Derbyshire: America’s Cultural Revolution


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  1. It’s not surprising crypto communists would dig a socialist realist art style for their heros.

    • I rise today with a heavy heart. And no doubt a lightweight IQ.

    • wendystringer48088

      Listening to the first part of that, I feel that I have been to a black church service listening to a black pastor’s sermon.
      To CongressCritter Al Green: The American people did stand up and speak out. That’s why today we have Preisident Trump. And they stand up and speak out in other ways too. That’s why a lot of people not in your demographic have been buying guns and getting tired of your kind’s shit.
      (Rep. Al Green’s 9th Congressional District is located South and West of Huston and demographic make-up is 38.0% Black, 12.2% Asian, 38.3% Hispanic, 0.25% Native American, 13.3% other, just for reference).
      his is one of 435 voice in the United States House of Representatives. And to Hell with him and what 40% of the people polled in his district want.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The American people did stand up and speak out. That’s why today we have Preisident Trump.”

        They chose incorrectly. This will be remedied whether you like it or not. In fact, we very much hope you don’t like it. Peasants must always be reminded of their proper place.
        – Your Friendly Neighborhood Elite

    • This is our punishment for permitting the nigger to vote and to hold office.

      It will continue until we stop it, there will be a fight.

  2. Randall Flagg

    This is beginning to sum up my thoughts on a lot of things:

  3. I can’t change the narrative but I can continue to buy ammo.

  4. I did not know MLK was a Chinese nigger.

    • POd American

      Judging from the photo of the sculpture, he’s their white nigger. WNM

  5. Grenadier1

    Maybe soon we can see cranes and spotlights around THAT monument.

  6. Leauxryda

    For those who are familiar with New Orleans, this opinion piece by a local, has his finger on it…

    For those who don’t, it would be legitimate to acknowledge you probably see similar in your own AO…

    • wendystringer48088

      “New Orleans’ traditions and cultural patrimony are no longer welcome. So be it. Let the full consequences of that decision fall. And if “we don’t live there anymore,” then let the economic and other effects of that be felt.”
      “Not our problem.” I think is a good response.
      I live in SouthEastern Michigan somewhere outside of Detroit.
      Same situation. The descendants of the people that built that city from the early 1900s to the 1960s are for the most part living far from the city and its “problems” now. There do go to the downtown area for a ball game or to the Casino or restaurant or Oprea House or Institute of Arts, but that’s about it. There are some hipster types living in the city trying to make the world a better place with urban farming and what not. Good luck to them. There are wide swatches of the city with boarded up houses and buildings and vacant land (bulldoze the house, everything falls into the basement and cover it up with dirt I think is how they do it).
      “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” (Sounds racist but it’s actually a Polish saying). Still, I think it’s pretty apt. We don’t live there (not our circus), so their problems (monkeys) are not our problems.
      This civilization stuff goes in cycles anyway since ancient greece and the Roman empire. Generations build a great city, things collapse, future generations (or invaders) tear down the monuments to the former inhabitants’ heros and replace then with their own. The new inhabitants or just common thieves can take the brass statues and plaques down and melt down the metal for their own use. Nothing lasts forever. Stone monuments get taken down and metal plaques get melted down.
      Keep inside and pass on the memories of our forefathers and foremothers who did the hard work to survive and who built things up. But if it becomes nescessary to abandon what was yours but is now belonging to the more recently born or newly arrived savages who now inhabit that land, use your energies to build new great things in new places elsewhere.
      And let the savages run riot in doing whatever they want in the once lovely place they have turned into a shithole. We don’t live there any more.
      We live elsewhere now.
      Not my circus, not my monkeys. Not my problem.

      • Or plan to regroup and re conquer, there is no where else to run to!!!

      • kay_de_leon

        Amen to all that.

        And it might be good for them confederates to know that the Federal (and local) powers that be are against you and your kind (again).

      • I’m reasonably familiar with Detroit as well, and pass through there at least half a dozen times a year; plus I’m just old enough to remember what the place was like when the decline started. My father was there in the 50’s and remembers Detroit as a going concern and a desirable place to live. The point of that being: I’m not just talking out of my fourth point of contact about Detroit. Anyway,

        >Not my circus, not my monkeys. Not my problem.
        To an extent, yes. But two big problems. First, if the savages remained in Detroit (or whatever shithole), fine. But they don’t. (Frankly I’m amazed that there is so little mobile predation. After all, affluent suburbs full of white rabbits*, and plenty of liberal multiculti white rabbits at that, are only a few minutes drive away. q.v. Birmingham, Royal Oak, etc.) Second, we’re not only forced to support the neer-do-wells, we as a society are actively subsidizing the production of more of them.

        *most yellow people and some brown people are included in this, while plenty of white folks aren’t; it’s an expression and metaphor okay?

        For those who sneer at the Europeans for importing yearly hundreds of thousands of nearly stone-age savages with inbaked attitudes and mindsets inherently inimical to Western civilization, consider that our own governments (by the plural I mean federal, most states, and many local) are encouraging domestic production of the equivalent. And the attendant cultural rot is not only tolerated, but glorified and enthusiastically promoted by the “entertainment” (I include most pro “sports”) industry.

        >There are wide swatches of the city with boarded up houses and buildings and vacant land
        For the gentle reader not personally familiar with Detroit, Wendy is being generous here. There is indeed all that, but also burnt out husks of houses randomly scattered in neighborhoods with houses ranging from occupied and taken care of, to boarded-up wreck, to carbonized shell, all on the same block. Same with business-type buildings from corner stores to multi-city-block-occupying factories. Then there are the houses clearly abandoned, with windows smashed, doors off the hinges, and copper pipes and wiring torn out for the scrap value, but NOT boarded up, because the city has no money to do so. Hell, Detroit is trying to give land “back” to the State of Michigan because it can’t afford the electricity for the jeezly streetlights. And barring a series of miracles (or politicians finding the courage and will to act, so a series of miracles), Detroit is the future of Baltimore. And probably scores of other cities. If we’re lucky. (It’s amazing the Danegeld has worked as well as it has, so far.)

        Finally, I’m neither white nor Southern, and I’m furious about the monuments in New Orleans being torn down.


        Word. I had a good laugh, last night when my better half tuned on WHEEL OF FORTUNE. I seems this week the show is doing a “salute to Chicago.” So far this week, the contestants are not Tyrone, Tony, Mondre, Latoya, et. al. They hail from the ‘burbs or the Northside white areas.
        I guess the “people of color” are too busy dodging bullets to compete in the game. And, irony of ironies, it is being shot in the studio in Culver City, CA. Pat and Vanna pose in front of a green screen which then superimposes videos from the “Windy City”. Sajak is no fool. I am sure he feels a lot safer than if he was back in the city where he grew up.

  7. I tear up errytime I see the “nigger in a rock” sculpture.

  8. They’re now working on getting the Mississippi flag changed. And I’m sure they’ll succeed.

  9. Truth Corps

    The next Dylann Roof is out there watching the tyranny of these monuments being destroyed.

    He’ll act in his own good time.

    The commie niggers move from monument destruction to active genocide this Administration.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Somebody needs to string a linear charge around the waist of
    Martin SINO King and KBOOOM, see how they like it