Trump Morale Patch

In light of the Skinny One’s apostasy.

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  1. Trump may suck, but Hillary’s suckage factor equals the vacuum of intergalactic space. Gorsuch alone is worth the price of admission.

  2. The chocolate is bleeding.

  3. POd American

    More Trump haters, but it’s funny.

  4. Grenadier1

    I have no faith in the process however, we didn’t get to this place in three months. No one can reasonably expect a maverick change agent to waltz into the den of vipers known as DC and destroy 150 years of entrenchments overnight. Just is not going to happen.
    What I expect is some progress but i still think we go to guns to get it finished.

    • Probably, eventually, yes.

      But let’s push the bar as far forward before that point as we can, to have that much less to have to reconquer later.

      Pissing the other side off in the meantime is just sprinkles on the ice cream.

    • Right on Grenadier1,
      All of it.
      That is the gospel right there Brother.

  5. He was led to a basement room and shown the zapruder tapes then asked “any questions”.

  6. I do like Ann’s idea of everyone sending Paul Ryan a brick to demonstrate support for the wall.

  7. Ol’ Trump committed the gravest of mistakes.
    First, to drain the swamp he had to avoid wrestling with the alligators in the swamp.
    Second, it is looking more like he has turned his back on the great fuck you. It could be he is overwhelmed and just has to go through an almost vertical learning curve. Because the can be no doubt the guy is surrounded by neo-cons and the zionist agenda, while trying to fight the 5th column alligators in the fake media. Not to mention every faction and regime of the deep state, the MIC, and the red diaper babies.
    But sometimes you just got to say fuck it and do whats right. I hope the guy figures that out.

    But the worst thing, is if he has turned his back on The Great Fuck You.
    The reasons simply have no bearing, they don’t matter.

    It’s not rocket science. We all seen over the last 110 days in no uncertain doubt congress is a long term system of organized treason. That is all it is now. It serves no other purpose but to commit treason as a functionary of the political class’s interest, wealth and power.

    He got himself in a pickle now. Gonna have to fight his way out or they will bury him. Trump has only one choice, pull a rabbit out of his arse and beat the fucking shit out of the motherfuckers with it. Fight like there’s no tomorrow. Bite kick scream, gouge out eyeballs, tear off ears with his teeth, slam heads against the pavement, go fucking postal.
    He’s toast if he don’t.
    He wins if he does. Because the dirt people will support him.
    The whole lot of the scum bags are terrified of what he can do, of the power The Great Fuck You handed him.
    If he only realizes that.
    The only allies he has in this whole clusterfuck, is us dirt people.
    If he truly wanted to save something out of the shit hit the fan, he saves that consent, The Great Fuck You, because once that consent is betrayed, its game over.

    • dumpf cares about one thing and one thing only- dumpf.

      he’s in this for himself and his family. he cares not one shit about ‘dirtballs’ or the common man.

  8. The swap will never be “drained” and “the wall” will never be built because they were never going to be. Trump is a Neo-Con puppet of the ruling Military Junta just like every President has been since JFK. ANYONE that thinks that we can “vote” our way out of this peacefully is an idiot. The “new world order” Bush the first spoke of advances no matter what we say. EVERYTHING ELSE IS POLITICAL THEATER TO KEEP THE SHEEP PASIVE AND CONTROLABLE. The only thing that changes about our government is the face on the poster. If you still believe that you have rights and that your vote counts for anything . Then you are part of the problem. Not the solution. Or you can say “NO” and try to force government to “recognize your rights” and see how far that gets you. Right Mr. Bundy?

  9. I’d rather send a Mexican apiece to his district.
    Probably get his attention faster too.

  10. Here’s my Trump moral patch

  11. Fixed it 4 U CA: