Jordan Peterson: My Message To Millennials – How To Change The World Properly

Via Maggie’s Farm.

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  2. neilmdunn

    Excellent, inspiring video with 2 important links (don’t want to deny others the same opportunity)

  3. Wait…isn’t this Canucklehead the same socialist academic who was sad panda crybabyin’ a couple weeks back because antifa communists rained on his kinder, gentler leftism parade?

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    Okay–here’s another “conservative” with a message.
    And of course it is like watching your own root canal through a mirror.

    Does anyone think a “millenial” would actually “watch” this–and for more than 20 seconds? –or actualyl “all the way through?”

    I blogged somewhat on how to produce media for consumption by the “grazers” –and this guy fell off the planet (literally).

    Frankly I don’t think you can put a millenial into a concentration/re-education camp and expect them to come out on the other end with a positive result.

    • I’m a millennial, listen to many of this man’s talks, plus many others on both extreme ends of the political and philosophical spectrum, and you are painting with too broad a brush. There are many “millenials” that frequent this site and I would posit that they are significantly more engaged, prepared, and self sufficient mentally and physically than the rest of our generation. This wasn’t posted on WRSA for the majority, but for we who have seen our parents and grandparents live lives of complacency and are working everyday to be better prepared and to prepare our children not just for political upheaval, but for any hardship that will come their way.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        You listen because you are waaaaaay off the curve.
        You have a brain.
        Most millenials don’t have a brain.
        You just just a fraction of a percent of millenials–and one of the choir.

        • Jim Klein

          You’re wrong ST. So was I, FWIW. Most likely you’re swallowing the media swill and/or judging from an extremely limited sample. Whatever the percentage–and it ain’t some fraction of 1%–it’s the WINNING side, mainly because Do-Nothings do nothing. The world belongs to the young and it’s theirs to lose. Having watched us old farts let it all happen, they’re not likely to be fooled again.

          See, it turns out that locking kids up and teaching them bullshit–while you tell them that you’re not locking them up and teaching them bullshit–doesn’t work quite as well as expected. I misunderstood this myself…never been more glad to be wrong.

      • Thanks for that. It’s nice to get a good hit from a young’un once in a while. Re-kindles the faith a bit…

      • Keep rocking Gandalf. It’s refreshing to hear there are some out there.

      • Gandalf key phrase “for ANY hardship that WILL come their way”

        Hey how is the enlightenment of friends going?

        • I have a core group of around 8 like minded friends who are all WRSA readers and leaders in their own regard, and then probably 15-20 periphery friends trusted enough for frank theological and philosophical discussions, but not for details. I would also say, as a note of encouragement, that the ideas of freedom and individual liberty are not hard to sell to millennials, even avowed socialists. When wading into the deep end of the idea pool, sometimes people jump in who can’t swim. The best way to help is not to leave them alone to drown, or even worse to push them under with the weight of history and logic. If we can help them start to swim, the hope is that someday they will swim on their own. And yes, I am making an analogy where we who hold to individual liberty and traditional, conservative values (for a quick condensation that EVERYONE understands) are the ones who can swim in the deep end. I’ve made these steps with avowed millennial socialists in the past, and they are now bemoaning the fact that California is so repressive regarding firearms that they are going to have to buy 10 round mags just in case they get pulled over, but always have 17 rounders in the gun or vehicle. They are actively acting in their own self preservation and interests in rebellion to a state government. That’s huge progress.

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  6. Hey, you never know. Way too many years ago as a clueless college freshman I found myself wondering what the hell I was actually supposed to be doing among all those impressive taxpayer-funded buildings. Little did I know that I was in exactly the wrong place to get any meaningful answers…

    With “help” like that It took longer than it should have for me to make some sense out of the craziness. Still working on it.

    This guy is interesting and definitely zeroed in. Among other things he touched on worthwhile stuff that dead white guys like John Boyd and Victor Frankl said.

    “The truth shall make you free.” It will also draw a lot of flak as well.

    So be it.