My War, by Fleabaggs

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  1. yeah but.

    because of their sacrifices we are FREE!

  2. Trumpenthal, apparently feeling (((Deep State))) heat, finally did another airstrike in Syria in support of Isramerica’s pet Sunni terrorists. So there is that. Just looking at what’s left of Syria after the “(((bankers)))” attentions, I’d say Vietnam got off easy. And Zion’s not even close to done with Syria yet.

  3. A tough but necessary read,glad he choose to share his story,hopefully someone learns some lessons here,especially those with the “authority” to send us to war.

  4. thanks to fleabags for writing and thanks Pete for posting

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Roger that, norseman.

      Mighty hard getting your body and soul field stripped like fleabaggs.

  5. 1968.Small town wake up call..Hometown boys coming home in a box.Junkies, amputees ,burn victims Mental and physical trauma..
    College,criminal or Canada. They would all get you out of the draft.
    Fuck it..become a bad-ass Marine. The brotherhood is real. I say ,Kill the dirty commie bastards applies more now than at any time in our nations history.

  6. Brother in law asked me what I thought of Apocalypse Now.
    Replied, didn’t see it. I was in the stage production.
    Chesty Gives Zero Fucks.

  7. Knuckdm, took the ‘become a bad ass Marine’ route. Never regretted my choice, still don’t. War is horrendous, like a bad dream that doesn’t end. But…
    war is a drug. Once it starts here, and it will; it will not be what many envision it to be.

  8. <-What he said is what will be required to right this ship. Nothing less.

  9. Grenadier1

    The response that many of our men and women have when coming home from war is there because we live such insulated lives. Because we in the west are so far above the rest of the world that we cannot recognize that its not the war that made the country a shit hole, although it may make it worse. Right now in vast swaths of the world, where there is no war and has not been a war for decades you will see much worse than what this man describes.
    I point this out not to disparage this mans story but to shed some light on the disparity between civilization.
    This man presented this story as a cautionary tale and as a warning to those who might seek war with little understanding of its effects.
    My position is that it does not take a war to have suffering. It does not require a war for their to be human indignity, a waste of or debasement of human life.
    It is ever present.
    My position is that while I hope and pray and desire that we shall not have a war, I must plan for and put myself in the mindset that we will have a war. I must do this because I am very aware of that human suffering. I must do this because we can see ourselves deprived and depraved as a result of a refusal to go to war. As Milton said “there is a path to hell, even from the gates of heaven”.

  10. The State Department claimed they were fighting communism in Viet Nam, but at the same time the State Department was backing the communist insurgents in Rhodesia, South Africa and Southwest Africa. The same time frame. So, it appears the State Department betrayed us in Nam. I was pretty sure back then. I’m positive now.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    I got really drunk a long time ago and confessed all my sins,
    never again !