The War Of Two Americas

Decent diagnosis re the Reds.

Lacking in path forward.

And incorrect in so far as describing the upcoming brawl as a two-sided affray.

You don’t have enough friends with hard hearts, sufficient ammo, and enough training.

Tempus fugit.

32 responses to “The War Of Two Americas

  1. all cops are REDS.

    they feed their fat faces and their families guts with stolen loot.

    they murder at will for the regime and it’s goal of dominance.

    do unto them as they have been doing unto the common man for waaaay too long.

    it’s only fair.

  2. The Jew really is THE problem in the US and Europe. In Ukraine, for example, they have two groups of white, Orthodox Christians killing each other over trivial things.

    In the US, they support, financially and in the media:
    Feminist Agenda
    LGBT Agenda
    ANTIFA Agenda
    Destruction of the white, Christian family
    Total civilian disarmament
    In short, there are no anti-Christian, anti-white programs that they do not support.

    • Richard Raymond

      Not all Jews but most.

    • I see the low end of average on the bell curve are back in front of their computers again.

      • I see General Services is fronting for absolute evil again. This “I’m smart, your stupid” trope is strictly kosher.

        • When people are stupid I just call out the real fact for what it is.

          I have to admit it’s amusing when people here cite The Bell Curve to support their fake news while ignoring: (1) it was authored by descendants of Jews and Scots and (2) the over-representation of Jews and Masons (Scottish Rite) among the patent holders who actually built Western Civilization. I could go on and cite studies that showed Jews kicked out by Germany contributed to patents during and after the war not to mention building the atomic bomb, but who here would even bother to look.

          These same stupid people talk about Russians, Poles, and Ukrainians as “white” while under Aryan policy they’re all untermenschen.

          Like I said stupid people.

    • Anonymous

      Any species that breeds exponentially starves; when tax collection halts even the poor white christians will learn this biological truth. Children should be made because the parents wants them, not because some statist wants the voters. If you want a family, date Hispanic.

  3. Unfortunately Mr. Greenfield is relying upon the Republican Party to fight the Anti-America. The majority of Republicans in Congress have demonstrated an unwillingness to identify the enemy and ruthlessly engage them until they are defeated. The Republican Party seems to be quite content as long as they are “in power”, otherwise they are all cowards and as much domestic enemies as the Democrats.

  4. and that distressed guy in the cartoon has just been granted a reprieve from a life of misery and poverty….

    now go forth and enjoy “your” wealth, and bang as many bitches as you can.


    • That’s where most of your generation screwed the pooch. The future does not belong to “self”.
      Fukkin A job painting yourself into a little narcissistic corner, jackoff.

      • eat some shit moron. and then go to your pathetic go nowhere job.


        • You mean hiring wetbacks at cut rate prices to wash trucks? Your definition of “work”. I hope your legacy building Great Plan involves more than just carnal pleasures, like the rest of your useless, wasted fucking existence has.

          And, in closing please consider this pleasant thought: President Trump recently honored fallen Peace Officers by illuminating the People’s House blue. Just like those little pills you have to have, oldster.

  5. hummus abedin

    “You don’t have enough friends with hard hearts, sufficient ammo, and enough training.”

    Neither did the colonists and the Founding Fathers.
    Stop being such a damned defeatist.

  6. Greenfield is a fantastic writer and as you mentioned, we have a problem description already. What we need is a way forward, and in contrast to the opinion that lack of agreement on the end state is our unresolved issue, I think the first two comments above illustrate our problem. We have too many of our side worried about who the enemy is to be able to focus on any strategy to move forward. Losers worry about what the enemy will do to them. Winners worry about what they are going to do to the enemy.

    That is why I like this plan cloaked in a novel Only the first 10% or so is the problem description, the other 90% is about moving the pile toward more liberty and dealing with possible reactions to those efforts. The second book is more about the impending break up of the US and Texas splitting off from the US. The author says the third book will be about the role of an independent Texas in restoring western civilization.

  7. Richard Raymond

    Started to read looks real substantive like “Days of Rage” article in I believe Counterpunch. Very revealing how the left holds virtually all high ground and levers of power. This article paints an accurate picture of the stark differences between the two. Looks to be written a Jew perhaps. So was Days of Rage.

    • Randall Flagg

      Who woulda thunk?

      “Daniel Greenfield is an Israeli born blogger and columnist, and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His work covers American, European and Israeli politics as well as the War on Terror. His writing can be found at These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Jewish Press.”

      Still…. don’t always blame the messenger.

      • you mean T.W.O.T?

        the people are tired of the phony war and poLICE state that came with it.
        fuck the retarded troops who keep it going. hope they all die in the ME and are forgotten by history and their so-called country.

  8. Very simple thinking, entirely political-realm, “the left” is real for him.

    No mention of 9-11. How did leftist ideology have anything to do with that?

  9. The author of this paper is Daniel Greenfield, an Israeli-born Jew. He is an example of why this is NOT a “Jewish problem”. Granted, lots of the bad-guys are descended from Jewish people. But even MORE of the bad-guys are descended from Catholic and Protestant people. That makes this a “bad-guy problem”. That’s hardly a revelation, I know.

    Trying to eliminate the bad-guys is a losing proposition. They do not ascribe to any specific creed or community. They have no unique distinguishing characteristics or features. And our friends and families have been deceived into serving within their ranks, just as many of us were also once deceived. Targeting them will be a fruitless exercise in self-destruction.

    I don’t have any specific answers. But I know that we are trapped in the eye of a hurricane – a storm awaits, regardless of the direction we choose. Perhaps the intelligent option is to navigate within the eye, and prepare for the day in which the storm has squandered its destructive energies.

  10. The left crippled the Democrats. Now it wants to utterly
    consume them.

    The parallels with syphilis are not coincidental.

  11. Amongst the alt-right there is a concept called the “kosher sandwich”, in which jews frame the narrative from both sides of the argument in such a way that whoever wins, the jews come out on top. And we goyim are caught in the middle of the sandwich.

    The article is some pretty bait, but here is the “kosher sandwich” hook hidden inside it:

    “The choices of this civil war are painfully clear.
    We can have a system of government based around the Constitution with democratically elected representatives. Or we can have one based on the ideological principles of the left…
    But we cannot have both.”

    This is a false dichotomy in which the jew wins either way. Either the Left (which is really the jews) win, or we stick with a system that inevitably leads to the Left winning. The system is so compromised that there will never be an elected government that has our best interests at heart. Its been designed that way.

    Trump was a magnificent fluke, but he won’t change the end result by himself. He is a breather while we raise white awareness and organize at the local level.

  12. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: Indicators of probable approaching civil war


    (See also embedded links)
    (See also embedded links)
    (The ramifications of the final paragraph of Pat’s piece should be carefully pondered by many lest their eagerness to engage in full tilt physical friskiness w/ the opposition {Leftist/’Rightist’/Imperium/’nice people’} prematurely recreate here what Selco experienced over there especially when said opposition’s increasingly self-exposed dictatorial & pan-immolationist mentality is unintentionally doing FreeFor’s recruiting gratis, despite appearences there’s QUITE a lot of positive things happening that if vigorously pursued/properly exploited will cause the opposition’s already evident cannibalistic tendency to kick into overdrive & by doing so awaken even more against it)