Come To Think Of It…

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11 responses to “Come To Think Of It…

  1. I understand the current thinking to be that the pyramids were built by craftsmen who got paid.

    • Haven’t you heard? Current thinking is that the pyramids were built by aliens. Right behind climate change creating ‘Waterworld’.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        That was after we needed to paint the polar ice black to prevent climate change from triggering another global Ice Age (back in the 70s-80s).

    • If so, those craftsmen were the lucky winner’s of life’s lottery whose wages, perks, and bennies came at the expense of those more deserving. So tear those mf-ers down already.

  2. Confederate Generals and Leaders are just the ProgreSSive’s nose in the door. Next comes Jefferson, Jackson, and then Washington. Maybe even the “Great Emancipator” himself.
    FDR was the 1st (Communist) President, Wilson was just a deluded Princeton Prog. setting the table for what would come.
    How do you Drain the Swamp, when this Swamp is Your Home and We All have lived in it for generations?

  3. How about all the slavery that is currently happening in the modern moslem world?

  4. This latest, because of the overwhelming historical evidence of the desire of Egyptian pharaohs for free market capitalism, and fair work for a fair wage, along with their sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle, and vegan cuisine.

    I’m surprised they haven’t also “discovered” that the pyramids were built by transgendered chorus singers with fabulous taste in décor, hence the jewelry and gilt furnishings inside, why their priests were so butch, and why male and female rulers wore eye liner.

    I’m guessing the main difference between Pharoah’s burial chamber and Liberace’s living room is mainly a few degrees of longitude, and it’s only a matter of time before Oprah and archaeology connect the dots for us.

  5. We cover the march & protest against the planned removal of the Robert E Lee & Stonewall Jackson statues in Charlottesville, VA.

    Defending Southern Heritage – Event Against the Robert E Lee Statue Removal
    Part I:

    Defending Southern Heritage – Event Against the Robert E Lee Statue Removal
    Part II:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. Blacks, mestizos, faggots, Judeo-feminists…..once you give them a taste of group entitlement, the demands will escalate forever. They, and the ones who entitled them, have to be killed.

    • It’s coming.

      200 million murkins need to go. 🙂

    • SemperFi, 0321

      History repeats itself, maybe we can make slavery fashionable again?

      If not, there’s always the German way. Keep mouthing off and in only 3 weeks you too can experience the Holocaust first hand.