Your Secret Police At Work

How An Undercover FBI Agent Wound Up In Jail After Pretending To Be A Journalist

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  1. and TURDS like dodge wake-up in the morning with a hard on for oppressing their fellow man.

    what’s it like to be a piece of shit dodge?

    • Having spent time with the man, I think you are wrong.

      Just like the gap between your onscreen persona here and the man I know, it is simply impossible to “know” someone reliably from their comments on a blog.

      • True.

        But in general, the choices we make in order to pay our way thru life have a way of identifying who we are.

        A thug, is a thug, is a thug.

        To continue making the choice of being a professional thug over and over again says a lot…

      • Myself, I look forward to seeing the poo poo caught in the crossfire of the coming unpleasantness. They have earned what awaits them.

        • Randolph Scott

          I look forward to that as well. At least now we know what this cocksucker looks like.

  2. link’s busted

  3. Of course one phone call is all it takes for LEO’s to avoid prosecution for violating the law. Some animals are more equal than others…

  4. What I can’t understand is why anybody would regard the the Lamestream Media as any less a wellspring of malice than the Sicherheitspolizei.

  5. Not trying to defend the MSM, they are a pack of jackals at the moment. However there are certain covers that LEOs should not utilize. Acting as a reporter being one. The rationale is simple. Presuming that the MSM is doing their job, and they ain’t at the current time, their access to the public at large in order to expose the State must not be hindered.

    Sadly seeding the mistrust is a second order plus for the American Stasi.

  6. Gee you mean to tell me that we live in a police state!!!????? WHODATHUNKIT!!! ELEVENTY!!!!! The federal dictatorship has been doing this since the 1930’s and the sheep haven’t done anything yet but BLEET on the way to the slaughter. The FBI has engaged in every type of human and constitutional rights violation possible since the day it was created. Be it murder, kidnap, torture, child murder, perjury , evidence fabrication, evidence tampering, propaganda, death squads, Smuggling , cover ups ,good old contract murder, or just general thuggish brutality, the FBI and its “highly trained agents”(TM) has done it all since the 1930’s and gotten away with it. Hell, J. Edger Hover stated publicly that he wanted “an American NKVD. Something to rival the soviet secret police” when he created the FBI. So why the out rage over something this minor?

  7. My big problem with all of this is that: If we try and stem the criminality and corruption in the federal , state and local “law enforcers”(TM) we would soon find ourselves free and independent. Then who would make straw man arguments about “legalizing drugs in schools and child rape”. Seriously. I don’t have any “police protection” where I live NOW.(the cops here don’t work week ends average response time 2 to 36 hours) How would ridding myself of the Governments mafia enforcers make my life worse? Especially since we have little to no crime of any kind in my all white AO.

  8. The local radio station KNUS is all over this story, led by Peter Boyles, and Chuck and Julie on Saturday mornings. This guy Johnson ( not his real name of course, we could track him down if it was. Johnson is too common a name, anyways) is literally one of the bad guys like in the movie ” Enemy of the state”. He was literally going door to door, threatening people. The Iranian he was protecting was planning a 60 story building in a low rise neighborhood that was completely out of place. The word was is that they were going to house thousands of the ‘Syrian’ rape refugees there. The brain dead Oath Keepers actually showed up to protect these Iranians. The Oath Keepers were actually working with this guy Johnson. These Oath Keepers are the dumbest fucks that ever hit the face of the planet earth. They were used like a condom by the Iranians and the FBI.

  9. Another on the long list of reasons to never talk to “the press.” (’cause maybe they aren’t)

  10. The moral of the story here is that journalistic cover has been used by every intelligence and counterintelligence agency since journalism began (ignore all high-minded denials). So a “documentary” crew shows up to record the “historic stand” at Bunker; they wander around taking pictures and shooting video and conducting interviews (on and off camera — it’s called evidence) and everybody is happy to accommodate them. Why? So they can watch themselves or read about themselves over and over and…. Like mulishuh folks who give interviews. Just incredible.

    It ain’t a game.

  11. It was strongly impressed upon us to never speak to the “press, or media” until a public affairs official cleared the journalist. Then we were told to stay in our lane.

    PS. Where is my latest copy of The Resister?

  12. TR went bankrupt in 2002./ S//