A message from the Deep State.

16 responses to “Banzai!

  1. And they plan to allow the pedo child rapists to continue along their merry path so that they can be controlled properly.

    • Bingo

    • I’m thinkin’ that was weiners best deal – plead guilty or arkancide.

      A not guilty plea would ensure that the laptop would be open as evidence.

  2. you are witnessing Southern History being memory holed from the books.

    sure seems to me the commies are pushing you folks to the limit.
    i bet $ the civil war 2 will begin there-again.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Communists always like to start the Glorious Worker’s Utopia at Year Zero.

  3. The “WE” is IsRAHell.

    Seriously does anybody really think that they just discuss Fishing Bait or Boating Techniques ? lol….

    The Deep State How …
    Proof of Israeli Zionist paid trolls online

    And this:
    Society Is Being Programmed By A Black Box

  4. Oscar Lopez Rivera returned to Chicago yesterday. He was greeted by Congressman Luis Gutierrez. It was a big celebration. Who is he? A Puerto Rican communist terrorist from the FALN. A serial bomber. Released by Obama, who is himself a communist. Luis Gutierrez is also a communist. Weren’t we told that the communists were defeated? The communists have won. They’re merely consolidating their grip.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      You can make an argument that the communists were defeated; the problem is that communism itself was neither defeated, nor discredited, thereby allowing for a triumphant return.

  5. Soros collapsed the eastern Euro states in the late 90’s with Yugoslavia being the perfect example: it was a Republic made of of ethno-states. Milosivic rallied support using ethno centrism to subvert the military and the Christians against the muslims, he raised ethnic militias among all groups pitting them against their opposites, City Boys against rurals, muslims against Christians. He then had the military declare Safe Spaces to block access to the areas of ‘Strife’ so that his Militias had free reign. Before too long one of the states of the Republic withdrew which destroyed any form of civilian central government as all the other states broke away depending on their ethnic majority. General warfare ensued, 20 years later that area is still a bombed-out 3rd world country.
    This is what Soros, through the DNC/Commie/Antifa/BLM/La Raza/LBG Leftards are doing now to the USA.

    Further the Soviet Model of subversion, based on the French Revolution, always starts out among the Urban Elite, infiltrates the cornerstones of the culture and once open hostilities occur rebel “Liberators” spread-out into the rural population and destroy all cultural icons like churches and STATUES. We are in the opening phase of, not just a coup but, a Soviet style insurrection

  6. that’s about a 1 million $ fishing boat.

  7. While I hold the ideals of our country high, I seriously doubt that the bulk of the population has the balls to take on either the State or the minions there of: too much ‘entrainment’, too much low cost ‘stuff’, too much at stake on a personal level (not to mention that any concept of nation/citizenship). Couple that will the great propaganda machine spewing out a constant barrage of narrative and you have a neutered population. The blue print was created, set and put into effect a long time ago with spectacular results: now happening here in real time.

    • mission accomplished.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Too stupid to realize their balls have been cut off, and they’re chained to the bank.

      Those that still wish to be free will have to fight for it, the rest are happy in their role as tax slaves.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Statists have done a good job at alienating everyone from their neighbors. The people who have the will to take on the State are left with the knowledge that few, if any, will join them, because many will rat them out. Destroy trust, and you destroy community. Destroying community leaves only individuals, and they are easy enough for the machinery of the state to crush.