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  1. Hail SABO! Guerilla art at it’s finest!  See? Not everyone in California is a brainless communist.

    Want some more belly-laughs? Well then, this one’s for you.

    Brainless in Seattle.

    You’re welcome!

  2. Har har har like that will ever happen, we are talking the left coast? The very same state that wants to separate from the union? On second thought that might not be a bad idea.

    Good luck getting in the door to the all inclusive party, oh your white? Your not included go the fuck home.

  3. This is one dumb niglet!. The people who elected here to office deserve what they get. The red cowboy hat, her signature, is extra special.


    • Me thinks you have confused Maxine Waters with the equally reprehensible ignoramus Frederica Wilson (D-FL).


      Dirk: After spending most of my life in Southern Kalifornia, I can tell you that this old mutant gets reelected because she can bring home the bacon(or grits, watermelon, and Mickey Big Mouth) to her “constituents.” Maxine will leave office when she is good and ready to leave office. And, she will have a financially healthy retirement package.
      Eventually however, her constituency will change from Black to Latino; as other areas of LA County have done over the last forty years. Just as the black folks have been run out of Compton, other “areas of color” will see their own “Trail Of Tears” out to the hot, smoggy wastes of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Latinos do not get along with: “The Colored People”. I saw it as a MP in the Army and as a Peace Officer in SoCal for many years.

      • I must have crossed those two black senate critters, my apologies. Maxine is a product of her environment. When a dumb shit like Waters is quoted daily on MSM, the bottom can’t be to much

        Calif, is a loss. The faggot Gavin Nusome, is likely to be The next California darling.

        I need to go to Moss Landing Marina, south of Santa Cruz to pick up my hard bottom zodiac boat and motor. I just can’t gather the energy to venture that far into enemy held country.


    • I think you have her mixed up with Frederica Wilson…she’s the one wearing all the goofy-assed hats. It’s okay, she’s just as dumb as the others, just not as vocal.

  4. Her, Pelosi, Di-fi, B. Boxer. My wife nicknamed them the “Bar-fly caucus”. A row of fools, on a row of stools. With Chucky S. as the barkeep!

  5. As long as we’re on comedy, found this great writeup from Freddie on the coming age of female sex-bots.

    Money graph:

    “Consider the charm of a sexbot. She will be not only beautiful, indeed perfect, but perfectly beautiful just as you want her to be. She will have an “Off” button. She will have user-selectable personalities instead of changing wildly and unpredictably as happens with human women. You can choose  sweet, furiously lustful, kinky to taste, shameless hussy, Honkytonk Angel, whatever floats your boat. She won’t do relationship talk. She will do quickies and nooners without complaint, never have a splitting headache, and never have three-day huffs that no man can figure out. Fast, easy, back into her closet, and you can get to work again.”


  6. I hope she keeps her job for ten more years at least. Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee… No two dumber pieces of crap exist in the US. The people of LA and Houston deserve exactly that type of person representing them if that’s how they’re willing to vote. Their combined IQ probably totals 100.

    Maxine Waters has been bumping her guns a lot lately, and seems to be part of the de facto leadership of her party, even if she has not actual position of leadership. If the democrats want an idiot like that to be one of their mouthpieces, then so be it. I’d love to see the republicans tear themselves down, but I’d like to see that even more so with the democrats.

  7. Why in hell impeach her???

    Send money to her campaign, FFS. Get her an hour a night on network television. She’s in a district that’s so blue it’s, well…black.
    And that’s never going to change.

    She is pure comedy gold. A frothing communist (no, really) and race baiter who makes Jesse Jackson or the Halfrican look like WASPs by comparison, the worst thing to do would be to shut her up. And pure, Grade-A, batshit crazy.

    If she didn’t exist, we’d want to invent her, but we don’t have to.
    She is the entire argument for free speech and democratic republics, in about a minute.
    She is, in short, the best recruiting tool for our side that’s ever been found.
    I hope she becomes chairwoman of and spokeshole for the entire DNC, for the rest of her life.

    It would be Christmas every day, every time she got near a live mike or a camera with the on-air light on.

  8. Maxine Waters was running her plantation like a Teamster when I just graduated high school. An import from Missouri, she was a telephone operator until 1966 when she was hired at Head Start. Before becoming a member of Congress she served in the California Assembly: first elected in 1976. You should see old tapes of her Pontificate from the Mount of the United African Church, during the various LA Riots. This woman runs the same set of talking points from decade to decade. Hispanics and Blacks do not like each other, but Koreans HATE Black People. The Koreans will never-ever-never forgive the Rodney King Riots! The only way to get her out of office quickly, is to flood her plantation with Koreans. At one of many parking lots, at old telephone buildings, there would occassionaly be knife fights between rival factions. Blacks and Mexicans mostly-women being the worst offenders. It was almost always over a man and who stole him from whom. But the Korean girls played for keeps with the Black girls. Aesop is right; why would we interrupt our enemies while they are demonstating their idiocy?

  9. Corrine Brown Found Guilty On 18 Of 22 Charges

    “Prosecutors said Brown and two of her associates transferred more than $800,000 from her charity, One Door for Education, into personal bank accounts between 2012 and 2016. The charity reportedly only gave out $1,200 in scholarship funds.”
    From here:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • thesouthwasrght

      Eh. Nothing will come of poor ol’ Corrine “go gata” Brown’s misfortune, except maybe re-election once she’s served her pitance. Her speech on the House floor about Corch Urbin Myers is some must see shit.

      • Hee… she did not mention anything about her
        One Door for Education charity donating
        to the “playas”

      • POd American

        Anyone, or more accurately stated, anything harboring this genetic code should mmediately destroyed by fire. It’s a classic example of advanced bovine spongiform encephalitis.

  10. She’s dumber than a bucket o’ shit so,…. She truly does best represent the folks voting for her.

  11. Most major metropolitan areas in the USA have been run by local Democratic Party machines for about sixty years. Most major metropolitan areas in the USA are bankrupt,non-sustainable,collapsed Ponzi schemes. Maxine should be out front ,flaunting it. Pelosi babbling incoherently,mumbling and repeating herself…next to her.Stumbling and tripping onto the stage..the Bushpig,Hillary.Throw in Fauxcahauntas,Elizabeth Warren. You could not create a more vacant and clueless gaggle of walking clams.