More Dogwhistle Decoding

Via Twitter.

6 responses to “More Dogwhistle Decoding

  1. The only thing that matters is whether it was Russian ice cream and who scooped it.

  2. MSM Journalist’s should ALWAYS be treated like sh 1 T, as long as they tow the Socialist Communist SJW agenda they are Fairgame, across the board!
    Garbage should be treated as such

  3. Only if it’s vanilla…

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    I say keep this UTTER BS UP! MOAR! MOAR!

    When your enemy is self-destructing–don’t intervene.

    Soon the whole concept of WAAACIST will only be in a museum (Thank heaven.)

  5. B Woodman

    One scoop for you! BFUTY!

  6. The MSM simply isn’t intelligent enough, collectively speaking to see they’re dying of self-inflicted irrelevance. Lie in pursuit of an agenda long enough and it WILL catch up with you. they also struggle with the idea that the folks they see as dumb view them the same way except the unwashed masses have evidence in support of their observations on the MSM.
    Their intellectual superiority, much like their moral high ground is imaginary but, they been so successfully indoctrinated, they can’t imagine anybody else might be smarter than they are. They’d be forced to question everything from their world views to their own identity. It’s virtually the same conundrum that black American “culture” is facing right now, only difference is a college degree (in most cases) and a water-cooled checkbook….