A Coup Attempt

Article, via Insty.

Bracken on coup attempts.

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Interesting times.

Local, local, local.

8 responses to “A Coup Attempt

  1. Youggtstein

    These alien Jews are batshit crazy.

    They must be from another planet.

  2. RE: Bon Scott’s comment. That’s not hyperbole. That is a fucking fact.
    These effeminate fucks have no idea how done we are with their shit.
    Prove to us that there’s no changing things in a peaceful manner and we’ll feed you your intestines while you’re still drawing the breath of life.

  3. Listening to all of the blathering of the Trump Impeachment Malarkey, all I could think of was Matt Bracken’s What I Saw at The Coup. So much yacking by cowards, who cannot make their arguments with intelligence. The Deep State thinks that they are conjuring spells of authority when in reality, they are broadcasting delusions. It will be proven, you can’t expect to practice magic while turning your nose up at it. The clock continues to advance.

  4. once Trumpenthal figures out that what ZOG wants is an airstrike every hour or two – not one every month or two – on behalf of the Isramerican-backed Sunni terrorists in Syria, he’ll be fine.

  5. A repeat but a great read and appropriate in these times when folks are openly calling for a end to free speech.I hope things do not get as bad/worse then this fictional tale but really seems could easily happen in this country.

  6. Trumple Stilskin thought he could drain the swamp by spinning B.S. into gold and make America great again. The deep state just gave him three choices, quit, be impeached or do what the deep state tells him. It looks like Trumple Stilskin is going to choose door number three.

  7. Let’s be honest. The COUP already happened long ago. Since at least JFK.
    The time in between has been preparation of the Deep State – 5th Column, conditioning, programming, Immigration, growing the surveillance state, AI – Facial recognition, Social Network for the “WEB” apparatus to weaken Nationalism & sovereignty. American Democracy per se is a ruse. It’s exactly as Professor Carrol Quigley already told us in 1966.

    • Ahhh, contrails!

      That must be how we defeated Japan and Germany 70 years ago. I see authentic photos and newsreels of those old prop jobs spraying chemicals all the time.