Suarez: The Istanbul Drill – Shoot Them Again When They Are Down

Bad times call for hard men.

Note the caveats, as well.

9 responses to “Suarez: The Istanbul Drill – Shoot Them Again When They Are Down

  1. “Today the term is being used, but in reverse, with the brain shot being the anchoring shot. It is important to mention this so that there is no misunderstanding. Today’s use of the anchoring shot is in essence a killing shot delivered once the terrorist is down to insure he is unable to detonate himself. Perhaps a better term – “The Insurance Shot”.
    Moreover, it must be reiterated that this is NOT a “street self defense against a mugger” technique. This is reserved for Active Shooter/Terrorist Events where the bad guy is quite likely to be wearing a bomb vest. You can argue against it if you wish, but you either accept or not accept the information coming out on the various events as well as what ISIS is admonishing its operatives to do.”

    Sorry easily defeated. A simple dead-mans switch with safety will do. Once the terrorist is deployed, safety off. At that point anything that has the terrorist lose motor control is boom. So walking up and delivering the coup de grace is a terrible choice. Taking the kill shot essentially has the shooter becoming the trigger.

  2. The New Protocol:

    Five to the head, followed by five to the head.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That can work well enough for a skilled and trained shooter, but for your average person who can only get a little bit of range time, it probably just means 5 misses followed by 5 misses, unfortunately. Or, if NYPD is involved, 10 innocent bystanders shot before the bomber can blow them up.

  3. Jeff Brinch

    Just today I read elsewhere that ISIS recommended hitting gunshops as a method to obtain weapons. One bit was breaking in after hours. Another recommended observing the owners patterns in locking up and then running him(her) over with your vehicle to obtain keys and entry. Consider the methods of our enemies before passing judgement on evolving tactics and methods. These are the same folks that burned a pilot alive in a cage and chop off heads while running video to be released.

    Not being a peace officer or active military member and certainly not a highly skilled “operator”, I welcome posts such as this and value the information and will work on the methods.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    When exchanging real estate with antagonists we habitually
    delivered anchor shots into the antagonists as a matter of course.
    Most were anchored repeatedly prior to turning your back on them.
    I thought the practice common sense .

  5. Truthy stuff from Gabe; in a nutshell, it’s the “dead” ones that get up & kill you. (Makes me want to go to the shelf & revisit some volumes I have by RUARK and Capstick as well).

  6. Trumpenthal will shortly be in Riyadh and Tel Aviv…getting his marching orders from Zion and laying the groundwork for the ZOG attack on Iran. Which will kill people who happen to be Muslims by the hundred thousand, if not millions. For a fact, though, many thousands of “refugee” survivors of this latest Zionist massacre will then be brought to America by Trumpenthal and his Judeo-globalist handlers. To kill Whites.

  7. Used to read him all the time, now his super secret squirrel ninja blog won’t let me read without disabling adblock and turning on cookies, oh well, as Pete says, meatspace, baby!

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    Now that summer is almost here in Wyoming and the bears are out, I don’t have any other choice but to go for the “kill switch”.
    You guys take care of ISIS, I’ve got enough worries with the grizzlies every time I leave the vehicle.