The Best Laid Plans

JJ on The State and its cyber adventures.

I’m sure all will be fine.

2 responses to “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Maybe we should hire Coke to keep our national secrets. According to legend, over a century no one person knows the full formula for the recipe.

  2. Grenadier1

    Already seeing the signs that the deep state is going to try and pin this on the Norks. Its magic 8ball level efforts “all signs point to PRNK”!! Disney is currently being held for ransom with the threat to release the next Johnny Depp pirate movie (no one was really going to watch it anyway) and the word is parts of the code for the hack are the same as used on Sony by “the North Koreans”. This glosses over the concept that the Sony hack may well have been done by the NSA or CIA.
    This very well could have been done by Kim Jon Bowlcut, but I am seriously doubting it. Smells like deep state manipulation to me.