ZH: NSA Director Uses “Russian Hacker Threat” To Gain Access To French, German, and British Voting Systems

Totally legit.

There’s nothing finer than the FUSA helping other countries kept their elections going the way desired by the Americans free from outside interference and thus true to the ideals of democracy.

That way, we’ll also never have to go back to benighted and susceptible-to-manipulation technologies such as paper ballots and inked fingers.

God bless the NSA!

11 responses to “ZH: NSA Director Uses “Russian Hacker Threat” To Gain Access To French, German, and British Voting Systems

  1. And the Nork Dork popped another cork.

  2. Grey Ghost

    Obviously Adm Rogers is a lying neoCON bootlicker of John McStain. If they don’t keep fearmongering Russia then they can’t get any increase in the IC and MIC budgets now can they. I don’t believe anything these 3 letter agency guys say… just like I don’t believe what any politician says. Just more power mad psychopaths on the loose in Lincolns leviathan.

    Who cares that they want to “protect” elections… TINVOWOOT!

    Grey Ghost

  3. Grey Ghost


    Looks like they are reviewing CoG preps but I doubt they have any concern for YOU nor will leviathan be able to help you. No one is coming to save your ass. Keep prepping.

    Grey Ghost

  4. In reference to one graphic in this post — right color, wrong finger.

  5. Jews are not Americans. You’re relapsing.

  6. Good deal. I’m sure the NSA have honorable intentions and only wish to help our various global partners run fair and free elections.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      mtnforge–funny all this anti-Russia stuff, eh?

      9 May 2017 I watched the Victory Day Parade from Moscow celebrating the “Great Patriotic War,” and guess what?

      Hizzhonor, Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu, their Defense Minister, opens the festivities as follows:

      Bare-headed and deferentially peaked cap in hand, he enters Red Square under a huge icon of Jesus Christ above the gate at which time he blatantly makes the Christian sign of the cross before proceeding to ignite the parade:


      Our “swamp critters” In DC, like the neo-cons. MIC, and Marxists must be apoplectic! The absolute nerve…invoking and acknowledging Jesus Christ in public! Who do these Russian people think they are???


          CC: Thanks for the photos. After all of my military training both active duty and active reserves, I came to this conclusion a long time ago: Amerika better not mess with these Russians. These folks mean business.

      • Well, I say you probably get it from your comments.

        Seems like this is the the collective deep state/shadow congress version of the cultural marxist’s crisis as a means.
        Kind of figure the great fuck you that got Trump elected scares the crap out of them all. Trump has to be co-opted or gone. They literally can not let the great fuck you stand.
        They can’t come directly for those who voted the great fuck you, but they can go for it’s elected representative.
        Part of the message too, is probably something like: there can be no doubt left there is no voting our way out of this, (TINVOWOOT).
        That great fuck you was definitely a black swan event. It shocked the everlinin’ shit out of the fuckers, and as long as Trump remains viable in any way, it reminds them of having received the middle finger and a hardy BFYTW, (Because Fuck You Thats Why), from the dirt people.

        Hey, plenty will comment murica! is toast, nobody will ever fight back, yada yada yada, resistance is futile, and on and on. Boring.

        If the ones who stood up and withdrew their consent of the statist quo by voting in numbers sufficient to overwhelm and win against the margin of vote fraud and gerrymander baked into the illusion the dirt people get to vote every 4 years were not an existential threat to the powers that be, they would leave Trump to his devices and not stonewall him or create a world wide false narrative he is incompetent and is ripe for impeachment.

        That withdrawal of consent, is the most powerful weapon ever devised. It is the final word on who really holds true power on any system of government. You simply can not force people to consent to anything if the choose not to consent. So the idea is to keep dirt people from realizing that power of their consent. And in America, that requires a multi staged system of illusion, misdirection, and subterfuge, all the while, being cognizant of the verboten mention our discussion in public, America is literally a body of dirt people armed to the fucking teeth. It is literally a citizen militia larger than any army that has ever existed, and if that potential militia of armed citizens ever begins to figure out it is what it is it is game over for the sonofabitches.

        Sure, que in the scoffers and the sky is falling chicken littles, the trolls and cowards. That comment draws em out like flies to a fresh steamy dog turd.
        But you got to ask yourself. Why are the fuckers wasting time and the money to paint Trump in the light they are? Why not shoot the guy and get it over with like JFK? Like they tried with RR.

        The answer is, they are afraid.
        They know dirt peoples are about had enough.
        The Normies are starting to get it.
        And if those two massive pluralities of America become allies, well the PTB are done.
        It won’t take much to break the camel of tolerance’s back.
        They have tried and exhausted almost every trick in the book of dictatorship 101, not to mention robbed the Normies and dirt people to where there is almost nothing left to steal of the prosperity and intrinsic wealth of people not nailed down debt free or literally held in the hand.

        Personally, I believe the jig is up. It is only inertia and impetus of the leviathan nature of the whole construct of this system of centralized tyranny that is keeping it going. It will take a while, unless another push by another black swan sends it into a cascade failure. I believe it is that fragile to an outside push.
        Like a water Empire. That is what the whole construct has been. water empires can last a long time seeming to put right along, until some unforeseen consequence comes along and kicks the foundation out from under it.