Vlad Tepes: Inconvenient Facts Of Slavery


Disrupts the narrative.

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  1. Randall Flagg

    A comment to the original link succinctly summarizes…
    “Both subjects are complicated and there is no easy answer of evil or good?”

    There is one answer and, although not explicitly stated by M. Ndiaye, he worthily manages to distinguish (however obliquely) a central truth. Namely:

    It is meaningless to view history through the lens of modern morality.

    This is one of Liberalism’s decisive failings and constitutes a large part of the slipshod foundations used in arguments made by today’s Social Justice Warriors. Such that, the farther back in time one goes, the more meaningless this sort of moralizing becomes. Even a single century can erode almost all relevance from observations made in this manner.

    In the most immediate context, M. Ndiaye represents a splinter group of scholars that struggle to unmask the monumental hypocrisy of modern minorities who seek to lay pandemic dysfunctionality in Third World countries at the feet of all Caucasians in Europe and America.

    Time and again, this ridiculous pretense is used to lash unwary Liberals into blubbering, self-flagellating apologists for their mere presence on earth.

    The profound hypocrisy involved most frequently manifests in three different-but-similar ways.

    — Black people converting to and extolling Islam even as they strenuously ignore how—as M. Ndiaye makes so clear—Muslim slavers ravaged many African cultures to the point of near-annihilation.

    — Feminists and homosexuals fulminating about the iniquities of Caucasian Western culture (especially historic offenses—is there a pattern emerging here?) all the while remaining deafeningly silent about how Islam would like nothing better to rape them all (males included) and kill every last gay there is.

    — Interminable squealing by modern day Muslims about Islamophobia and portraying themselves as perpetual victims amid the most deliberate obfuscation of Islam’s almost unbroken track record of violent predation upon and obliteration of every adjacent culture.

    Again, is there a pattern emerging here? Sincere congratulations to M. Ndiaye for his courage in challenging the accepted narrative and seeking to set the (much distorted) historical record straight.

  2. The yawning chasm, filled with a dense minefield of outright lies, between history and the marxist “narrative” should be all anyone needs to know to get red pilled.

    Unfortunately, sixty years of relentless indoctrination through the Big Megaphone has and will prevent it.

  3. So, what you’re saying is us “evil white devil” types “culturally appropriated” another aspect of black culture? (IE the slave trade) ….. Fuck, we’re “RACISSSSSSSS” sumbitches…….

  4. My direct descendant was sold as an indentured slave in Virginia in 1697 by a British war ship. He was originally enslaved by the moorish muslims in the mediterranean sea and spent years in enslaved in north africa before the british bought him. 95% of all blacks sold into slavery in america were originally taken as slaves by muslims and then resold. Stats show that muslims took far more white people as slaves as blacks. The only slavery that exists on earth now, is by muslims.
    Where do I get my reparations?

  5. POd American

    “Even a single century can erode almost all relevance from observations made in this manner.”

    I think you really meant a single generation based on the speed of social change right now. I don’t even recognize this country anymore.

    Reparations is a ridiculous idea since everyone that was wronged is dead. The old adage of “You never cut cane or picked cotton against your will, and I sure as hell never owned anyone…now go FOAD you parasitic POS, or better yet, start making this demand of team Mo and see how far you get..”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Reparations is a ridiculous idea since everyone that was wronged is dead.”

      There’s an opportunity here – “Ok, you got your check. Now just put on this collar and go off with the Jenkins family there…what? Oh yeah, you’ve now got to put in 5 years of slaving. Enjoy! What? No, you can’t give the check back.”

      It’s a real teachable moment.