K Blog: To Me, Fair Friend, You Can Never Be Old

Porter on the male-female bonding process and its civilizational importance.

Why do you think it has been so consistently and savagely targeted?

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  1. Can I add an amen to this post? I see 12 yro’s saying stuff in TJMaxx that I wouldn’t utter at 40. So sad, women have allowed themselves to be turned into whores of the worst kind. No one respects a doormat, you just wipe your feet on it.

  2. In my case, a timely post. My wife and I are in our late 60s. Yesterday as she and our daughter left for daughter’s baby shower (our first grandchild; better late than never), I held the car door open and said to my wife “you remain the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” And she does. A lot of truth in that article.

  3. Those two are some of the reason for coining the words, Judeo-Marxist and applying it to all liberals, progressives, and communists. There is a tendency to call ANTIFA fascists. They’re not remotely fascist, they’re hardcore Judeo-Marxists. Supported by multiple billionaire Jews such as Soros, Bloomberg, the ADL, SPLC, ACLU, and many others less well known.

    Jews have been attempting to kill western civilization for 2,000 years, they’re closer today than they’ve been since the days of Bolshevism.

  4. a follower

    Very nice.” Why do you think it has been targeted?”
    i have been led to see and believe marriage is a covenant. Not just between men and women, but between mankind and Yahusha. i also have been led to
    believe Marriage is a holy place and is linked to the abomination of desolation. Mathew 24:15

    • If you can be led to disregard precepts of marriage, God, self determination, sanctity of life, catechisms of all kinds which are the fruits of history and legacy hard learned and won down through time that hold culture and people together, how can you believe in anything but what your are told to believe in?
      And that is the whole point, to create generations of malleable useful dupes who you can mold to your agenda and the ideology behind it.
      As we witness daily.

      Take this below, see what is being done here:

      • a follower

        Yep. We are (were) to learn from the mistakes of the past.
        Never to late to relate the stories and reveal the Truths.

  5. Interesting. Also of note: as the Church is the Bride of Christ (not yet consummated), so Israel is espoused to YHVH.

    Imagine if someone messed with YOUR wife. Now imagine you have infinite power and long, but finite, patience.

    I think that, even if I didn’t particularly like them individually or collectively, I wouldn’t go messing with ((((Mrs YHVH)))). There’s no future in it.

    • For God’s relationship to Israel, see (along with the rest) Hosea.

      • Israel is the Christian Church, it is not a geographical location run by those that Jesus Christ called “those of the synagogue of Satan”.

        God’s Covenant is with those of the Christian Church, not those running the rogue, anti-Christian government that calls itself Israel.

        • You’re gonna get piles, just like them philistines and amalkites if you keep talking like that. God doesn’t speak in riddles, bust phat raps or leave any doubt of His intent.
          It’s us, us that have trouble understanding. But He has ways.

        • a follower

          Agree, and it is good to see more people speeking these truths.

        • I can quote scripture in support of my position. Can you do the same?

  6. My wife will always be beautiful to me if for no other reason, and there are many, that come from keeping the faith we have between us.
    It is ever lasting, it’s beauty itself, something precious stays with me always.
    And that to me is beauty even the most alluring and sensual looking young lady, while nice to look at for what it is, can never equal.

    The proof is in the telling. I’m a smelly old cantankerous goat, I got my warts believe you me, but I always keep the faith, I’ll die defending my woman, it is my solemn duty to provide for my woman, to protect my woman from the evils in this world, my woman knows I will always no matter what, through good and bad. It’s the ties that bind, and my looks have nothing to do with the love she has for me.

  7. If you desire a bit of fact in the midst of all the ideology, read “Sex at Dawn”.

    I am not at all putting down marriage nor pair bonding nor their importance in our social order, just saying it is not something to get mystical or ideological about. We are biological creatures and over-ride those aspects of our nature at the risk of big side-effects in the social order.

    Many societies have functioned with happy people for millennia based on entirely different concepts than our monogamous marriages.

    • I daresay we are more than merely meat puppets, and to suggest otherwise is fatuous nonsense, and naught but the amalgamation of Darwinism and Marxism (two greater malignant idiots than which none have likely ever existed), and from which have proceeded just about every bit of civilizationally corrosive codswallop – not to mention wholesale human slaughter on a biblical level – for nearly the past two centuries.

      Many societies have fallen into oblivion for millennia from the lack of monogamous marriages, and a surfeit of polytheism and animism, while professing their so-called happiness. Had they “functioned”, we’d see their like here and now, instead of history books.
      (cf.: Apocalypto, Mel Gibson’s other historical religious epic)

      A close glimpse is to see what the 6th C. time warp of Islam looks like now when practiced within orthodoxy.
      For anyone above an IQ of 80, the prospect of living thusly brings shivers to the spine.

    • Notarealperson

      Actually we should ideological about it.. Marriage and the traditional family are the primary transmitters of cultural values to the next generation. Ruin the family structure and you end a culture and civilization.

      This is why the family has been vilified by feminists and the Left in general. AS they want to eradicate whats left of tradition American society and replace it with something else.

      Every civilization going back to ancient Egypt and China was based on a traditional family-extended family structure.

      Sure there are different structures but they tend to be found among stone age savages and those to adhere to post-modern thinking such as those who live in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. IOW sexual deviants, freaks and crazies.

    • we’re not talking about “many societies”, as fr’instance promiscuous bushniggers in Papua New Guinea, you silly liberal pest. We’re talking about what’s needed to save/rebuild White Western civilization and all the glories it created. And, BTW:



    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Many societies have functioned with happy people for millennia based on entirely different concepts than our monogamous marriages.”

      How many of those advanced much beyond the neolithic?

  8. Leauxryda

    Happy Mother’s Day to the wives, mothers and daughters of WRSA’s commenters, readership and especially to yours, CA!!!

  9. I pen this as I cry, it’s a good cry, my wife IS my world, she’s my rock, she’s a teacher, a student, a lover, a witch, yet she’s mine, I know this to the bone. She gifted me with to exceptional children, her love is never wavering, and unconditional.

    My wife is retiring from teaching after 34 years, end of June. Hoping to show her the rest of the US, as we travel and explore. Seems to be the natural progression before we settle in and assume our other assigned duties from the man above.

    My wife went down and got her hunting and fishing tags yesterday, says she’s going elk hunting, and salmon fishing. I really really love my wife!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of your wives, on this special day.

    Dirk Williams

  10. wendystringer48088

    Re: Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_at_Dawn – Yes, sex and sexuality, in all its forms and variations, is an interesting subject. And I personally feel that a bit of study and open-mindedness on the subject to understand things on a personal level is not a bad thing.
    Relatively rich guys with several wives seems to have worked out pretty well in more primitive societies (and in the Old Testament of the Bible).
    I would say that for a modern large society to value Personal Liberty and Freedom, and not over time devolve into anarchy or a police state, you do need a significant majority of people to be in stable relationships (the basic family unit) to form the core of a stable society. Practically speaking, this means for the most part male and female paired heterosexual couples.
    Otherwise all the unbonded heterosexual males and females, and all the homosexual males and females, without the structure, focus, responsibility and commitment tthat a family unit provides, and all the single men and women without responsibilty and all the single moms without a father for their children, will use their time and energies towards political and social activism to get an all powerful state to act as a substitute daddy / provider / guaranteer of their needs.
    Well, maybe not ALL of them, but a lot of them…
    So the government leaders will make promises to provide for their needs and to change society to the way they want it to be, but they will also say they need more power and to be able to limit some aspects of personal freedom in exchange for being able to guarantee their needs and security.
    And I think that is how over time you get a government and a situation like in Venezuela http://www.wnd.com/2017/05/mental-illness-of-central-planning-is-destroying-venezuela/ or Argentina http://ferfal.blogspot.com/ .
    Stable committed long term heterosexual marriages are the bedrock of a modern stable society. Otherwise either some form of anarchy or a police state will take the place of a stable and free society.
    Even those living alternative lifestyles need to recognize this.
    Just my opinions.

  11. Beautiful essay by Porter. Thanks for sharing.

    Ten Natural Laws
    “The Natural Law is defined as, “The divine will, or the dictate of right reason, showing the moral deformity or moral necessity that there is in any act, according to its suitableness or un-suitableness to a reasonable nature…” [1]
    One of the land mark documents that defines “divine will” is the Ten Commandments but many people do not really understand exactly what these laws are trying to tell you because of a long history of sophistry.
    What does it mean not to have other gods before him?
    What does it mean to keep the Sabbath Holy?
    Is it about a day or or a way?
    What does it mean to honor your father and mother?
    And what qualifies as coveting?”
    In its entirety at:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  12. The Usual Suspect

    I’m going on 37yrs with my one and only wife.

  13. fuck them leaky cunts.