A Slow-Motion Coup d’Etat


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  1. Jimmy the Saint

    Yet another writer who points out the obvious, yet offers no real solutions.

  2. Enjoyed the read.

  3. This would seem to indicate that local allies and a lot of ammo are not enough, as all that will do is increase your odds of seeing your children live in a world created by others. Perhaps time to start looking for a nation-wide group to join to swing the results of the coming upheaval, not just survive it to be the laborers for whoever wins.

  4. The plot to end the Trump presidency is in full swing; so much so that it’s hard reading news stories repeating the same thing. But here is the exception; a well written piece that uses the best examples I’ve read so far, in detailing the rumors and the self righteous indignation that propels civil servants and media lap dogs into SJW’s of the cause, based on a mountain of non evidence and against the will of the people.

  5. The “coup” was the whole point of electing DT in the first place. Now a “coup” can be staged by team purple which will ignite the fighting which desperately needs to occur before a tighter grip can be justified on der sheeple’s throats. Not saying there aren’t some jackals n pedos out there that need killing, heck DC is filled with them. I’m saying the optics are failing on this op. Which on the whole is probably a good thing.

    I think we could save this country and drain the swamp by just putting the Goldman guys directly into office from here forward.


    Mnuchin America Great Again!

  6. “…tying Gorka to a Hungarian order of merit called the Vitézi Rend…”

    Seems everyone of historical note belonged to an order, lodge, or secret society at one time or another. Today they have shell corporations.

    Won’t be long before humans revert back to royal titles with one family calling the other pretenders, usurpers, etc.

    It all comes down to whoever has the power to enforce claim to title.

  7. a follower

    Much more than just an american thing going on here. We can see the workings of the spirit world. Do you recognize the madness?

    Come out of her My people.
    Jeremiah 51:9
    We applied healing to Babylon, but she was not healed; Forsake her and let us each go to his own country, For her judgment has reached to heaven And towers up to the very skies.
    Matthew Henry Commentary
    17:1-6 Rome clearly appears to be meant in this chapter. Pagan Rome subdued and ruled with military power, not by art and flatteries. She left the nations in general to their ancient usages and worship. But it is well known that by crafty and politic management, with all kinds of deceit of unrighteousness, papal Rome has obtained and kept her rule over kings and nations. Here were allurements of worldly honour and riches, pomp and pride, suited to sensual and worldly minds. Prosperity, pomp, and splendour, feed the pride and lusts of the human heart, but are no security against the Divine vengeance. The golden cup represents the allurements, and delusions, by which this mystical Babylon has obtained and kept her influence, and seduced others to join her abominations. She is named, from her infamous practices, a mother of harlots; training them up to idolatry and all sorts of wickedness. She filled herself with the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus. She intoxicated herself with it; and it was so pleasant to her, that she never was satisfied. We cannot but wonder at the oceans of Christian blood shed by men called Christians; yet when we consider these prophecies, these awful deeds testify to the truth of the gospel. And let all beware of a splendid, gainful, or fashionable religion. Let us avoid the mysteries of iniquity, and study diligently the great mystery of godliness, that we may learn humility and gratitude from the example of Christ. The more we seek to resemble him, the less we shall be liable to be deceived by antichrist.
    1.if we are honest with ourselves we can see how we too have been decieved into this beast system . This is a religeous political world based beast. We are responsible for ourselves, quit pointing fingers.

    2.”The more we seek to resemble Him, the less we shall be liable to be deceived by antichrist.”
    How many of us are or ever have sought this?
    True Repentance is where we must start.

  8. the whole thing is a farce.

    much like the ‘just-us’ system.

    there is no America, there is only greed, lies, and theft of the populations wealth, freedom, and future.

    you can blame it ALL on the corrupt badges who enforce every law written on the common man and allow the true criminals a free pass.

    fuck the poLICE
    fuck the gubbermint.

    • Started the killin yet, coward?………. Didn’t thik so. Screech on, son……

  9. The powers that be will abandon everyone and everything in this equation of bloody insanity when it becomes politically expedient sure as the sun rises.
    It is political expedience for the purpose of more power and more wealth that drives it to begin with.
    For they have no fealty or loyalty to none other than their greed and power.
    For how could they, they abandoned the dirt people of America in 1862 and never looked back, millions dead and entire civilizations mean nothing, only as instruments to further wealth and more power.

    Fuck the sonofabitches.
    Because you know why?
    And it has almost nothing to do with Donald Trump. He is just a result of BFYTW.
    Because it IS shit hit the fan time.
    The real SHTF that is happening like a glacier.
    It is a farce of nature that is inexorable. It can not be stopped. It is like nothing the basterds have ever seen.
    This go around the dirt people are flipping the political playing table over in a way never done before. A BFYTW that has no geographical or political defining boundaries or associations. It is true grass roots. An insurgency that is nebulous zeitgeist. It isn’t an outlier, it isn’t 1862, it isn’t just SHTF, it isn’t only BFYTW, it is The Great Fuck You. A great fuck you as the culmination of hundreds of years of consequences of the fuckers rule over us dirt people, payback that is inevitable and unstoppable.

  10. lastmanstanding

    You know, I really don’t give a shit any more. I…have my own agenda. It is a local one.

    I get a bit of stuff off sites like this, but generally, I have gotten the gist of wtf is going on.

    I’m just doing my thing 99.99% of the time within 50 miles of my base. Working for like minded people as necessary. Gardening, home projects to make base camp stronger for the future. Building bonds/infrastructure with the neighbors…Sharpening the ole hatchet.

    I’ll have exactly what I am supposed to covered when wtf ever comes.

  11. Of course. Never underestimate the power of the press, the written word. Without due diligence by each reader, their lie becomes truth, as most don’t follow up on the details.

    Every lie has some truths incorporated, has to to be effective. That truths ” balance” is what these spin Doctors are counting on to pass the article as truth.

    These people are master word minipulators half truth, innuendos, and changing the definition ARE clever ways to make the article fit their narrative.

    It’s a battle daily to catch the subjective bullshit these toads manufacture.


  12. Randoloph Scott

    The true enemy of the USA, it’s citizens and government are the MSM and liberal internet bloggers like Media Matters. 308 pills are the only way to remedy this. Treatment like that written about Bracken’s in ‘What I saw at the Coup’ is fitting.

  13. I am always surprised at how the elite cant wait to have it all. on demographics alone, the usa was likely to become permanent democrat/socialist/communist by 2028, but of course they want it all now, no matter if it causes a depression and civil unrest and violence for a while while they get there.
    if you have any debts, including your house; on the other side of this; you’re wrong. unless you have the assets to lawyer up for protection; they’re going to take what they want, as they see fit. exhibit A, congress is considering eliminating some or all tax advantage statuses 401Ks. once allthey need to do is keep the underclass under control, the average American and everything they have is theirs for the taking. thank you 1965 kennedy immigration act.

  14. The Usual Suspect

    If they WANT to see this country go up in flames, ‘ and maybe
    they do ‘ keep it up.
    Doe’s the term unintended consequences mean anything to them ?
    A good 50% of the deplorable nation are through with this bullshit.

  15. Consider if you will the “masses” bleating on about becoming/being “ungovernable.” The South did so, and over half a million civilians died, not to mention the military losses. Today, obese, vibrant haired things operating on feelings prance about with no consequence from on high.

    Flash back to yesterday, in the attacks in New York… consider using each instance of what the PD calls a DUI off the bat as an instance where the prog left is trying to force the ungovernable message… tag any pics of such terrorists for what they are… #terrorist, AND # UNGOVERNABLE. May as well tag it #ANTIFA as well, maybe even go all the way to the logical conclusion and tag it #ISIS.

    EACH and EVERY pic in the news like this should be tagged as addressed here. After all, what was that? It was a terror attack, in the model of the attacks in France where a cultural enricher killed many, the acts here now imitate what was successful there.

    It matters not if you are an American, a visitor, a Kekistani… the ANTIFA/ISIS/UNGOVERNABLE crowd will continue its assault and murder rampage using omnipresent devices like cars, delivery trucks to put into action their creed, which is as they say in their own words in the current year, to become UNGOVERNABLE.

    The soft coup of no facts and soft heads rolls onward, yet the cries of “FAKE NEWS!” seem not to be directed at the snowflake/antifa/ISIS crowd. Understand that they are all working towards common goals. They function as action arms of the same strategic goal – the death or transformation of the West (not just America) into a gelded, dissipated state in decline.

    ANTIFA/ISIS/SJW are all part of the same operation. Mercilessly pound this point home every chance you get.

  16. Anonymous

    Uh, no, Trump picked mainstream status-quo cabinet member candidates all by himself. Trump is just another ‘campaign as a reformer, govern as an incumbent’ politician. All his campaign promises have turned out to be lies, except possibly to stop enforcing global warming. Make America Goldman Again.

  17. Okay, I know that I am just your occasional serving wench, and I try not to aspire too far above my life’s station; but why does the public read, let alone believe, newspapers, magazines, et al??? Newspapers can never catch up to current news. Their columns and viewpoints and editors opinions are all behind the curve of current news. Magazines are even worse. Periodicals? Don’t make me laugh. The “news” has all been hashed, rehashed, chewed on, and masticated into pulp-before it hits the inked paper. I haven’t read a newspaper in years, and then I never expected “news”. I read them for local flavor, ads, and the underpinings of that society. What could the NYT, the Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, (ad nauseum) possibly offer? Any warm body can be a journalist-God knows the colleges churn them out, yearly, by the thousands. It’s just sausage making-and you know what they say about sausage…..so unless I am filling the tubes in my own kitchen…….Have we become so stupid as a people, that we can’t see it is “my name in print”- for politicians, and TV is simply putting the politicians face up to memorize. “When you get there, there is no there, there.” to quote Gertrude Stein.
    Trump won’t be ousted in a coup-but the well connected will certainly try.

  18. “When The Pot Boils – The Scum Rises”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  19. There is more to preseving freedom that the use of a gun. —

    “Longtime correspondent Harun I. explains that the serfdom imposed by debt and interest is not merely financial servitude–it is political serfdom as well:

    As both of us have stated, you can create all of the money you want, however, production of real things cannot be accomplished with a keystroke.

    Then there is the issue of liberty. Each Federal Reserve Note is a liability of the Fed and gives the bearer the right but not the obligation to purchase — whatever the Fed deems appropriate. How much one can purchase keeps changing base on a theory-driven experiment that has never worked. Since the Fed is nothing more than an agent of the Central State, the ability to control what the wages of its workers will purchase, is a dangerous power for any government.

    If a Federal Reserve Note is a liability of the central bank, then what is the asset? The only possible answer is the nations productivity. So, in essence, an agent of the government, the central bank, most of which are privately owned (ownership is cloaked in secrecy) owns the entire productive output of free and democratic nation-states.

    People who speak of liberty and democracy in such a system only delude themselves.

    Then there is the solution, default. That only resolves the books, the liability of human needs remain. Bankruptcy does not resolve the residue of social misery and suffering left behind for the masses who became dependent on lofty promises (debt). These promises (debts) were based on theories that have reappeared throughout human history under different guises but have never worked.

    More debt will not resolve debt. The individual’s liberty is nonexistent if he does not own his labor. A people should consider carefully the viability (arithmetical consequences) of borrowing, at interest, to consume their own production. The asset of our labor cannot simultaneously be a liability we owe to ourselves at interest.”

    One could argue that the existence of the Fed may affect your freedoms more than all the guns in the US arsenal.

  20. “contentious but affable 2-party system”…”institutions of our Republic are now threatened”….”the American People”…etc., etc.

    these cucks must be living on the (soon to be discovered) Planet 9.

    All Trumpenthal has to do to quiet the ZOG uproar is give Israel’s pet Sunni terrorists in Syria on-call, cab rank air support, and attack Iran. No big deal.

  21. Take your EPA and shove it up your ass.You have not tried to run a business and have the EPA come in and tell you that a 30 gal drum inside a 55 gal drum inside a concrete berm used to hold spent motor oil doesn’t meet their standards. The washington/fed bureaucracy is a self-perpetuating,Rube Goldberg device that is totally out of control. Fed agencies are out of touch fiefdoms that define the concept of bloated,ineffecient bloodsucking fucktards draining the middle class and small business owners of their hard earned money.

  22. This all comes apart on Tuesday. I tole you a couple months ago that Kim Dotcom was involved in this wikileaks stuff. 3 hours ago Kim tweeted that he was, in fact, working with Seth Rich, and that on Tuesday he is going to spill the beans. Go to @KimDotcom. This could end the Demoncratic party. This is beyond huuuuuuugeee.

  23. The Resistor

    Gotta wonder what the end result is gonna look like.

    The progs can just tax us into submission, so what other ways of pushing back do you think are available?

  24. So, the Leviathan is finally engaging in self-attack and vicious cannabalism as eventually all forms of collectivism must do…who’d have thought it’d finally happen…

    The hardest part of surviving the death of a rabid T-Rex (aka ‘gov/authority’) is to stay clear of its flailing tail as it expires!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    NorthGunner III

  25. If one were to drain that Swamp, would it not be prudent to use the United States Marine Corps? No other agency, nor officials can be trusted to uphold their oaths.

    Deep State is losing its anonymity to the public.

  26. I favor my TAKE 5 plan.
    Pick 5 of the prog a-holes and take them out,
    Things don’t change, take out 5 more, and repeat.