Brushbeater: PsyOp’s Notes on Practical HF

A reminder that the game is to play with your gear.

And make your skill set better.

4 responses to “Brushbeater: PsyOp’s Notes on Practical HF

  1. Good reminder. For those w/amateur tickets a suggestion would be to occasionally seek out a contest for the purpose of validating just how your antenna plays in different directions/orientations for the day when you may need to maximize a minimalist approach. (Whether you enjoy them or not isn’t the point.)

  2. but first, you better pay the local tax collector to use your private property and promise to OBEY the law, or some do gooder will track you down and turn you in…

    me thinks radio operators will be one of the first targets by all sides.
    fuck the poLICE
    fuck the gubmint

  3. John_Rourke

    I much prefer making contest contacts. They are short, sweet, too the point and I’m moving on with what I need out of the conversation. IMO especially useful with HF.

    Local ‘nets’ are also a good way to hone the operators skills and rig and a good way to get a feel for the political leanings of local operators. I’m inclined to believe, many if not most local HAM’ s could be a problem when things get western. Probably best to identify those local players now and with a little tact, know where they play and plan accordingly for one’s own activities. I’m talking mainly about the 75m/80m nets here.

    Concerning UHF/VHF, lot’s of local repeaters have little traffic and could have some value under some circumstances and being half active in the nets can give one a feel for that.