At Least We’re Not Those Stupid Euros…


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10 responses to “At Least We’re Not Those Stupid Euros…

  1. wealthy farmer

    Even Miss Linsy can’t believe that her hero, who actually does in fact have a vagina, lost the fucking election fair and square. Lack of evidence be damned! So much for Team R….
    The more outrageous the propaganda the more it bears repetition ad nauseam-until the fat squishy american middle either buys into the lie or gets their asses vaporized by these imbeciles!
    We are so screwed.

  2. one hopes Putin has a few megatons to spare for Zion-in-Palestine. I’d hate to to think of Miss Lindsey and the rest of the Jew-stooge politicians annihilating the northern hemisphere Whites…while the Israelis sit around on beach chairs, slurp gefilte fish, and watch the fireworks. Like they did during the 2014 Gaza Massacre.


      Haxo: I do not think any nation will be spared the consequences of a nuclear exchange. If Putin does not have enough toys in his toy box to go around, I would be willing to bet the Iranians do. Hatred knows no limits.

  3. Interesting, but a tad over the top.

  4. How’z this, Miss Lindsey?

    Faggots and pedophiles (but I repeat myself) burrowed into my government will only speed the destruction of America. I see you’re playing your part well in that enterprise.

    Come out of the closet or Shut.The.Fuck.Up.

    Quit your warmongering with your partner in crime, Juan McLame.

    Full Retard. Dr. Strangelove time. Never go there.

    You people in NC who keep re-electing this madman are certifiable. AZ voters, break the back of your antiquated primary system and boot him, and that other swamp creature Flake of office (or better yet, recall both).

  5. Grenadier1

    We should make these people wear bike helmets full time so we know what we are dealing with.

  6. Dan Morgan

    The Russians must have a complete dossier on the shit pickling activity of Miss Lindsey.

  7. They can’t print money fast enough to pay me to fight for them. Now, fight AGAINST them? I’m in. No charge. Fuck these cowards.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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