Buppert: Celebrating Your Gaoler, Literally

But there once were actual public servants, and not everyone today is vicious and thuggish.

It’s not like the revolver is completely loaded or anything.

Your turn.

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  1. the average coproach has the maturity level of a 9th grader,
    the intelligence level of a 10th grader, and the mental disposition of a serial killer.

    there is serious question as to their ability to function outside of a gang environment, that’s why so many are former .mil, most of them just cannot make it on their own… that’s why a lowly fast food worker has more credibility and deserves more respect than any .gov parasite scoundrel.

  2. They always scream “Stop resisting! Stop resisting! Stop resisting!” while they beat you to death.

    You know, just in case some stupid civilian witnesses mistake what’s happening for a bunch of badged thugs beating someone to death for a minor offense, or maybe no offense at all.

  3. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    During my short time as a public servant (10 years) I can testify that the police are not our friends.
    They are looking for an excuse to shoot someone or not be sued.
    They pretty much spend most of their days daydreaming about this.
    I admit, for some time I did myself.
    But my IQ is somewhere north of room temp.
    Exciting times.

  4. I would hazard and it is backed by Bupperts post that a biggly portion of incidents are by for lack of a better term, repeat offenders. An officer that is involved in a fatal shooting can quite easily avoid ramifications by two methods. a) The qualified immunity wall. b) Failing that and facing civil charges they quit the department and go work for another. Then continue their rampage on the citizenry.

    Which begs the question, why are not the insurance companies interested in tracking this? Munis thru their insurers pay out billions every year in wrongful action cases. Fastest way I would expect a bad cop being drummed out of the business would be the simple expedient that no muni could retain their coverage if they hire them.

    But hey, that’s just common sense which is in short supply these days.

    • What ever happened to the olden times concept of bonding for guv leaches?

    • Thought about the insurance angle too, then quickly realized cops being cops is the price of admission for the corporate fascist state.Anyway the munis don’t have to dip into their insurance pool to pay off the victims of copdom, that’s what taxpayers are for. Simple.
      Myrmidons,praetorians, jannisaries , pinkertons and cops. Same shit – different piles.

  5. Nice little test for the ‘Lets end PoPo brigade’. It also applies to the ‘Freedom brigade’.

    Are you willing to legalize ALL drugs?

    You are not? Check your presumptions then. Before the Harrison Act practically all drugs were legal. The majority of SWAT $$ and effort are in ‘drug enforcement’ of all forms. Legalize the drugs and the justification for the big PoPo budgets disappear. Freedom means the ability to be stupid and pay the consequences for it. Barring that baseline one is not free at all even if the world around you permits it.

    • <-this, bigly

    • How about first we get rid of taxes/theft that would do more to end police brutality than any other method…It’s ironic to me that people always focus on legalizing drugs instead of making taxing/theft illegal…If my money wasn’t paying for medical insurance or for those who don’t have any insurance that get hauled to the hospital in an ambulance for overdosing, or the free clinics where they can get clean needles then more power to them doing all the drugs they want…I wonder why Freefor can’t comprehend that…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “How about first we get rid of taxes/theft that would do more to end police brutality than any other method”

        Just make individual police personally liable for cost of defense and paying judgments on brutality/wrongful death claims – no more passing it off to the taxpayer.

  6. a follower

    How many of us are perfect (divine?) There sure seem to be a lot of stone throwers out there.
    So where is the high ground?

    • 4. 52% of police officers report that it is not unusual for law enforcement officials to turn a blind eye to the improper conduct of other officers. (US Department of Justice)

      5. 61% of police officers state that they do not always report serious abuse that has been directly observed by fellow officers. (US Department of Justice)

      7. 84% of police officers have stated in a recent survey that they have directly witnesses a fellow officer using more force than was necessary. (US Department of Justice)

      Yeah, keep selling the old “…but the vast majority are good guys doing the right thing…” line of bull shit. I stopped drinking that koolaid decades ago.

    • “So where is the high ground?”
      Roll the wayback machine, Mr. Peabody. Ten Commandments are a good start even if one is an atheist. Even stripped of their religious context it is quite surprising if one were to follow them to the best of their ability the amount of mischief that can be avoided.

  7. Some Guy in WA

    Serious comment/question about Buppert.

    This is a man who seems to make a living working for the Empire, taking up arms against people around the world at the bidding of the folks he portrays as his enemies in his writing.

    What is the difference, then?

    This state of affairs doesn’t (completely) invalidate his commentary, of course, on domestic issues. I feel similarly strongly.

    However, as I feel this way, I comport myself accordingly, and do not participate in the machinations of Empire.

    Wouldn’t that be a more consistent approach, even if it would require recalibration one’s skillset to make a living?

    • SGiWA,

      If you don’t participate in the machinations of Empire; good on you and your tax planning.

      That means you neither consume nor produce in the above-ground economy and I salute that but if you do either, you support the machine de facto and de jure. I have friends with small businesses and 50-60% of their incoming revenue is surrendered to a tax plunderer from the local to the Federal level and that may not cover the leasing of any employees from the Federal government as they comply wit the mountains of regulatory paperwork and compliance edicts handed down from on high.

      I have Christian friends who object to abortion and they know their tax dollars are apportioned for infanticide shop-fronts. I object to abortion. I am not fond of much of what the government does at all and with a family I know better than to challenge the massive theft scheme in the oceans of taxes and regulations we swim through in America. I breathe easy if I end up owing only four digits when my accountant hands me the butcher’s bill for occupation expenses for the year.

      I am a former reserve sheriff’s deputy from CA and that experience indelibly proved to me just how bad cop thuggery can be. It is an order of magnitude worse now.

      I have a particular skillset and I have been to combat theaters and neo-imperialist shitpits around the world. I am not proud of some of the things I did.

      I am certain there are folks who write and comment here who do not agree with everything their company does yet stay on. I am certain, especially at WRSA, there are folks here who object to what the government does yet they haven’t unplugged from the system and continue to pay the tribute demanded of them at the point of a gun. That is how government works, fear and obedience is the brick and mortar of the state.

      But all folks can have aspirations either philosophically or religiously to improve the world around them through a means they see fit. I study and write; it’s a catharsis for me. I’m philosophically terraforming future abolitionists and I’m not perfect. Not by a long stretch.


      Bill Buppert

  8. Saw beat downs, never involved in one. Those who were, learned quickly to not add my name to the ” Witness” columns. They knew I would tell the truth as to my observations on scene, if placed on the stand.

    These bad cops are exactly as Tfat describes. Luckily for We The People, their are far far more good things happening. far more good deeds, and actual investigations sending real criminals to jail.

    The cops who are doing these bad deeds are usually caught, as testimony to this fact, listed daily by Tfat,of bad cops being jailed or fired is proof positive, that the police try to weed out the bad ones.

    That’s why I enjoy tfats post, they prove my point.

    If you want change it starts with city council, county commissioners state legislatures and congress and senate critter offices.

    Dirk Williams

    • As a retired peace officer sergeant I would have to agree. I brought numerous charges against officers for violations, even testified against a few when they were finally brought to court.
      Many “bad”, “less than honest” were kept because they were the right “race”, right “sex”, right “background” or right whatever the city council was looking for….Council members opined openly and often that they wanted “a lot less old white guys”. They wanted more “diversity” in their police department…to reflect more of the immigrant nature of the community.
      As an example, we had an Iranian born, naturalized citizen working as a cop (you know, to reflect our tolerance and diversity) who was caught taking bribes. Many of us argued for termination & charges, the brass said, “No, it is part of his culture” and they refused to fire him….This kind of shit has only increased in the last 20 years…it ain’t getten better….


    Remember the old cliche: “You can’t have your cake and eat it to”? Well, that is what I see going on in Amerika. Those of us who post on this site know full well what the truth is. But, if you watched the POTUS give his “cop week” speech yesterday, you would see how the rest of the public feels.
    People will constantly complain about cops because cops, like drill sergeants and school teachers, spoil peoples fun. I saw it when I was a Peace Officer in SoCal years ago. What has been discussed and debated here over and over with good reason is how the whole concept of Public Servant has been obliterated. I saw it with the academy recruits in the early 80’s with the bogus War on Drugs and Nancy Rayguns D.A.R.E. programs. I won’t beat this dead horse anymore as I have put in my two cents repeatedly.
    When things begin to ratchet up with Antifa and the other Marxist rent-a-mob useful idiots over the next few months, it will be the cops who will be in the middle of things. Yes, I know, they hung back at Berserkley. But it won’t be that way at other locations. When the heads they start busting and the people they start shooting are my enemies, I am not going to get too worked up over it.
    Do not allow your heads to explode over that last sentence. I know full well TPTB could turn on me in a heartbeat. But, I have fought these Reds ever since I was a boy growing up in LA in the 1950’s. The grandparents of these Antifa mooks and skells destroyed the public education system, took prayer out of schools, spit on me and called be a baby killer when I came home on leave from my Army service, manufactured and sold dope to kids, promoted pedophilia and had sex with their under-age students in high schools, voted programs into law which have confiscated my honest-earned wealth, and continue to undermine, along with the MSM, the moral fabric of my culture and my country. The enemy of my enemies is my friend.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The enemy of my enemies is my friend.”

      It’s your enemy’s enemy. Nothing more, nothing less. Just because you both hate the same person/group, it doesn’t follow that they don’t hate you, too. That doesn’t mean that you can’t work together to defeat a common foe – just understand that they may not (in fact, almost certainly do not) have your best interest at heart, as would a true friend.

      Think Croats and Bosnian muslims against Serbs – there was no love lost between the former two groups.

  10. Their is a huge difference in definition of beat down, VS use of force.

    Seems our side ” the Right” has learned from the left that if you modify the definition you drive the narrative.

    By simply changing a word, maybe a few, we change the definition.

    Use of force is and always has had a dynamic meaning/ application. Their is no ” fixed definition” when your in the shit. Most humans react, based on their training and experience. LEOs are no different.

    Tfats police reporting daily. Weekly and monthly, is clearly an objective overview of good cops hunting bad cops, daily, weekly and monthly.

    Off the top I can’t think of another profession that actively, aggressively hunts bad actors in their professional employment fields, like law enforcement.

    Hiring good cops is as flawed as the hiring process and those tasked with hiring. We’re to the point that good men and woman no longer wish to serve. The bar moves up and down. Sadly that bar is heavily influenced by politics.

    As for the perception of police power. The only actual power given to police VS civilians is the ability to make probable cause arrests, and lodge in jail.

    The citizen still retains the right to make citizens arrested. Any citizen has the absolute right to self defense. In both Police and citizen shootings justification is a matter of perception, ” I was in fear of loosing my life, or protecting the life of another human” .

    What our world lacks is a nexus to teach every citizen exactly what the rules and laws are. Law enforcement, the system has done a piss poor job making the rules available to everybody.

    And informed citizenry is a powerful group. The ability, or remedy for police abuse IS, holding them accountable via, civil courts. Implied immunity is a head fake, police and police admin are held accountable daily, in courts of law across this nation.

    Yes it’s expensive, what’s your freedom worth?

    Don’t misunderstand my posts, their is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to dirty cops, and cops getting away with murder.

    Again you want change, your foolish to go to the police department. You are better served going to city hall, with a reminder to the city or counties council, that the next stop is the media.

    This list is just a suggestion. If your arrested.

    1. Keep your soup koolers shut, lawyer up, loudly and often.

    2. As soon as practical write ” articulate” on paper exactly what was said, be difinitive do not generalize.

    3. Ask for, demand witnesses give you their observations. I find it works better if those witnesses, actually pen their observations. ” I’ve actually received witness statements prepared in crayon. Who gives a fuck, it’s the content, not the writing tool, which is important. Also, an attorney especially a DA or ADA, is forced to read the personally prepared document.

    4. If the witness is a retard, write it for them, have the, sign it after you pen it and re read it to them for accurate content.

    5. Pictures, pictures pictures.

    6. This is hard. In major crime scenes, I ALWAYS called for a fire department ladder truck. I wanted photos looking down onto the crime scene. You would be surprised of the definition that downward picture series adds to the jury being able to grasp the actual overall scene. Admittedly this is a police tool.

    7. Many years ago my wife received a bogus traffic ticket, from a Podunk agency. My wife, not me, did her due diligence and kicked the cops ass in court.

    She went to the courts and requested a written copy of any all tickets, and police notes added. She took pics, and measurements, she photographed the actual reverse investigation, to include she and her friends measuring distances, any and all bushes in the area.

    She then reversed the investigation and drove into the area, and noted the exact distance that a radar was able to reach out. For radar contact.

    She used the courts to recover police training records, regarding radar trainings, she also demanded Copies of last police car radar calibrations.

    AND she kicked this dumb shits ass in court. A week later the judge, and I had coffee, he told me I did a grand job of rubbing this dumb fuck cops nose in a pile of shit. ,

    I explained that I had zero to,do with it. My wife went to friends in the state police, borrowed their traffic books, and educated herself and her girl posse.

    Turns out the cop, who was the chief, had been writing tickets for years, he was not radar certified, never had been. The radar unit was out of spec. And that he got caught lying. Her pics with corisponding pictured measurements proved that it was not possible for the chief to have been cutting in his car, and running radar thru the thick foliage directly in front of him.

    The judge made a complaint to city council, and things were going bad for this turd, his actions has put the city way behind the eight ball regarding liability.

    Didn’t matter, the ATF got to him first, seems he was manufacturing suppressors and short barreled shotguns without applying for and having on file the tax stamps.

    He’s driving a truck these days.

    Sorry for being long winded. I don’t know a lot, but from time to time I find subject matter that I can share with you all. If it helps just one of us here on WRSA, make better choices, or provide an oppertunity for others to learn, then I feel my contribution, however small is worth my time.

    Dirk Williams

    • “Tfats police reporting daily. Weekly and monthly, is clearly an objective overview of good cops hunting bad cops, daily, weekly and monthly. ”

      To hear you tell it.

      More like, someone(the victim?)had these pails of piss by the nuts and there was nothing they could do about it…

      • In some instances yes, some no. Tfat, I get it, and I understand what your saying more then most. Accountability is mandatory.

        Keep up the good work, reporting the unlawful actions of law enforcement.


      • wendystringer48088

        TfA-t: “More like, someone(the victim?) had these pails of piss by the nuts and there was nothing they could do about it…”

        If I may ask… Who wrote up the police report and turned it in to the procecutor and who arrested the bad cop and brought him/her in and who prosecuted him/her? If all cops were bad I would think any reports would not be acted on, any evidence would disappear and/or the arrest would not happen. True, cops usually seem to get a lot less time than Joe or Jane average citizen would get for the same thing…
        You do make some good points, and the Zerogov article on National Orc week at http://zerogov.com/?p=5109 really supported a lot of what you say (although in a much more pleasant to read form), but the way you present it makes it hard to read and this absolute hating on all cops just doesn’t seem, at least to me, to be justified.
        Eliminate the cops and you have what? Sovereign citizen grand juries and the local militia enforcing the law might work out in the western states in post-apocalyptic America, but in the urban areas it’s gonna be gangs and warlords and private armies fighting over the last of the canned food in the city and then who gets to dine on the corpses of the deceased.
        You want to have to deal with these guys by yourself? JOJO – 3HUNNA K OFFICIAL VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhAOSzpydVM
        You expect me or others to once somehow all the cops magically are no longer around to get in the way of good people dispensing justice or whatever situation you are referring to?
        Then for damn sure don’t ever knock Max’s or MDT’s or anyone else’s training…
        Because I have a LOT of work to do. I suspect we both got a lot of work to do.
        Any actual useful, concrete and practical information or suggestions regarding training, tools, tactics, procedures, etc. that you could offer up would be greatly appreciated.

  11. wealthy farmer

    I don’t hate cops per se, but I don’t love them either. They are part of the landscape.
    What I do hate are copsuckers: civilians who suck up to cops, grovel, kiss their asses and shit themselves every time they see a skinhead in black uniform. Really disgusting.

  12. The Usual Suspect

    All for firing all cops & firefighters, legalize all narcotics, pedophilia,
    robbery, rape, murder, assault, arson, raise your hand.
    That’s what I thought.
    To read the comments of some of the responders here, that appears
    to be their wishes.
    Lunatics !

  13. A friend just sent me the following:
    The Bizarre Story Behind the FBI’s Fake Documentary About the Bundy Family:

    Have not had the time today to read it, but sounds interesting.

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  14. The “taking sides” in these comments are quite instructive. As far as “laws,” in what way does the .gov have the right to lock ANYONE UP for cultivating, possessing, or smoking a plant that GROWS NATIVELY in this country? To the idiot above wishing to equate that with violent assault against other PERSONS, get a life!

    But it runs far deeper. Speed traps in general are just another form of theft. I’m not talking if someone CAUSES HARM to another human, I am simply saying that they are operating a motor vehicle at a higher rate of speed than a sign on the side of the road. Asset forfeiture is just a more extreme version.

    Having worked as a consultant with cops and prisons, as well as serving on active duty, I can appreciate that there are SOME functions performed by cops and soldiers that may have some utility. But at what cost? As Higgs says, without .gov bad things WILL happen. But with .gov far WORSE things happen. It has become so clear in our lifetimes, and I applaud Bill B for helping me to see so much more clearly how oppressive our world has truly become.