What Could Have Been

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  1. LMFAO – she is so rudderless doesn’t even get that she is irrelevant at this point & her destiny is sealed. Sure she & her demolay Cult & Bush Sr. sycophant husband Bill will always have they’re ignorant clueless sycophant minions. They will pass the torch to another demigod candidate to save humanity for the children BS they pimp. There will be some major event(S) – False Flag – Arc of Crisis that set the whole house of cards Zio-Tribe – Zionism movement agenda off it’s underpinnings. The exposure is huge now & humanity watches & cringes as it slowly but surely figures out the deliberately complicated paradigm and schematic playbook. The ignorant & clueless programmed mantra – ‘We stand w/ IsRAHELL’ & We are God’s chosen people pimped by the Ashkenazi controlled media is about to meet the rest of the planet’s consciousness. Brzezinski’s plan to dominate Eurasia based on MacKinger’s Heartland Theory Pivot of Power & fracture of Russia into 3 states ain’t going to happen. China’s ‘Silk Road Project’ is the Eurasian future & Ziggy B can’t thwart it at this point. China & Russia have played it correctly so far while taking every crumb of secret or not technology left deliberately or not for they’re Nations to thrive. At some point the GeoEngineering has to be dealt with & the “cooked books” of Climate Induced Data Set Manipulations (i.e. 6 IPCC b0gus pseudoscience peer reviewed lol…) will have to be addressed. Even the revisionist’s can’t get around that truth. They can’t get around the guns issue & the mass of American people holding firearms is still a thorn in they’re side they cannot get past. We all unwillingly bought the ticket now enjoy the ride until it self destructs.

    • wendystringer48088

      The WSJ site hit me with a whited out paywall, so I am posting from what I found on https://www.reddit.com/r/vzla/comments/6booxy/wsj_riot_police_on_venezuelas_front_lines_seek_a/

      She and many of her exhausted colleagues say they are wavering as protests enter a seventh week with no end in sight.
      “One day I will step aside and just walk away, blend into the city,” she said. “No average officers support this government anymore.”
      The security forces’ once fierce loyalty to Mr. Maduro’s charismatic predecessor Hugo Chávez has largely given way to demoralization, exhaustion and apathy amid an economic collapse and endless protests, said eight security officers from different forces and locations in interviews with The Wall Street Journal.
      Most of them say they want only to earn a steady wage amid crippling food shortages and a decimated private sector. Others say fear of a court-martial keeps them in line.
      “We’re just trying to survive,” said Caracas police officer Viviane, a single mother who says she shows up for protest duty so she can feed her 1-year-old son. “I would love to quit but there are no other jobs.”
      “I don’t fear death, because this life is crap,” said Agustín, a 22-year-old Resistance member who blames Mr. Maduro for the collapse of education and job opportunities for young people.
      Most guardsmen in Caracas have been confined to barracks since the protests erupted in late March, without seeing their families, according to several guardsmen interviewed.
      “I feel exhausted from it all: the lack of sleep, the constant barrage of stones and Molotovs,” said Gustavo, a 21-year-old national guardsman, adding he has to keep performing riot duty despite a leg injury from a broken bottle thrown by a protester. “We’re being used as cannon fodder.”
      Officers stopped giving time off in Gustavo’s barracks after 18 guardsmen deserted during the last break last month, he said.
      The violence is driven by adrenaline, fear and self-preservation instincts rather than hatred, say both security officers and Resistance members interviewed by the Journal.
      “These are my countrymen, I cannot hate them,” said protester Agustín of the guardsmen. “But when [gas] bombs start falling, what is there left to talk about?”
      Police officer Ana says she no longer wears her uniform on the way to or from work to avoid being spit on or insulted by passersby.
      “I’m ashamed to say I’m a police officer,” she said. “God willing, this government will fall soon and this will end.”

    • wendystringer48088

      They may be getting close to testing your therory of the people handling things on their own once the police stand down…
      Maybe Nicolás Maduro will go the way of Romanian Dictator Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BDRXGiYRsw

  2. Hildabeast is like an aging actress-she forever lives in Fantasia, script written by her. Never an Oscar winner, always a B player who tried and tried, but bypassed by actual beauties and well connected upper crust girls who just needed “to be”. Comey played Lurch: tall, well programmed, and able to obstruct and prevent knowledge of the monsters underneath. He forgot that the peasants killed the monster.

  3. The “if” do not exist

  4. Grey Ghost

    Who cares what could have been… what do we have now!

    HRC and her pedophile gangster campaign manager Podesta had emails leaked from the DNC to Wikileaks (Assange said it wasn’t the Russians) … Podesta (also the consummate fixer) finds out who the leaker was and decides to “fix” errr have the leaker, Seth Rich, killed. Dead men tell no tales. So he was duly gunned down in NW DC. And of course the DC cops have no idea who did it nor do they care.


    Vince Foster et al were unavailable for comment:

    The only way Trump gets out of this is to go on the offense and lock her and Podesta up. Filing charges and proceeding to put them in jail will be pouring gas on an already large “fire”, just the remedy needed. The Communist Propaganda machine (ABC, NBC, et al) won’t care about Comey and they won’t even care about the Russians… they’ll have to cover HRC/Podesta trials and conviction on multiple felonies. I doubt Trump/Sessions will do it but there it is.

    Grey Ghost

    • Trump cannot lock anybody up. Arrest Podesta for killng Rosen, and pedogate explodes. Then – quite rightly – the MSM will demand that the Trump-Epstein-Fantasy Island branch of pedogate gets aired out as well. Adios, Trump.

  5. The Walkin' Dude

    They let Tranny Manning out of xir’s cage. What a time to be alive! Progressive! WeiMerica Yes!

    • Yeah, and according tot he news, he’/she/it is getting full VA benefits. I’ve been fighting the VA for 13 years trying to get my full benefits. I guess I should have committed treason. That and whining like a little bitch about being i the wrong body. I hope someone give the little fuck a sex change with a dull pocket knife.

      • wendystringer48088

        Sorry to hear about your 13 year fight with the VA trying to get full benefits. I don’t think the VA system is fair to anyone, Seems there is plenty of money on government projects that make military contractors a lot of money, but never enough funding for the needs of the veterans who actually served in uniform and paid the price for it.
        Pvt. Manning will still be in the military after release from prision.
        I would guess will probably be held to male grooming standards and not getting any transgender hormone therapy and surgeries as I would suspect Pvt Manning will be on his/her way out or the Army with a Dishonorable Dischage as soon as hs/her appeals run through.
        I suspect Chelsea Manning will have the same problems with the VA as anyone else, and probably more so.
        Bradly Manning even in boot camp was obviouly unfit to be a soldier, and the place where Pvt Manning worked didn’t have good security procedures (I understand things have changed “after Manning” though). So the I would say the problem was greater than one mixed up person with access to a militery computer.
        As to treason… Well, like the other leakers, Pvt Manning revealed some embarrassing secrets about what the US Military was doing over there as I recall. The right thing to do? Probably not. But still, the morality (aside from the legality) of revealing secrets where the government is doing something wrong is to me not exactly a clear cut case.
        Also, along with that treason bit… Say that the government wants you to register all your firearms, or turn in the ones they say you shouldn’t have. If you don’t, doesn’t that make you a traitor to the government?
        With the current way the government is (God King Trump as the current POTUS aside) – the deep state and the progressives and the outright commies in power or who would be in power and all they would do if they could get away with it – maybe a bit of treason where warranted is not a bad thing.
        Maybe try to look at what this mixed up person did, and how things that you or I could do could maybe at some point in the future land us in the same position of being called a traitor or a terrorist more or less with a change of government and some laws against such things as gun ownership and right wing extremeism.
        Article on Pvt Manning returning to active duty upon prison release:

        • Pvt. Manning will still be in the military after release from prison.
          I would guess will probably be held to male grooming standards and not getting any transgender hormone therapy and surgeries as I would suspect Pvt Manning will be on his/her way out or the Army with a Dishonorable Dischage as soon as hs/her appeals run through.

          Manning is on “indefinite leave” from active duty last I read.
          No duties, no orders, no standards.
          And the .mil paid for the gender re-assignment, and still covers health care, including hormone therapy, so no male standards whatsoever, ever.

          Hopefully “it” gets the Seth Rich solution while turning tranny tricks on leave.

          Comey, OTOH, is now the guy most likely to win the William Colby Memorial Canoeing Trophy. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy…

          • Manning will be remembered in the books as a Hero.

            chris kyle the POS sniper will go down in the books as one of the biggest single mass murderers in history. Fuck him and his supportive whore old lady- both will burn in Hell for eternity.

            • Manning will be remembered in the books as a Hero.
              Only in the ones written in Greenwich Village NYFC, or West Hollywood.

              chris kyle the POS sniper will go down in the books as one of the biggest single mass murderers in history.
              Only in the ones written in madrassas.

              Except Kyle never committed any “mass murder”. You could look it up.
              The English language pejorative you’re struggling to apply is “serial killer”.
              Though his tally would pale compared to any thousands of humble machinegunners or fighter-bomber pilots since 1914.
              Kyle’s tally wouldn’t even get him into the Top Ten Thousand.

              Whatever you’re smoking, cut back.

              But thanks for branding yourself with those comments better than anything anyone else could ever offer.

    • tranny or not, Manning has my respect for exposing the regimes criminal offenses against humanity. Like Snowden, Assange, and the rest of the brave folks out there…

    • wendystringer48088

      She (usig preferred pronouns here out of respect and just to piss some people off) did her time, as per the decision of the previous POTUS to shorthen her sentence. At least her Twitter handle is XYChelsea so she at least, like myself, recognizes biological reality.

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  7. By shooting himself twice in the head.

  8. Looks like the Deep State, the DNC, the neo-cons and the eGoP want CW2.

    It is time. Bring it.

    Or let them back in power and lets gin up WWIII with Russia and hope they nuke the Left and Right coasts.