GoV: Stifled On The Left Coast


Goodness gwacious!

10 responses to “GoV: Stifled On The Left Coast

  1. So when do we start fighting back?

  2. GoV need to give it a fuckn’ rest and take a nap.

    I live in N. County San Diego and have never had a single problem on their site. I just went there, no problem.

    Hysterical  Dymohya (or however you spell her name)  is probably goading her beta husband into convulsions over nothing, like most wymyn love to do. Make your man do the white-knight routine and then sit back and watch the fireworks just for shits and giggles. 

    She’s also one of those rabid anti-vaxers and anti GMF freaks (never mind that golden rice has kept millions of kids from blindness). I’m sure that she’s on-board with the proven bullshit that vaxxes cause autism.

    I quit commenting there a long time ago when some dude (((MC))) called  out some some anti-semetic creep as a “Christian” in a really gratuitous slam. I had a back-and-forth with him and “Baron” and gave up reasoning with them. 

    Since then I always take what they post with a huge grain of kosher salt.

    • Same here in the People’s Demokratik Respublik of San Francisko Bay Area. I’ve never had problem with network.

      Now must go back to lookingk for Moose and Squirrel.

      Don’t go getting yourself arrested or shot over this.

      • Uhhhhh, Bob……shouldn’t that be San Fransicko?

        • Jimmy the Saint

          San?!?! That is overly Xtianist! Keep wondering when the People’s Republic will get around to changing all those evil names….

  3. Well, I am in California, and I could pull up the site-no problema. So, could be a city thing, could be some shenanigans. Since I am only a 30 minute car ride from Sacto, things would definitely happen here in the “Capital”.

  4. AntifaBeverlyHills must be another parody site!

  5. This has jack-all to do with Califrutopia, and likely everything to do with twizzledick’s employer.
    It’s the same in all 57 states.
    Don’t like it? Punch a lawyer.
    If raghead in the cubicle next to you is triggered, cue confiscatory workplace harassment lawsuit and lottery payment settlement.

    Besides, anyone at work surfing the ‘net whose job title is not “owner of the company”, and surfing any site less mainstream than Reader’s Digest or Good Housekeeping is probably too stupid to hold down a job anyways.
    If that hits too close to home, make sure your state unemployment benefit is maxxed out on contributions; you’ll be using them shortly.

    Work for yourself, or surf on your own phone or tablet.
    Or, just for the novelty, try getting back to the work you’re getting paid to do, and surf the ‘net at home.
    FFS, you can get to GoV from Google from where I’m sitting, within earshot of the nightly fireworks at the Happiest Place On Earth.
    I think they’re turning into the hyperventilating nancies they fear.

  6. I think ISP for the City of BevHills free wi-fi is blocking per the city’s request. “We have a list of bad sites, do you want to block them?” My city does the same thing. There can be multiple lists ‘porn’, ‘hate’, ‘extremist’, ‘ISIS’, and the lists will vary by ISP. The customer chooses which lists apply. These lists block many sites that shouldn’t and let others through that should be blocked.

    A coffee shop near me blocks WRSA, but not other wordpress blogs. It doesn’t say anything, it just times out.