MDT: Constructive Suggestions Before The Sportiness

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  1. the first priority is to neutralize the rotten to the core poLICE and other agents of the state. they have proven to be the enemy of the people.


    • Easy to say (especially behind that “kevlar” keyboard), harder to do………you won’t.

      • Curious that he uses the term “BAMN”.

        The name of the group behind AntiFa.

      • the day will come when the badges will deny they were ever cops.

        murkin poo poo are corrupt to the core.


      • We’re the Only Ones Off Roster Enough

        “In some instances, ATF has discovered officers who purchased more than 100 “off roster” firearms that were subsequently transferred to non-law enforcement individuals,” Harden continued. “Such transactions potentially constitute violations of federal firearms laws, to include dealing firearms without a FFL, and lying on a federal firearms form when purchasing said firearm — also known as “straw purchasing.” [More]

        Gee, special privileges lead to a sense of entitlement that the rules don’t apply. Who knew?

        Posted by David Codrea at 5/15/2017 02:52:00

        need anymore be said about the parasitic badged thugs? “i was only following orders” will not be a defense on “that day”. enforcing bs laws on the common man while letting the real criminals get away with everything.,.

        poLICE have NO HONOR.


      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        I know for a fact the police in Baltimore are corrupt to the bone.
        The Neo-Politicians(read as-Politician who serves anyone but their own) and the Jewish Lawyers we have are total fucking assholes.
        On top of the 300,000 plus Black Felons we have and it makes for a very, very hostile situation.
        You can mock all you want MDT, but noone from Tennesee with an AR and a Plate carrier is coming to save the Plastic and Wood housing developments from fire.
        We dont have enough Fire Fighters, let alone equipment.
        The NWO knows this.
        Our country will burn to the ground twice.
        And the Police will be nowhere to be found.
        Take Katrina for example.
        Those Police? They shot my 15 y/o civilian friend in the calf for trying to cross a bridge and give them the ID’s they were asked to collect from the dead.
        The Police are loyal to their mortgage and their fat wife.
        Not to you or the long since dead Constitution.

        • Tfat was the only person being mocked in my response. Re-read the comment and response.

          • you can mock all you want.

            you can’t make it in the real world.

            you’re unemployable. you have no real skills.

            you’re a life long tax feeder.

            the SHAME you live with is well earned.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. this is the proof that dumpf is not on the side of freedom or the people.

    just look at that room full of criminal fat scumbag pigs. every one a liar, child molester, drug runner, rapist, murderer, and thief.


    if it weren’t true, then these lowlifes wouldn’t have a badge…

    Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, May 11, 2017:

    Solon, Ohio: An officer was charged with disorderly conduct and misdemeanor domestic violence.
    Update: Wayne County, Michigan (First reported 11/17/16): A sergeant pled guilty to molesting child under 13 multiple times over the course of six years. He was sentenced to 3.5-15 years in prison.
    Cape May County, New Jersey: A sergeant was indicted for the off-duty sexual assault of a subordinate officer. He rejected a plea deal that would have spared him jail time.
    Hackensack, New Jersey: Six narcotics unit detectives—a majority of the unit—was suspended amid an internal investigation.
    Update: Lynchburg, Virginia (First reported 8/23/16): A now-former officer was sentenced to a month in jail after he was found guilty of his second DUI.
    Ville Platte, Louisiana: The City’s deputy marshal was arrested for promotion of prostitution.
    Manatee County, Florida: A deputy was named in an FBI civil rights complaint filed by the NAACP. The deputy falsely arrested and dragged a man out of his house. The deputy had been pursuing a driver who had fled a vehicle on foot. The deputy was suspended for his actions.
    Los Angeles County, California: A now-former deputy was sentenced to one month in jail after his no contest plea to solicitation of a prostitute while he was off duty.

    Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, May 10, 2017:

    Cleveland, Missouri: A now-former officer was indicted for grand larceny for allegedly taking $5,000 from a resident while she was on the force.
    Update: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (First reported 10/17/14): The City tentatively settled with the family of Dontre Hamilton, who was fatally shot by a police officer, for $2,300,000.
    Update: San Juan, Texas (First reported 4/17/17): An officer was arrested for stealing three packages of cocaine from a large drug bust. His partner had previously been arrested for lying to the FBI about the missing evidence.
    Houston, Texas: An officer was arrested after an alleged DUI crash on Cinco de Mayo.
    Spartanburg, South Carolina: An officer was arrested for DUI.
    Update: Camden County, New Jersey (First reported 6/11/16): An officer resigned amid an investigation into misconduct and landed a new law enforcement job in Wilton Manors, Florida. He pled guilty to assault stemming from the investigation that underway at the time of his resignation. He has now been fired from the Wilton Manors department and is under criminal investigation for an undisclosed incident in Florida.
    Austin, Texas: An officer was suspended indefinitely—with the intent of termination—after allegedly leaking confidential information about the accuser of a sexual assault suspect to the suspect. It is unclear whether he will face criminal charges for his conduct.
    Update: Coral Gables, Florida (First reported 10/4/16): An officer who eavesdropped on a resident during an open governmental meeting has been recommended to be fired by the police chief.
    Lawrence, Massachusetts: A sergeant was placed on leave after a late-night incident at the police station. The details of the incident are unclear but what’s known suggests intoxication. Two other officers were suspended for unrelated misconduct. One was suspended for incompetence, insubordination, and general misconduct; the other was suspended for taking a gun home rather than turning it in to evidence.
    Portsmouth, Rhode Island: An officer was suspended with pay after his arrest for domestic simple assault.
    Mercer County, New Jersey: An officer was arrested for simple assault against his wife. He is the second MCSO officer arrested for domestic violence in 2017.

    this is just 2 days worth of the few that were reported.
    are these the types who should have a gun at all?
    are these the heroes we are told protect us?
    are these the type who should have power over your life?

    be honest with yourselves. the cops are pure scum…

    • Yawn.

    • wendystringer48088

      I went to some of the URLs and read the articles. Frightening to know that these cops had badges and guns and arrest powers and were protected by the blue wall of silence, the police union and the legal system right up until the time they majorily screwed up and got caught.
      I get your point (I think).
      Trouble is, there are a lot more just as bad or worse people running around out there without the police uniforms and badges.
      Being caught between the criminals and the criminals with badges and guns isn’t a good position to be in at all.
      What is the alternative? Others have pointed out the downsides of rule without law / anarchy, priviate security, private milita groups, etc.
      Maybe it is just part of the human condition. Forever to be denied a perfect society because so many humans are so weak andf imperfect and corruptible.
      In such a situation as I think what to do to improve oneself is the important thing.
      Mason Dixon Tactical offers some I think very practical advice – Start or continue to improve on whatever Physical Training you can do, get the basic gear and equipment and some practical self defense and first aid training and find some people of like mind to join with.
      These are very practical no excuses steps that anyone can do, and much more constructive than telling everyone how screwed up everything is, is suggesting to everyone what we can do to each make our own individual lives better.

      • there are lots of “bad’ people running around because the poLICE protect them…

        if there were no bad people left, the poo poo wouldn’t have a cushy job and bennys…

        the coproaches NEED scumbags(other than themselves) running around.

        • TheyCallMeRockStar22

          The police in Baltimore have been following orders to not charge Hispanic/Latino drug dealers, pimps, and vagrants for years.
          They are fucking traitors.
          Every cop I know just laughs and smiles about their retirement.
          They could give a fuck less.
          The only people I ever met who cared about this country are white boys from country who now LARP as Neo-Nazis because of the actions of Europe/The Globalists/and literally every single Jewish person on earth.
          How long have they been commies? Since forever?
          In Baltimore the Jews are on all the boards of education, run the law firms protecting non-citizens, are the doctors perscribing massive amounts of Pain Pills, run most of the Payday Loan Scams, run the Bail Bonds, own the housing projects full of Mexicans, are funding every form of degenerate BS you can imagine, and they own half the bars and strip clubs.
          Riddle me that Batman.

          • TheyCallMeRockStar22

            Before anyone calls me a NAZI, I cant stand Fascism, especially ethnic based fascism.
            Hitler was a dick.
            My Jewish GF(Both of them), their families are scam artist commies.
            Fact. I have dinner with them twice a week.
            The guys are all on coke, running drugs, and banging hookers and the women are all scaming welfare, unemployement, or disability.
            It’s all really cliche and there is nothing I can do, short of an extremely embarrasing serious of felonies.
            I suggest you apply for citizenship to Hungry.
            They seem to be the only country with their heads on straight.

    • Detroit III


  4. Good article,rehash of important info. to motivate and help folks just getting started.

  5. Randall Flagg

    Ok, Ok. I get it. Time to get in shape. Will start a ruck-sack walking regimen tomorrow. Will also get going on body-weight exercises…. hindu squats, hindu push-ups, lunges, regular push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, etc. Have put it off long enough, and don’t have any excuses to put it off any longer.

  6. Randall,dude,you are “The Walking Man’,you should be in pretty damned good shape!

    • Randall Flagg

      Unfortunately, that was a long time ago. Time passes on, and the body wears down.

  7. Outstanding & motivating read.
    Brzezinski has most of the ‘State Actors’ in place & stoked. MSM stories are getting more absurd & dystopic by the day.

  8. Anonn- e- mouse

    I have a question for all of the trainer types that are posted or reply to posts on this wonderfully educational site. While most who visit here most likely utilize AR or AK variants for intermediate to CBQ ranges, the “use what you have until you can upgrade” train of thought brings this to mind. I have read on many different sites and in magazine articles extolling various training locations and programs a repeated dismissal of the popular plinker known as the Ruger Mini-14/30. While indicating that these firearms never make it to the end of the course without failing, no one ever mentions the reasons for the failure. Is it due to the recoil forces that throw ejected brass way away and pound the recoil springs to failure in a shorter time frame that envisioned in the design,or is it from some other fatigued part? Would changing the springs, buffer or using an adjustable gas block or combination help fix the failures? Inquiring minds want to know.There are a lot of these out there and while you can now buy a good AR for the same amount of money as a new Mini the used market is a bit different and attractive to those on a tight budget. Any thoughts?

    • Having owned 7 Mini14’s at one time or another, amd used it in official capacities, I can tell you they do fine for the most part. The big problem I see witj them is the lack of availability of important spare parts. Ruger’s policy for spare bolts etc is you have to send it back to the factory, and I was never willing to do that with guns I bought privately.

    • wendystringer48088

      Anonn- e- mouse:

      Not a trainer here but have some experience so may I make a suggestion?

      Go to the Palmeto State Armory website and buy an inexpensive AR .223/5.56 Upper and Lower.

      You can get good deals on their Daily Deals with Free Shipping.

      Current examples (as of 11:30pm EST Mon 15 May 2017):

      PTAC 16″ Mid-Length 5.56 NATO 1:7 Upper with BCG and Charging Handle – $ 239.99

      Blem AR15 Complete MOE Plus Lower – Black – $ 149.99

      (Blem = blemished – scratched or dented or imperfect bluing).

      Uppers are shipped UPS – require adult signature but PSA sends you an confirmation and shipping email and a tracking link so you know when it is due to arrive at your doorstep.

      Lowers have to be shipped to an FFL. Same shipping info to your FFL (which you select at check out). When it arrives at the FFL (call to notify him or her what is on the way) you will get to fill out a 4473 form and pay the FFL his or her transfer fee.

      Using the above examples, upper with BCG and CH $240 + blemished lower $150 = $390 + transfer fee for an AR.

      You can get an upper without the Bolt Carrier Group or Charging Handle and geet those seperately (they sometimes go on sale too)

      You still need a rear sight such as this one: or this one:

      Also a sling, a gun case, some AR-15 magazines and .223 / 5.56×45 ammo (the AR shoots both, the .223 being a civilian round and the 5.56 being a bit hotter) and you are set to go.
      Looking up prices for a Ruger Mini-14 I found this:
      Ruger Mini-14 Tactical 20+1 Synthetic Stock

      I would saythat unless you live somewhere that is your only choice, go with the AR. Anyone can shoot an AR and parts are all over the place.

      This isn’t he 90’s anymore. The AR option is by far the best way to go. Leave the Mini-14 “ranch rifles” for the coyote hunters.

    • Having not owned one, but knowing that it is a variation of the M1 Garand/M1 Carbine design, I would expect it to have similar problems.

      First off the M1’s open design is horrible in dust/sand/dirt/mud (go watch the mud and sand tests InRangeTV did on Youtube). Second, the op rod is easily bent which was a common problem on the M1/M14. It’s also over-engineered with more parts to break and not as easy to detail strip if needed to fix a problem.

      The past issues with barrels heating up, causing vertical stringing, were mostly fixed a few years back when Ruger thickened the barrel. Along with lack of parts availability I’d add that the magazines are expensive as hell with almost no aftermarket options. It’s not a bad gun by any means, and plenty of armies have fielded worse weapons, but it’s basically a design from the 1920’s when semi-automatic battle rifles were still having their kinks worked out.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Trade that old workhorse in for a $550 Del-ton or PSA rifle.
      You wont be disappointed.
      Someone out there is looking to collect all the M-1 based actions.
      I’m sure you’ll get a reasonable price for it.
      I bought a Slick Rock River Operator lll for $750 used from a friend’s friend who needed rent money.
      The deals are out there.
      My Delton went 2,500 rounds without a cleaning and no memorable malfunctions to mention and was still working fine, that Forward assit dud come in handy once or twice before I decided to just clean it out of shear boredom. Also, It was Laser Beam accurate the whole time

  9. All mine ever did was jam, jam, jam. Or refuse to eject, or refuse to load a fresh cartridge. I say refuse instead of failure to…as if these Ruger rifles were designed to do this. Hmmmm.

  10. SemperFido

    Concur with MDT on the lack of spare parts for the Rugers. My other complaint was with the proprietary magazines. I have always felt that Ruger screwed themselves on that one as I know I am not the only one who decided against buying a mini 14/30 for that very reason. Ae-mouse it is a buyers market right now with Hitlery having lost the election. Keep shopping around, check out gunbroker, armslist and other such sites. Take your time and you will find a deal on either a decent AR or a usable AK. I have seen good versions of both in the $600 range on armslist recently. Beats the hell out of a mini anything.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There are 3rd party magazines available for the Mini-14 now; don’t know about parts, though.

  11. Those logs in the picture are a makeshift rifle rest and partial concealment at best.

    They sure are not any type of cover unless you are up against paintball shooters.

    Would be better off hugging the dirt in a rut or depression.
    I have been taking shots into some trees in my back yard that I plan to thin out.
    Interesting results.
    Winter when the sap is down makes a difference.
    Beech seems to be the toughest.
    Had a 10″ Beech stop a GP-11 round out of my Schmidt Rubin 1896/11 over the Winter.
    XM193 out of my HBAR and 184 grain fmj 54R of my Finnish M39 blasted chunks out of it over the weekend.

    Anyone else have similar observations?

    • I agree, and my Son was taught the difference (cover vs concealment) long before this pic of him running through this “combat course” using improvised rests and positions at the age of 12.

  12. In the past I thought MDT was a little elitist. But not so in this article. Profound common sense was what I read in that article. I’ll go back and reread some of his past articles to see if I misread him.

    • he’s an arrogant fuck.

      he truly believes his rotten pathetic parasitic pig force will prevail over decency and freedom.

      IT WILL NOT.

      • The irony of a giy like TFAT calling ANYONE arrogant is not lost to any regular to this forum. The reason I know TFAT won’t do anything to a cop that he doesn’t know, is because he dodn’t do anything to the two cops that upset his sensitive “feels” a couple years ago. BTW, don’t forget to ask him about how many brand new SUV’s are in his cunuck driveway……….

  13. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    True story.
    Looking cool is Rule #1.
    Being cool is Rule #2
    Acting cool is Rule #3
    When in doubt; See Rule #1
    Your AR and Plate Carrier is a death sentence.
    Dont believe me?
    I’m the guy that exposed EPA snipers and MDNG playing dressup commando on the AJ Show.
    Those guys were ultraviolent groupies that dont have two braincells and they would love to put one in you.
    Just Imagine all the Hispanics that are not actually loyal.
    I got out a terminal E-4 after 7 years of watching America’s Army promote El Salvadorian and Mexican gangster instead of people like myself.
    We are fucked. Trump is surrounded. They brought in 30 million Hispanics and taught Blacks to hate whitey.
    I’m from Baltimore. Believe me.
    It’s over.
    You should move to another country. I hear Hungry is cool these days.

    • “I’m the guy that exposed EPA snipers and MDNG playing dressup commando on the AJ Show”? Of couese you did, and you pick now to show up here?

    • kay_de_leon

      It’s over cause Baltimore is a shithole? Go to Hungary? Lol.

      Nah dude, I would just go a little south.

  14. Another criticism of the mini that I have read (don’t own one) is that as the barrel heats up, it get less and less accurate. There is a barrel stabilizing device that you can buy to fix this, or get the bull barrel version.

  15. Leaving the police/antipolice argument aside for a moment. There is a really GOOD reason to study self defense and arm yourself. The police may not show up for a while in an emergency. IF THEY SHOW UP AT ALL. I live in a small community about 40 miles from down town Louisville Ky. A few weeks ago we had the first murder in 30 years. It took the KSP 2 HOURS to respond. It seems out sheriff’s Dep. DOES NOT WORK WEEKENDS!! so there were NO “on duty” police in our county that night. We also have NO 911 service. All emergency calls are routed thru the “fusion center” in Frankfort Ky. And our Sheriff claims his department needs 40 M1612’s, an M60 , as well as side arms and shotguns, an M113 and two HUMVE’s with a 12000$ a year ammunition budget, to do an “adequate job policing”. All that, for twelve men , a dispatcher, and 2 jailers(who don’t work weekends) (we no longer HAVE a jail. The feds closed it 35 years ago). OH!! and both the FBI and BATFE are regulars at the Sheriff’s office. I guess they are trying to find out what happened to the 12 “missing” M16A2’s , 14 THOUSAND rounds of ammo, and a couple of million in tax money. But its OK. It is all just a “paperwork error”. Errr….computer error….Errr …Missing computers….Errr… missing hard drives…..ERRR…They must be forgetful. They lose stuff a lot. Stuff like evidence, and guns and drugs and “Stuff”. It is nice that so many county “officials” have brand new “personal use” cars, big farms and nice houses even though the position doesn’t pay well. If it were not for the fact that this is the general state of every “Department” in the Commonwealth, and has been for as long as anyone can research….. , it could be seen as a “glitch”……..But it’s not. And they wonder publicly why we don’t respect or trust them…..

  16. As to the Mini-14 the new models are far better than the previous iterations and even the those can be upgraded, mine shoots MOA. As to reliability, aftermarket mags cause most of the feeding/ejection problems. Buy OEM mags. I have Ruger mags that are 40Plus years old and run perfectly. As to the ‘open action’ that allows dirt in, in the previous 50 years of using M-1 Carbines/M-1s/M-14s/Minis this has never been a problem for me. I have had profoundly different experiences with ARs.

  17. annon - e- mouse

    I was just curious as to what the main issue(s) with the Mini were. Never had an issue with mine nor with my Chi-Com M1a but then I have only used them on a square range.Both are now safe queens as I seldom get time to go to the range anymore and when I do I spend more time making sure that my cataracted eyes can see the laser dot on the pistol or my M-forgery. Getting old is a bitch.