When Big Brother gets God’s Eye: China tries to catch up on AI

Silly ChiComs.

Don’t they know about Big Brother?

Fortunately, Saint Greenwood will keep Murkans safe from such shenanigans.

5 responses to “When Big Brother gets God’s Eye: China tries to catch up on AI

  1. The article says AI will soon be a ten billion dollar industry. Pot is currently at seven billion in California. Soon to be a forty billion dollar a year US industry.We will need AI to replace all the stumbling stoners.

  2. Former GA Tech students.
    Returned to the Mother Ship as planned.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Money quote:
    “While there’s no doubt artificial intelligence is the new frontier, the foundation for the technology is still not mature.”

    Let me understand this: AI and ‘bots wind up doing a lot (or most) of the work needed on Planet Earth, eh? In their infant stages, it looks like facial recog of ever-present crooks or an auto soft ice cream cone server is top shelf?

    Hell–FED GOV will always fund surveillance by our tax dollars or printed funny money from Yellin’ Janet.

    When you look at the planet’s numbers–7.5B souls and climbing daily, you’ve got to ask yourself: “Who will plant all the crops to feed ’em? Who will raise all the livestock for food sources? Who will mine the coal? Who will cut down the trees and saw lumber? Who will generate and monitor the grid? Who will take out an inflamed appendix?”

    AI and the ‘bots won’t do it. Methinks not for a long spell.

    I was never good at math (barely got Cs even in Algebra 101), but I’m beginning to see the light about TPTB notions of constant wars, abortion, euthanasia, medical mercy-killings and all other forms of population control. Add pure stupidity and laziness to a large segment of young ‘Murican men who see no need nor reason to dirty their little fingers with the unpleasantness of “work” in any form and the intermezzo between reality and AI/’bots gets real interesting in this drama we call “Life.”

    Our betters are always playing on the numbers….

  4. ‘Slowly, imperceptibly, he eased the suppressed rifle from under the blankets concealing it from view. One final scan of the area confirmed no new arrivals and no headlights betrayed an approaching car from either direction at the intersection.

    He eased the muzzle just beyond the windowsill and settled in behind the rifle. He is a rilfeman. He’d fired many thousands of rounds in the decades since he was a young man. His right index finger settled perfectly into place as he gently locked the stock into the pocket on his right shoulder.

    The traffic/surveillance camera that controlled the intersection looked huge in his scope though he lazed it at an angle corrected 204 yards slightly downhill from his position. Easy shot from that distance.

    One final breath and exhale preceded the trigger break on the rifle, sending the hand loaded 69 grain match projectile on it’s way at just over 3,000 FPS. It found it’s mark a fraction of a second later, exploding the lens assembly on the high tech device rendering it useless.

    Several minutes of very early morning quiet passed without incident. He slid the rifle back under the old blankets once again and drove unnoticed into the darkness.’

  5. Knock – knock it’s ere & been here for a few years…

    “If you see something say something” & all that – swank – catchy – trendy – chic – rakish – natty Bravo Sierra

    Society Is Being Programmed By A Black Box