Derbyshire: The Most Important Graph In The World

Explained and discussed.

Money graf:

…It’s way past the time when we high-IQ, low-fertility, long-civilized Arctic peoples—the whites and the yellows—can afford to bicker among ourselves, about election hacking or anything else. We should be putting our smart, pale heads together to plan a geostrategy to preserve our nations, our civilization, from the swelling numbers down there in the tropics who seek to displace us by demographically overwhelming us…

With Mark Steyn on lead gee-tar; watch the whole thing:

43 responses to “Derbyshire: The Most Important Graph In The World

  1. enough of Derb and his Asiatic wife. And “they”, meaning the fecund Blacks, Browns, Muslims, aren’t “looking” to destroy “us”. They’re just tools in the hands of White-hating Judeo-globalists. Cut off the hand, and the tool falls to the ground.

  2. The solution is simple. The West needs to stop feeding and aiding them to breed. No animal, including humans, continues to breed when food id scarce. Cold hearted? I really don’t care.

    • Russ you bastard, wow what a plan. It might just work.

    • Population overshoot will be to 21st century whites what small pox was to 16th century whites

    • Just keep them in their own countries, and no problem. Let them into the West, and you are done for, all because of suicidal empathy. There is a rant on this by the “bad” guy in the last episode of Fargo, quite remarkable for Hollywood.

  3. thesouthwasrght

    Prepare for a two front fight when that time comes: 1 being the moslem hordes inflicted upon peaceful people by their very own governments and 2 the pension protecting law enforcers of the land who will be squarely in the mohammedan’s corner.

  4. robroysimmons

    BS all we need to do is lecture these Africans about the Consteetushon and the proper tax policy for billionaires and it will all be good.

  5. Coldwarvet

    Just stop feeding them. They can’t feed themselves.
    Maybe devote some long-thinking to how we got here?
    Hint: “Christian” charity has a lot to do with it.

    • As parasites, once they kill the host that is Europe, they will need to find another host (e.g. America) or they will die off en masse, exactly for the reason you state: they can’t feed themselves.

  6. Virgil Kane

    We’ll be fine. Our kids are screwed.

  7. Mark O'Ryan

    @ Haxo: It’s important to fight with each other while the Horde continues to grow and export itself. Internecine fighting is an advantage to our enemies. The Blacks/Browns do not want to destroy us, they do want cultural parity and supremacy that every demographic group seeks.

    • s’truth. It’s my Tikkun Ola friend (((Anna Baltzer))) who wants to exterminate the Whites, using invasive Black, Brown, and Muslim stormtroops. I have advised her as to the error of her ways, but she remains obdurate. Events, I fear, will take their tragic course.

      • Haxo, there will be mass starvation within the next 40 years. No country in Africa, and hardly any in Asia, can feed themselves now…Keep them out of North America, or we are done for…

  8. Just look to S. Africa today for what F-USA will look like in the coming decades. Until the ‘elites’ (using that word makes me want to puke.) feel the pain and spill THEIR blood, nothing will happen and by the way, as long as they reap great rewards ($$) today, they don’t give a shit if F-USA is 5% white in 100 years.

  9. “We should be putting our smart, pale heads together to plan a geostrategy to preserve our nations, our civilization…”

    Finding agreement on a common plan has been the problem.

    Might be due to the mental pygmies screaming from the nose bleed seats about “the Jews” while the Jews and Masons over-represented by their high IQs in the “Scientific Patents that Built Western Civilization Committee” get beat up by formerly Christian WASPs who suddenly devolved to every man for himself. Onlookers who’ve never risked their own skin for anything babble something about “the Constitution was just another scam anyway” while awaiting a new leader to emerge from the fracas who will give their lives meaning.

  10. Detroit III

    A bit late in the game to realize you guys lost the Darwinistic struggle?

    • is there a nigger in the woodpile?

      • Your remark demonstrates that there certainly is an asshole.


        • Fuck off, Nigger.

          • Your father must be proud in how you honor him…your deep character, your grounded morality, your accomplishments in bettering the world you inherited and the world you will leave to whatever unfortunate children who have to endure you.

            You are a disgrace to many.

  11. Detroit III

    A bit late in the game to realize you guys lost the Darwinistic struggle?

  12. “Explained and discussed”…well, not so much.
    A few little items such facile graphistry ignores would be in order, since they seem to have forgotten it in that vast dearth of ‘splainin’ and discussin’.

    1) Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.
    2) Mercator projections aside, Africa is a mere 3 times larger than Europe (11.73M mi2 vs. 3.93M mi2). So a graph that their population will approach the same density as tiny Europe’s 50 years in the future is far less than earth-shattering demographic news.
    3) Pure numbers are meaningless. The average kindergarten has forty times the population of my apartment; I don’t feel threatened by that fact, nor should you. The median age in Africa is 19.5 years (half below, half above). IOW, they have far more toddlers than thirty-somethings on that continent. Most of them are malnourished, starving, and educated to about the level of house pets. Which is something you’d expect in a continent where the average life expectancy is generally around 46, south of the Sahara.
    4) Two-thirds of the world’s AIDS infectees are in Africa. There is no cure, probably never will be, and with average annual incomes there around $750/yr, they aren’t going to be buying AIDS medicines anytime soon. Besides the 57 other diseases largely wiped out in Europe that still kill and ravage in Africa, before we get to war, famine, and wild animals.
    5) So if they’re coming here anytime in the next century, it’ll only be in hospital cribs.
    6) Look up the Gell-Mann Amnesia Affect.
    This is the same UN that swears to us, cross their heart, that anthropogenic global warming is a real thing. IIRC, my namesake covered the response to this in The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Like 2500 years ago.

    In short, settle the fuck down. Spain, maybe, should worry, but as long as 99.99999% of Africans can’t afford the plane ticket to get here, WhoTF cares? Call me when they build cruise liners and can follow a compass.
    At current industry and education rates, that’ll be about the time the Federation colonizes the Romulan Empire.


    You want to get your panties in a twist, look up similar demographics for Central and South America, and note that to date, there’s the exact same amount of border wall from San Diego to Brownsville now that there was in 2008: 190 miles’ worth. Less than half of that is even the sort that’s difficult to climb over with a stepladder. Only 1,764 miles to go.

    • the various’s will see to it that the niggers follow hot on the muslims’ footsteps. Already being picked up by the various navys and pouring into Greece and Italy. Generally, whenever Aesop predicts something, we’ll do best expecting the opposite.

      still waiting for Trumpenthal to curb the Norks and evict the Bear from Syria. Still waiting….still waiting….still….w…

      • thesouthwasrght

        And why should we care what Russia does in Syria?

        Nary a reason for even 1 American boy to die there. None. Let Assad run his country.

        • Indeed. Syria is a battle over pipelines and oil, and the US is on the wrong side, but Putin will never allow a Jihadist takeover.

      • Casting blame upon ‘the niggers and the jews’ only hurts the efforts of those who work to make the world a better place.

        You are little more than a coward and certainly less than a loser.

        You are more of a problem than any image you conjure to hide your own failures and legitimate deficiencies.

        • Jew spotted.

          • Well, sorry to burst your tiny little mental bubble, but I am Roman Catholic, the fulfillment of Judaism.

            Some of us are actually trying to make the world our children will inherit a better place, and some – like you – hamper those efforts. There are better ways to spend your life than acting like an ass on the internet.

          • Lol. The enemy is at the gates but we must not use certain words. That would be a micro-aggression.

        • Seamrog, how is your wife’s son?

    • Same density in 50 yrs is huge when you figure in exponential growth, as the chart does.

      “Besides the 57 other diseases largely wiped out in Europe that still kill and ravage in Africa, before we get to war, famine, and wild animals.”

      All of which except the animals they’ll be bringing to Europe & America, where we’ll have less resistance due to lack of exposure to disease & violence.

      “…99.99999% of Africans can’t afford the plane ticket to get here, WhoTF cares? Call me when they build cruise liners and can follow a compass.”:

      Ships have been hired that do nothing but ferry Africans to Europe. Lots of money is going to bring them over here, the same source as the money that bribes the Euro pols to encourage it to happen.

      Europe could easily stop the invasion, except for the (((forces))) subverting from within.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. I’m certain with all the postings regarding this article that each person commenting has done or is doing their part to ensure they are procreating not just replacements for themselves and their significant others but to increase the numbers of their tribe. Europe wouldn’t be in the shape they are in had they done their part to increase their Caucasian demographic. Just look at the heads of state in Europe who have no biological children. They have no skin in the game. We are heading down the same road, because we have aborted our future and we encourage our women to work and not be mothers. We look at children as a burden instead of a blessing.
    But if you do your part in birthing them, train them up right, don’t abandon them to the state.
    Failing to do so means your comments are just hot air and you don’t have any skin in the game either.


      Sir: I am too old to be birthing anything. But, since 2005 when I got back into teaching, I have been doing my part to train young, white, Christian American men and women to think for themselves. do not trust government at any level, and have families. It has not won me any contests with the politically correct crowd, but I am seeing results.

    • A thoughtful observation. Currently, my wife and I are blessed with four nice kids.

      Those obsessed with getting off and contracepting their culture into oblivion are a huge part of the problem. They are condemning their progeny to a brutal end.

      But hey, who cares as long as one can blame it all on the ‘jews and the niggers’ and rut with abandon with the cigarette guzzling trailer park neighbors.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Obviously, you’re another one who has let his testicles run his life.
      Your claim to fame is how many offspring you have? Kind of a low IQ solution to the worlds problems, except to you.
      Every religious tribe in the world is trying to outbreed the others, and therein lies the problem, it only creates more fodder for war and hatred, at the price of your offspring.