremacy, and build community defense. We are Phoenix John Brown Gun Club.”

    Whatever. Just pick up your trash before you head home to Mom and Dad’s house, would you please?

  2. Ben Richards

    Yes a lot of stupid shit and fuckery to be seen. However, there are no shortage of ‘miltia’ ( GSF 3% comes to mind) videos on Youtube that are not much better. Just switch out the ” Chairman Mao Brown” shirts and red bandanas for some ACU or Multicam. Half the guys on our side laughing at them are good at keeping their keyboards warm and nothing else. To me a lot of the hubris and quick dismissal of these commies, from our side is just being used as a another excuse not get off their asses and train. This isn;t going to be a conflict of standoff weapons. It will be mob violence, close quarters ..hand to hand fighting with the occasional drive by shooting. That requires physical exercise which many refuse to do. For those who want to laugh..laugh. Me personally will be focusing on close quarters pistol work and hand to hand combativeness with some knife work thrown in and most importantly.. gathering info on my local assholes. Don’t get lazy fuckers!

    • I agree. This conflict will have a lot of sabotage, firebombing, possible IEDs eventually, stuff like that. Some guns of course; but mostly stuff that’s “done and run”.

  3. Reminds me of certain..ahem…”militia” group marksmanship training I’ve seen….not kidding.

  4. Never underestimate your enemy. Rank amateurs can be just as deadly as trained professionals.

    • The idiots in this video are cannon fodder. But cannon fodder can kill you if you’re making fun of it and acting like it’s not a problem.

    • This. The bullet screaming out of the barrel of that AK-47 doesn’t know that a douchebag was holding the rifle.

  5. I’m throwing this up before heading out to a training day:

    Well done to the John Brown Gun Club for getting out and training, which is more than most can do. Clearly they can organize and work together as a team. Well done.

    As for the linked article, it misses the point as usual, very much due to YDKWYDK. The point of training on a 25m range has nothing to do with the purpose of US Army known distance range shooting. Yes, the video could have shown better training, but it seemed more like a familiarization range day for the purposes of the video.

    I am about to head back out for Day 2 of the Combat Rifle Skills class on the ranges here in Idaho, as part of the first 4 day Combat Team Tactics package. For these 2 days the training focuses everything on 25 m or less. It is not the distance that matters, but the training objectives, which include: shooting positions, weapon manipulations and stoppages, barricade shooting, basic movement, reaction drills, types of fire etc. Skills! There are several long range competitive shooters in the class who are alumni of last year.

    A couple of ‘go to war’ rifles and frankenbuilds refused to run and had to be replaced or fixed on the range. To rely on a perceived superiority in ‘long range shooting’ at casual relaxed slow speeds when you have poor PT and cannot work with others in a team, and are not trained to operate in a combat environment, is a big mistake, hubris of the highest order.

    There should be less laughing at the John Brown club and clear appraisal of what capability they may be able to build. Massing combat power even at low skill levels could be devastating. This should spur people to train, not to laugh. Rather than go back to sleep like many did when Trump won, they ought to be training.

    • “This should spur people to train, not to laugh.”

      First, agreed.

      Second, what makes you think it doesn’t? Why would anyone advertise what they’re doing unless they’re running a school as you are?

    • I was just thinking to myself “is this a a video of a familiarization day?” When I was in the Army I used to get the pistols and rifles from the armorer and just have some of the less “high speed” soldiers sit around a table and get familiar with them. Hands on time helps people remember and recognize what they’ve got and where things are. Is that what this was?

    • agree. The communist International Brigades – most of whose members, at the outset, did not know one end of a gun from another – gave an excellent account of themselves during the Spanish CW. Trump has energized the radlibs and hardLeft while, as I predicted, throwing a wet blanket over the entire Old Right…and completely betraying the altRight/hardRight.

  6. Schoolboy

    Please step away from the donut table, running half a block might over exert some I’d guess.

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  8. What a clusterf*ck!

  9. I would like /pol/ to identify that lane coach for us. NCScout made note that he has SOME type of training from somewhere, and regardless of what that training is, I think it’d be good to identify him. Like NCScout said, yelling “Soros” when we ask about their leadership isn’t really cutting it. You and I are never getting near Soros. But their ground leaders? Yeah.

  10. I’m all confused now guys.
    Are we saying that these are the danger/threat?
    Are we still giving reluctant misty eyed praise because they’re “doing something”?
    Are we underestimating the enemy after being TsungZood not to do that very thing?
    Are we hesitant and timidly giving too much strength and prowess to an unknown enemy after being ZhungSood not to do that very thing?
    Is this video a headfake purposely released to help the two previous points with credence?
    How many of you and your buddies look like that video?
    How many of TFreds Island Jagdverband look like that video, but shot as a metamucil commercial?

  11. These guys and Antifa are just a Soros smoke screen, low value walking sand bags. The real fighters are collecting ‘Refugee Welfare Checks’ and will be armed w/Light Infantry Weapons. Soros envisions a neuvo Tet Offensive. Plan Accordingly

  12. For the purposes of maintaining your sanity, please turn off the audio when viewing video those Fascist ‘Anti-Fascists’ during their range time.

  13. Camera drones and throw rug head coverings makes them tacticooool.

  14. How many of us have gotten a group of people together who profess to hate guns, take them out into the Arizona desert, and gotten them to shoot? Sure, it’s a cluster, but it’s a first step. We all started somewhere.

    • Point well taken!

      My father first took me out when I was 7; showed me what a lowly .22 would do to both a canteloupe and a watermelon..always stressed safety and took it from there..and this WAS here in Western Arizona on the Colorado River Basin.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

    • Sorry, I was taking gaggles of folks to the range since 35 years ago, and it was less comedy than that.
      In 35 years those fat fuckers in the vid will be dead from heart attacks, or far sooner from trying to take their 3 minutes of fam fire to a street war.
      They make gang bangers shooting sideways look like JSOC Tier 1 ninjas.

      They aren’t working together as a team, and we’ve already established they can work together as a mob. (So, how’d that work out in Berzerkley last outing?)
      If they were a team, they’d all have the same rifle, and the same pistol. But don’t believe me, check with any one of 160 actual armies and ask how they do that, then get back to us.

      Our folks need to train, yes. But this is hardly the reason, and these guys couldn’t even play the Washington Generals to any alt mulisha’s cosplay version of Globetrotters.

      Your likely opposition, the guys you should be worried about (instead of this armed herd of baboons) are the ones paid for with debt bux in small mountains by your taxes.
      These assclowns, by contrast, couldn’t keep their shit in one bag when confronted by one freelance indy “journalist” with his cellphone cam.
      And that was them on their best day.

      Meanwhile, there are nearly 3,300 JROTC units, the most recently-joined members of whom have superior weapons and organizational skills to these fatass wannabees, not to mention 43,000 packs of some 1.4 Cub Scouts, most packs of whom could successfully engage these litter box nuggets and prevail.

      I can think of dozens of reasons to train, including regular range visits.
      The Volkswagen-load of clowns in this masturbatory video isn’t even in the top one hundred of such. But it’s always funny to watch them.
      The last time the phenom was documented adequately was in Jaws.

  15. Hillbilly

    Special kids with special needs….. Lots of em.


    If they can pull a trigger, and if the gun goes bang, they are a threat. Even cornered rats will fight. Take every enemy seriously no matter how ridiculous they may look. Plan accordingly.

    • I have a scar on my lip where a tooth went through it during a fight. I underestimated someone for a moment, that’s all it took. Learn from my mistake.

    • Grey Ghost


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Historically speaking, communists often come from soft-as-baby-shit backgrounds, but they kill like nobody’s business. Only Islam is competitive.

      • These people in that video… They have not been raised to value anyone’s life but their own. Hear that, y’all? They weren’t raised with a basic value for human life, and they go even further with your life. They have disdain for your’s.

  17. 20 people lined up and firing downrange are going to kill quite a few opposing people regardless of how bad their marksmanship skills. At minimum the opposing group is suppressed and unable to defend against any skilled riflemen sniping from concealment.
    Any group with semi-auto rifles should be taken seriously. There’s probably some gov’t agency who has already done so with this group.

    • Only if someone lets them take four hours to clusterfuck into one straight line, and hand-holds them through loading drills. The only person getting shot in that circumstance will already be bound to a stake and blindfolded. Against anyone similarly armed, they’ll make handy ranging targets.

      That’s the difference between a one-way range, and one where the bullets are flying in both directions.

      They’ve probably already been fully infiltrated by .gov informers, if not sworn agents, and 3:1 odds a couple of MS-13 types join up, and whack the whole lot on another “range day”, just to help themselves to their toys with no background check or waiting period.

      Hopefully that gets YouTubed as well.

      If these assclowns are getting anybody worried, you’ve already ignored a hundred likelier and more dangerous threats already.
      That is an actual real problem.

  18. All they have to do with one trigger pull is get lucky… doesn’t make them any less dangerous

  19. I wounder how many of these in five years time will be on the other side. The left has all ways wanted to keep people away from arms for a reason.

  20. As much as most posts here acknowledge, it remains a concern for everyone in freefor…

    Their weapons shoot bullets, bullets penetrate…bullets that penetrate flesh cause holes that can bleed, and in some cases, profusely. Bleeding causes trauma to fellow fighters who have to deal with the injured. They are no longer part of the fight which can eventually weaken the team with each successive bullet making contact to another team member.

    They know it just as much as we know it. Still, it justifies a legitimate reminder; Laugh and ignore them at your peril.

  21. jvance793

    Maybe we can get Kerodin to enroll them all into the Jedburger academy.

  22. SGT Bag, and Max are correct. Never underestimate ones enemy, someone close to you will, pay dearly.

    Max, is usually spot on, ” I know I rag on him to much” if you understand your ballistics tables, then 25 m for a combat arms rifle is exceptable, for excelerated learning.

    The ability too shoot the actual distances projected, is a moral, confidence builder in the trainee.

    While these turds may spend a day or two on the range, the monies in tactics. The ability to maneuver to contact at will—-, will be enjoyed early on. Even those shit bags will grasp the need to learn.

    The wise man studies and understands, his Battle Drills,, basic thru advanced. These are the life savers. Knowing the BDs is effective, try and apply them in multi environments.


  23. Important note: When watching this video, we all saw at least one government informant. I am 90% sure about that one. Whether it’s good or bad, I don’t know. But I’m sure there is at least one. Heck, Malheur had a butt load of them.