Codrea: Spreading ‘Lies of Omission’ Can Be A Good Thing

David and TL discuss the upcoming film and its importance.

More over the weekend.

9 responses to “Codrea: Spreading ‘Lies of Omission’ Can Be A Good Thing

  1. Any group of people that still believes in magic American dirt is too stupid to matter.

    • And anyone who thinks that cynicism is identical with intelligence or wisdom, or that criticism of any and everyone who exercises faith and will against evil is worthy of little but scornful dismissal, will die a bitter and useless death right along with those who’d rather fight than surrender.

  2. This off of Gab… CCTV footage of the Times Square vehicle terror attack yesterday. Not sure where else to post it, take a look (it dispels any “accident” myth)

  3. Motherfucker should have been beat to death.

  4. just plain todd

  5. These guys set a high bar, a ton of respect to both, and their circle. Solid men, solid beliefs.

    The people in my home turf, for the most part see our world thru the same eyes. Refreshing to be surrounded by people who believe in the good. More importantly to recognize that far more good then bad exists.


  6. Just saw this & couldn’t comment so I’ll post it here :
    SWRichmond writes:
    “Our friend VooDoo6Actual is a troll (big surprise, I know) who uses a lot of the same phrases over at Zerohedge. He is here to swamp the site with long posts full of bile and discredit the site in general with a constant flow of deliberately and overtly anti-semitic posts. He is actively engaged in doing the same thing at ZH.
    Probably working for dot gov. I hope they’re not paying you a lot, cuz you suck at it. Go back to work in the call center, will ya?”

    Tell you what Fucktard:
    LMAO.. I know someone here that is laughing his ass off at your stupid shit. When I stay at his house again I’ll be sure to leave my Gov. Credit Card in my Gov. Truck when we going shooting w/ my Gov. rifles LMFAO ..

    What a FUCKTARD. You can go suck on a Bag of Dicks.

    Contact Dirk here & forward your contact info to him. He’ll forward it to me since you seem let your Alligator Jaws talk out your Canary ass so easily.

    I’ll bet you don’t…. ;-P

  7. Voodoo six, IS NOT A TROLL, I’ve known this man for years. An ex Marine, Contractor, studies the world situation daily. A Long Range shooter, a gun smith. A hand to hand combat expert, who taught SEALS with a very famous knive maker.

    Think he did like six tours in the box, with some of the more active companies. Also did a tour or two doing marine patrols, off the Somalia coast.

    I speak via telephone with Lance, usually weekly, depending on his work schedule.

    He has also been a guest at my home.

    Dirk Williams