SLL: Seth Rich And The FBI – Let’s Connect The Dots

The Deep State wants this story to vanish.

That’s enough evidence right there to warrant further inquiry.

19 responses to “SLL: Seth Rich And The FBI – Let’s Connect The Dots

  1. yes, (((Bernie)))bot (((Seth Rich))) outed the DNC e-mails.

    yes, (((Podesta))) hit (((Rich))).

    yes, nothing will happen. ‘Cause the (((fix))) is on. As usual, in (((Sodom-on-the-Potomac))).

  2. Why build accountability files?

    They own the wealth and nothing will happen.

    At this point , after every thing is obvious , and still no pogrom?

  3. Inquiry ? Yeah right.

  4. There appears to be a lively discussion of this on reddit r/thedonald.

  5. anyone who suckles the teat of the taxpayer for their living is the enemy.

    they all need to go away- forever…

    • Kerodin, is that you?

      • No, k at least got out and did something. All this spank does is post from his lift chair. On other people’s blogs. Because: he’s rich and that’s what Robin Leach taught us The Rich do.

      • don’t tell me you milk the taxpayer too?

        you gubbermint shits have no shame.

        living off the backs of REAL working people is just pathetic. any moron can feed at trough, only winners can compete in the real market place.

        tax feeders are at the top of ‘to do’ the list.

        • “Blog all day and half the night when the med changes keep me awake” just got moved down to number two?

          It’s okay. The interwebz weren’t in vogue yet when your parents sat around idle. All they had was Barnaby Jones to while away their small hours, waiting to get called on home. You, however, you get so much more accomplished!

          Tell us a fleeting, mystical tale about The Plan, old uncle Tfag!

          • alright.

            stuff a sleeping bag full of $100. bills, buy 20 acres of prime Island property, buy everything you could possibly want or need, then sit back and enjoy your hard earned good fortune…

            that’s what i did.

            it’s easy.

        • How’s YOUR bodycount comin along, coward?….. That’s what I thought. Coward.

  6. Well, I’m just SURE that the VAST MAJORITY of those FBI agents are super duper good guys who are out there doing the right thing. There must be dozens of them who know the truth about this. I’ll bet they’re getting together compiling their evidence right now! I’m just SURE that any moment now, every single agent who knows anything about this is going to come forward and tell the truth! I’m just sure of it!

    Congressional oversight… thats where they’ll go! Why, those committee members MUST be in contact with those super duper good guys in the FBI, and any day now, the truth with be revealed to the public. I’m just SURE of it!

    Oh, and the Clintons are just days away from being indicted! I’m just sure of it! Shucks-by-golly!

  7. Next month: Podesta cuts deal with special prosecutor to testify in exchange for lighter sentence.

  8. The most wide awake Normie of them all is beginning to get it:

    “You’ve written much about your worries about how demographic changes will negatively affect the nation. What do you think is the political effect that will come from this? We are currently seeing the rise of the alt right, left-wing violence…”

    Par Buchanan:
    “If you see more of the cause, you will see more of the effect. How dumb can these people be. Take a look at what’s happening in Europe. You have secessionist movements in more than half a dozen countries. You’ve got nationalism across Europe, you’ve got ethno-nationalism, you’ve got pro-Russian governments rising, autocracy is more attractive to people.

    People got to take a look. This isn’t because a couple of guys have been preaching something for a few years. We’ve been predicting it. It’s the events that matter. They decide things. When we ran with these issues in the 90s, you had tremendous support, but the thing people said was what we’re doing right now isn’t that bad so let’s stick with this.”


    How Dumb?
    Dumb you can’t fix without a revolution and then secession.

    aaah, like…TINVOWOOT Pat dude?

    And Seth Rich is a tiny tip of the iceberg called effect, or unintended consequences of the ruling retards.

    Alt-Right/Hard-Right, MOTW is effect with a vengeance, nothing holds a candle to it.
    It is the manifest alternative effect.
    So it is even further under the radar.