Molyneux: More On Seth Rich

And so it goes….

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  1. The first question I had was “Which intel agency told Hillary/dnc that Rich had sent the emails to the wikileaks rep.”.

  2. Wheeler’s credibility in question? Dead man walking.

  3. You can tell a deep state hit by the amount of smoke blowing up your ass from all directions.

  4. Obviously, somebody got to Rod Wheeler. Neither the Clintons, nor Obama & his minions, want Seth Rich’s murder solved. Pretty soon we will hear that he committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head twice, but first, he beat himself up. Sounds plausible.

  5. Grenadier1

    Molyneux is good.
    Too much smoke here.
    Lets look at the common theory of the first 48. The saying goes that police have the greatest chance of solving homicides if they get a clue within the first 48 hours of the investigation. If you think about how the investigation would have went down follow the timeline.
    Police would have went around the neighborhood. They would have questioned everyone. They would have looked for cameras that may have seen the crime scene. No video was ever released so if one exists it most likely shows nothing. Then they would have gone to the family and informed them of the death. They would have questioned the family with regard to the victim and who might want to harm him. This would have lead them to the DNC. Now logic would tell you that in the middle of a political season a dead staffer at a major party HQ could possibly involve political motivations. It would have to have been an angle that they investigated….unless they were told not to. The only way the would focus on some petty street crime would be if their investigation produced some leads that sent them that direction. People talk. People would have told cops that they knew something about this. That would have given the cops a suspect. Someone would have ratted Pookey out if he shot this guy just trying to jack a cell phone or laptop. This investigation went right to the DNC and hit a wall. Now either that was because they refused to talk or it was because someone from on high told them to look another direction unless they had rock solid evidence that they could point to someone in the DNC. With no additional leads they have basically set the case to the side.
    Now Wikileaks has always said that their source was NOT Russian. There is no reason to doubt that statement at this point as no evidence to impute that has come to light.
    I think this theory fits and I think its real suspicious that the Comey memo story has taken this off the front page where it belongs.

  6. More Molynuex Only slightly off topic:

  7. Ask yourselves this: “how many streets do you know of that have no (as in ZERO) security camera footage?” How many streets in Washington, D.C.?
    Consider then the phenomena of retroreflectivity, where a laser is bounced off an area, and camera lenses pinpoint themselves due to signature? A device like this (no affiliation with, posted to show what is easily available out there) is easily used to survey an area to determine if and where cameras are located. This would enable a canny operator to figure out where the areas of no coverage are, and bird dog the quarry into a spot where there would be no video record.
    Note that it is unlikely that street gangs and crims are savvy enough or care enough to ensure victims go into surveillance free zones.

    The technology is not new, there are other systems out there to do this.

    What it does appear is that there is an MO emerging, where a soon to be decedent leaves a bar alive, does not arrive home. Seth Rich, Andrew Brietbart… think about it. A mutli player hitter team, surviellants, bird doggers, and the actual wet team. What does this mean for people who have become a thorn in the paw? Well… stay outta bars, travel in teams and look to your own security, because nobody else is going to do that.

    Overblown? Maybe. It is entirely possible that he was a rando prey for a urban wealth redistribution specialist who decided that they did not need/want the payoff, but decided to double tap him anyhow for the lulz. Happens all the time… sure. I am willing to read and entertain any plausible scenario.

    Wikipedia states that at 0420, a “shotspotter” detected the shot.
    The Police claim the area (Bloomingdale, see map had a series of robberies previously, I have no idea how factual that is. A news article claims that the area had 20 armed robberies in 2016 If DCPD rolls a unit every time a shotspotter trips off, how do they have time for anything else?

    Here, “About 39,000 separate incidents of gunfire have been documented by ShotSpotter’s unseen web of at least 300 acoustic sensors across 20 square miles of the city, according to an analysis by The Washington Post”, you see the magnitude of the situation

    If you want to see a generalized map of where the shot spotter sensor net is active, see here: . Anyone curious how that intersects with demographics? That map is zoomable to about the half-block level, for those intrepid souls looking for how likely it was that Mr. Rich met his end the way he did. See… quote: “In D.C., an average of eight or nine sensors pick up each shot”.

    Each sensor records the time it detects a shot. Using the times and distances between pairs of sensors, the system creates curves. The system says the shot was fired where the curves intersect.

    Side note… if firearms are illegal in DC, the laws are not working if the hits detected by shotspotter are valid. Either A or B is true, they both cannot be correct.

    Interesting questions that I have not seen real answers or thought applied to:
    1- who called 911, and when? (if it was not an auto dispatch based off of shot spotter sensor data)
    2-that area… how likely is it that he would be singled out at 0420?
    3-Is it possible it was a gang initiation?

    Now cogitate on this… who or what entity would know where in a city there was no video surveillance? If that was known to criminal elements, it would create a hot spot of activity. Also cogitate… where is his phone? Did it have malware on it that would relay his location? (cost effective way to surveil, reduce manpower for bad actors).

    Me? I’m just a cat, getting back to work now. Just remember, you have to scoop out the entire litter box, not just what is on the surface to clean something like this up.

    • Thanks for the tips Smart Cat.
      Those gadgets can probably spot rifle scopes as well as cameras.
      Now you need a laser detector in the kit.

    • Shot spotter can differentiate between fireworks and gun shots. Many cities have specially assigned units that respond to the shot spotters. They don’t need to be called and assigned. They are equipped in the squad with the computer and phone apps. Many times they arrive before the shooter leaves the scene. It can detect if the shooter is on the roof or on the ground.

  8. Interesting take. I venture that the entire city of Washington DC is under 24/7 drone,satellite.stationary,mobile unit,motion and sound detection systems,Stingray,NSA,FBI,CIA and a plethora of agencies full of justifiably paranoid stooges,droids,operators,contractors and bureaucrats. Who in their right fucking mind walks around any major city in the USA at that time of the day,by themselves,unarmed? The street urchins in NY and Boston referred to solo white boys as,”wheat” Like cutting wheat.

    • Which makes the utter lack of any video of Mr. Rich …. astounding. There are murmurs of a few seconds of ATM video of him,but I cannot find it. Seriously, if you want to go down that path, reddit r/thedonald is the place for it.

  9. The pentagon on that day.. Dozens of security hi-def cameras…
    Not one frame of an airliner.
    You know they can cover stuff up if they want to…

  10. wealthy farmer

    The Hillary-Deep State tapestry is surprisingly fragile.
    Pull out one key strand and the entire vast thing falls apart.
    As the state propaganda organs get more hysterical about unproven ‘Russian Meddling’ we can be sure that certain players are, in fact, shitting themselves because they’ve gone beyond the point where normal operations of bribery and murder will produce the desired results.
    Also interesting how little traction the entire shitshow gets any more with the public. No one listens.