SLL: What, We Worry?

Robert’s latest on the madness of crowds.

There’s a reason why Ol’ Remus advises all to avoid such gatherings.

18 responses to “SLL: What, We Worry?

  1. Detroit III

    So we’re anti-trump today?

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    It is said that “Papa” Joe Kennedy, the red haired, chalk-skinned patriarch of The Clan, exited the stock market in timely fashion after a shoeshine boy gave him some stock tips. He figured that when the shoeshine boys have tips and margin accounts, the market is too popular for its own good. He ran from the bootblack to his office where he immediately executed “SELL” orders on all his stock holdings. He hung on to his wealth doing that.

    “Taxi drivers told you what to buy. The shoeshine boy could give you a summary of the day’s financial news as he worked with rag and polish. An old beggar who regularly patrolled the street in front of my office now gave me tips and, I suppose, spent the money I and others gave him in the market. My cook had a brokerage account and followed the ticker closely. All their paper profits were quickly blown away in the gale of 1929.”

  3. The stock market will continue to rise until the Eccles building is burnt to the ground.

    • You have to wonder where is the limit on derivitives?
      Or when does the tangible wealth derivatives as an instrument of strip mining that wealth deplete to the level below what is needed to kite all that debt and fiat?
      Do they create another instrument?
      Or are the derivatives and the bankster system that washes them the limiting factor?
      Nothing goes on forever.
      It’s been what, since the Fed was created? 110 years?
      The dollar has lost 97% of it’s value?
      Whats left to steal when that last 3% is stripped away, other than direct confiscation of non leveraged property, specie or precious metal ingots, or theft in the form of unsupportable increase in taxation which forces the liquidation of those hard tangible forms of wealth just to keep your outright owned property and hard assets?

      To date, nothing has or is stopping this wealth transfer racket. If anything it is totally out of control.

      Not for nothing, my AR15 rifle is property, thats the first thing.
      But it is also a hard asset.
      This is a very important point.
      I’ve invested a considerable sum in acquiring and accessorizing it,
      along with investment in training, associated gear, and reserve of ammo to feed it. Some people have many guns, and large stockpiles of gear etc.

      At some crossroads in the future, if the theft by wealth transfer keeps on the path it is traveling, that rifle will have to go, or I will have a choice to make about keeping it. Know what I’m saying about keeping my rifle right?
      So it has a kind of double wealth, two intrinsic values as my property.

      Then there is people with homes and land paid for, no debt or mortgage on it. No leverage.
      Will they be faced with a new form of confiscatory leverage?
      Where does this end?


    New pamphlet from D. Greenfield aka Sultan Knish on CWII

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  5. The markets are as irrational right now as the leftists are.

  6. Stay way from crowds?
    The Majority is always sane.
    This government is the greatest terrorist there is.
    It has an insatiable need, to terrorize the entire world to satisfy its absolute power.
    It can not stop there.
    It has terror-ized, weaponized, all of it’s domestic componants and functions.
    That is the whole point of what the media is about.
    Congress is the largest cell.
    To help the government terrorize America.
    It is totalitarian power applied from the biggest to the littlest people, to every facet in the sphere of our lives.
    Not terrorism, but disfunction alone will become the weapon of mass destruction.
    The days have come down to this, of the ultimate consequences.
    You need to get ready.
    They are pulling the plug on America deposing President Trump.
    After that there is only us verses them.
    It is the ultimate, and final act of usurpations.
    The last vestige of America then, of the idea of America, as it was originally founded, will be what is in our hearts, and the rifles in our hands.
    It is why there was the idea behind the 2nd Amendment.
    A yuuge fight is coming.
    They will come for those last two holdouts.
    They can not do anything else.
    A truth of that dysfunction is it is exactly because of that dysfunction, it is incapable of winning that fight.
    The fight will have to stages, the 2nd stage will be between the two basic America’s.
    It will be a fight of extermination.
    A great truly bloody cleansing.
    It is the reason why all of the above is happening.
    The big totalitarian was not possible without the little totalitarians among us.

    • Domestically, it all comes down to rotten corrupt cops and other assorted agents of the state.

      target those who wear the badges of dishonor and make them and who they love BLEED.

      • Have a some questions for you TFA-T, it is not a dare.
        You talk about this killing, as in like “we” should all do that which you preach continuously.
        Is it hate that is driving you?

        I have no doubts there are those among law enforcement and other enforcement/regulatory organizations with power that they abuse. And some use that power to literally get away with murder and terrible corruption.

        What is stopping you? Serious question.
        By all means, show us how it is done.
        I want to see how the unintended consequences work out. There is much to learn from it.

        Will you show “us” how you justify picking and choosing the death of these people?

        What if you murder a person who is not guilty of the things you say are justification for their death?

        What would that make you?

        What if LeVoy Finnicum set up a road block a week earlier and bushwhacked those FBI agents who executed him?
        I get from the things he said and wrote, as attractive as that can be, it would solve nothing. The time for such things would come in due course by choices “they” would make in regards to “us”.

        Who really has the legitimate power to decides these things?

        “They” are on a slippery slope. Don’t stop them when they are making the worst decisions possible.

        Once you begin down that slope there is no turning back.

        Do you grasp the precepts of legitimacy of certain inaction, the imperatives of how that is so important in terms of holding the moral high ground in the circumstances we face?
        That those basic moral principles and the courage to do so separate “us” from “them”?
        That by maintaining a posture of legitimacy regardless of our desires for revenge or comeuppance, to right wrongs violently in return, that when the time comes to fight a violent resistance, the almost priceless position of moral right in whatever means of defense are then legitimately justified?
        That “we” need every ally and friend possible, from other countries to Grandma on her porch in this fight before it is over.
        That it is an absolute necessity that actions that alienate or turn away that support are existentially counter productive?

        “We”, are gonna have to be martyrs before we are fighters if “We” are going to win.

        Or, is it you just simply don’t give a care about all that?

        Aside from all that, whats the hurry?
        Rate things are deteriorating, you will get a belly full of blood and misery. Killin’ time is coming.
        Enjoy right now.
        These are the good times.

        • yup.

          pure HATE.

          i don’t have a problem with pigs where i am. so i doubt seriously i have to do anything at all except watch the show.

          fact is, like all enemy forces, the uniform you wear decides your fate…

        • It ain’t hate driving him, it’s cowardice. He relentlessly goads others to do that which his own cowardice wont allow him to attempt. Pretty obvious when you view his posts in their totality as opposed to individual screeching installments.

        • you mention unintended consequences.

          wasn’t long ago i volunteered to stick my neck out for the cops and patrol the back waters of the Au Sable River. i rode along in their cruisers, and drank coffee with the sheriff… then something funny happened one evening…

          it only takes one asshole to change your view on things. well, actually, a lifetime of experience with the poo poo has proven to me how they really are…. IMO it’s the older cops fault. they trained the new crew to be that way, so, no, none of them get a pass. most who i talk to have the same opinion about the criminals in blue.

          unintended consequences indeed.

          • Well ya, it is hard to disagree with what is the main premise of law enforcement but legal criminal gangs, basically armed badged leg breakers for the enforcement of political powers that be extortion racket.
            Trusting them is the first mistake, they are a special interest organization like every component of the state. Except they have small arms instead of regulatory weapons.

            I believe it will be next to impossible to change this by shooting everyone of them you can.
            Probably the greatest mistake we as a culture did is permit “the police” to step in between our duty as men to deal with issues and societal problems. That disconnect opened pandoras box.
            If I had the opportunity to change things, I’d prefer the way of the precinct system advocated by Thomas Jefferson and others involved in the Compact of Confederation pre USC.

            Immediate Family
            Precinct Captain
            Small Nation State

            The system worked on the smallest intimate level as possible.
            Somebody violated moral standards of the family and tribe,
            you took care of the problem where and by those directly involved immediately.
            Punishment was final.
            From peer pressure to ostracization, to the the death penalty.
            There was no need for “police”.
            Ostracize a person for crimes, other tribes and villages where notified. You had no place to go, no allies, no family support.
            If something required a congress of local jurisdiction it could be bumped up another level.
            The main thing everyone had a vested personal interest in every aspect. Everyone was responsible for what happened.
            There are deep abiding moral precepts in such a system.
            its going to be a bloody ugly fight like nothing else to get to something like that.
            The totalitarians among us don’t want any responsibility like that.
            It is those who you probably are gonna need to shoot as they go kicking and screaming trying to remain slaves to the system.
            I think cops will be small potatoes in the larger picture in short order once it gets sporty. There is barely a fig leaf of legitimacy remaining, the only laws are there are no laws but what us dirt people put up with for now. Cops got it made, till they don’t, and the entire charade of “law enforcement” evaporates like a fart in a hurricane.

            The State as we know it has no moral obligation, or any morals, it can’t, its not a person, it only has peoples within it obligations to its usurpations, and special interests.

            The pandora’s box of insanity called “law enforcement”:
            Unintended consequences indeed.