Lessons From New Orleans

Speaking the unspeakable.

Assume unreason and grudge will continue to accelerate.

And never forget Bracken’s energy formula for the dissolution of FUSA:

Rwanda times Bosnia.

78 responses to “Lessons From New Orleans

  1. Some wealthy Southrons should start buying the monuments and moving them to private property.

    Now if they started razing and destroying monuments to slavery (that would be all of them) in DC, I am all aboard.

    • There are no wealthy white southerners. Jew prints and owns all of the money

  2. Remember this shit when the next Katrina hits.

    • The only thing that I am saving in the next Katrina, is old people-like the super elderly in rest homes, dogs, and cats. These exhaulted citizens of New Orleans, left dogs chained to drown, left the elderly in rest homes to die or perish from thirst, and cats were symbols to be tortured in the boredom hours. I’d personally love to start the big bang and be done with the whole fXXking state.


    Dylan Roof was NOT the answer. I would not be surprised if he was just another one of many MK ULTRA zombies, programmed at the right time to do what his Deep State Illuminati handlers wanted. Timothy McVeigh comes to mind.

  4. As these Negroes and the cuckolds work to erase American history, what will be erected in place? Reminds me of The Planet of the Apes.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Monuments to the New Soviet Man and the Glorious Socialist Future, comrade! Lets us boldy move forward from Year Zero!

    • There you go, apes. Isn’t many things that define what these cultural marxists are better than that, except for cultural marxists are commies without an AK47, yet.

    • DescendantOfCavePainters

      “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
      George Orwell, “1984”

  5. johnnyreb

    At least they spelled all the words correctly.

  6. My money won’t be spent in New Orleans or Louisiana ever again. When I see one of their license plates in my state, I’ll think f*ckstick driver too dumb to move. They aren’t called coonass*s for nothing. Wasn’t that where the communist puppet Oswald organized his eventual killing of Kennedy? It’s always been a communist stronghold in my lifetime. Deconstructing history is a communist invention.

    • Leauxryda

      There are no real coonasses in New Orleans. We stay out if that shit hole of a city with good reason. As far as we’re concerned, New Orleans got what it deserved with Landrieu. There is no salvation in its future. It’s done…


      NOLA: “A wretched hive of scum and villainy”. I would add that it is also a septic tank of sexual depravity and has the most corrupt police department in Amerika.

    • “… Deconstructing history is a communist invention.”

      I think I would characterize it as the weaponization of such, but that is probably a difference with little distinction.

  7. NorthGunner

    As Boston T. Party mentioned in ‘Molon Labe!’ the communists and
    other collectivists weren’t sorted out and dealt with after W.W.II.

    The outrage of what’s been being allowed to happen in the South
    is beyond disgusting! Those collectivist chimps should have been
    chased out of town post haste..preferrably tarred and feathered!!

    As such, that’s just one of many reasons we’re seeing the ‘
    downward spiral that is currently happening.

    For a good look at what’s coming..watch the former ‘rainbow nation’
    aka South Africa and what the Boer/Afrikkanners there are facing.
    The ‘party’ that’s going to be thrown there WILL happen here with
    the native ‘congo commie chimps’…count on it!

    We definitely need more ammo…and Maker’s Mark…send Maker’s Mark!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “the communists and other collectivists weren’t sorted out and dealt with after W.W.II.”

      That’s the benefit of being the big winner – you don’t get sorted out and dealt with. That’s the fate that befalls the losers.

    • I think it has to be more than resistance, it has to be total defiance. If for only one reason, and Lord there are many, these cultural marxists are genocidal communists without an AK47, for now.
      They have already set up re-education camps, aka the public school system.
      They can not survive actual frontal refusal to comply by dirt people. They have nothing, but a thin veil of legitimacy, in the shape of a false meme called racism, something that they themselves invented, employ, and use to deflect on to their avowed enemy, that which they are the supreme instance of themselves.
      See how it works?

      We are going to have to fight our way out of this. In the end it will require an extermination campaign. This plague of hate and the only true form of racism that exists must be totally eliminated, those who embody it can not be left to re-infect our society.

      It is the only way, as ugly and extreme as it may seem, thank the cultural marxist for that perspective also: We will come to know it as the cold hard truth one way or another. Because this is a war of extermination they are waging and they began.
      The war of northern aggression should be all the proof required as lincoln and his marxist’s proved. For that war has never stopped.

      Remember well, these people can not be bargained with, they can not be swayed by reason or logic, never mind matters of the heart, they will not stop till they are utterly and completely stopped. As we witness daily.

      Gary North sure was right about his theory of Political Polytheism and the Conspiracy in Philadelphia.
      This is all what the Fabian’s intended, destruction of America from the inside out, top to bottom.
      Though for all it seems, the one thing they haven’t managed, it is the dirt people are not conquerable as they wanted. All the rest was easy.

      • it took a while but you finally understand…

        200 million. 🙂

        • That’s the conundrum. I always understood. But I understand too, the motive power and audacity of an awakened uprising plurality of dirt people have a power nothing can stop, they can change everything, not just fight their way out of this, but redefine everything…But you have to believe it is possible first.

        • Want to see something that would make the political class loose their minds? President Trump could do this. It is within the power grated him as CinC, as his oath of office portends his sole duty is to look out for the interests of the people first.
          Now I know there are the exclamations of we are doomed, nothing will ever change, by the never Trumpers, and the resistance is futile chicken littles.
          But precepts begin with ideas, and ideas when they are planted in fertile minds, take root, and grow into larger ideas and eventually action. It’s not enough just to kill everything existential to you and your freedom and go off into the sunset. You will just end up in the same boat again.
          All this boils down to guns, who has them who doesn’t. The power of the gun in the hands of the dirt people is all thats kept things from being far worse than they are.
          In that light, can you see what would happen if President Trump did this? What if he really did this. It would change the entire dynamic. There are no “laws”, or anything that says he can not.
          Not that I or you need anyones permission to begin with. But there are millions who do not grok the fundamental precept of primal God given freedom to property, which is the first thing with guns, they are your property. So it is a double indemnity of primal freedoms. It goes right to the matter of everything going down today.

          Check it out:


      • I’ve been commenting along these same lines for some time now. We (the Conservative Right) have become too comfortable and too fearful of losing the status quo. But we WILL lose that comfort regardless of what we want.
        Sooner or later we will see this once-great country torn apart by actual war rather than the heated debates we have preferred. That war will be one of few rules and fewer prisoners. There will be no pitched battles between armies or strategic bombers dropping smart bombs onto small, highly important targets. Instead, it will consist of hit-and-run raids on supply sources and support facilities. Supermarkets will burn alongside hospitals and the dead will be buried in city parks.
        In the end, one side will be annihilated and the other so weakened it will fall to some outside force.
        There will be no “winner.”

  8. Crime- ridden,incestuous,filthy.Smells like a rotting corpse.Whiteys money is no good in New Orleans. You hear that sucking sound?The vortex at the bottom of the swirly. The toilet is being flushed. Those cajun/creole/indian swamp guineas better have their shit tightened up.It is about to get sporty with the pavement apes.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    Lessons from NOLA indeed! Certain of our stateside “African-Americans” allied with cultural Marxists will bring their multi-cultural diversity to a theater (AO) near you, just as they have in their African homelands:

    To my old and feeble eyes, it looks like the ONLY area in Africa without tribal conflict is the Sahara. Imagine the festivities they plan in your AO.


  10. singlestack

    New Orleans is a shithole.
    I’m glad the monuments to our heroes are being removed from that vile place. Now we just need to rescue them to a more fitting home.
    Let NOLA become “africanized”. It will soon be just like Africa, or New Mogadishu (Detroit).

  11. The real estate market in New Orleans is going to collectively implode shortly. Nothing survives the black hand of endarkenment. At some point in the future, another hurricane will lay waste to it.


      I hope you are correct. They had their wake-up call/chastisement in 2005. There are whole neighborhoods and parishes which are borderline uninhabitable. Still, they party on. Go figure.

  12. RTinWeimar

    Scratched Mardi-Gras off the bucket list altogether, not that it was high up on my list anyway.

    • singlestack

      The best Mardi Gras are closer to Mobile, where it all started originally. The Mississippi Gulf coast has excellent Mardi Gras, much better than NOLA.

  13. You can take rastus out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of rastus.

  14. Mr. Frosty

    They’re winning and they know it. 2 more decades and Whites will be completely pushed out of the (((political))) and (((financial))) world. Then formal White slavery will begin. White women will start marrying blacks and Latinos en masse because it will be almost illegal to hire White men. Soon afterwards we become just another filthy, violent 3rd world country full of low-IQ mystery meat.

    But hey, at least we weren’t racist.

  15. If it’s “frestyle” why is it being moderated???

    • This

    • ‘Cause it’s Petes shop. His time, his rules. As my sainted mother used to say regarding dinner: “Ya got two choices, take it or leave it!”

    • Doesn’t matter any way:

      “There Is No Posting Our Way Out Of This.” TINPOWOOT

      The sooner we all internalize this, the better off we’ll be. We already know that voting doesn’t work. (He said in a post…I know, I know…)

  16. Grey Ghost

    There are some in New Orleans who want the statues to go to Beavoir (last home of Jefferson Davis) in Biloxi MS. Who knows, Mayor Landrieu said he was going to put the statues in a city warehouse when this first started but it turns out he put them in a junk yard. That was revealed Friday by a NOLA radio station.

    The black communists have been working to transform NOLA for quite awhile as pointed out in CA’s linked article at Occidental Dissent. Further Malcom Suber and his “Take ’em Down NOLA” group intend to a lot more monuments taken down and streets/schools renamed. This widely publicized success of the far left will only embolden them nation wide especially in the big cities and it won’t be limited to the South.

    New Orleans is not just a shithole it’s close to collapse… the roads are piss poor and the homocide rate is higher than Shitcago. Not much to see there now so don’t waste your money.

    In the end this will boil down to fact that your skin color will be your uniform.

    Grey Ghost

  17. Truth Corps

    Lesson from NOLA:
    There’s a fresh new Dylann Roof out there stewing over these monument removals, the black on white gang rapes at Baylor, the endless murder of white elderly by black thugs. Take heed young fella… don’t choose your targets poorly as Roof did. Think Operation Mayhem from Fight Club.
    Don that waiter’s coat and catch Mitch the bitch in the bathroom and snap the rubber band tight. Fear not, there are a host of Confederate brethren that are doing the same.
    We’re done. Do not fuck with us.

    • “Confederate brethren” ain’t shown me nuthin. And meanwhile your monuments keep falling./ S//

      • Truth Corps

        We’ve unequivocally shown that by winning the War of Northern Aggression, you sealed the fate of an Entire Nation to be inhabited by niggers, muslims, and other third world shit races. Congratulations asshole, your lily white granddaughter will be an incubator for biracial babies that will be conquered by the Chinese.

        • Randolph Scott

          Right answer. Anyone that does not agree with this is on the ‘other side’.

        • I’ve been in the South my entire adult life and I can say that I’ve always held the Southern “cause” to be Just. I also worked closely with local LOS folks during the TR days. That doesn’t mean I have to buy into the flatulence the the “South Will Rise Again.” It won’t.

          In the early 20s there was a Monument War in NC. I was approaced and asked how to counterattack. I explained it — and even offered to lead the first two “confidence targets.” The “men” backed out. The women were breathlessly enthusiastic. I said, “I won’t do this with women.” And that ended the counterattack.

          So… “‘Confederate brethren’ ain’t shown me nuthin.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Large wager that Mitch dies of natural causes and suffers nothing that he would even notice on the social front. Nobody’s going to do *anything* to him.

  18. The Usual Suspect

    Gonna be an interesting summer,tick tock !

  19. here’s the juice, Southron Cavaliers – and the rest of us: Next time, Win. Losers’ monuments get taken down. It’s only surprising they lasted this long.

    at one time East Prussia featured a wonderful monument to the great German victory at Tannenberg, 1914. East Prussia is gone; so is the monument. Eventually, if the Jews and their ethnic hirelings win, no one will even remember that the Whites, their history, their Nations, and their civilization even existed.

  20. The Walkin' Dude

    As long as (((Schlomo))) can still call us “fellow whites”, all will be well.

  21. Depressing thing is that Niggers and other browns all throughout the world are armed with guns just like us Even though they never invented anything more than picking up a stick.

    Not fair. We, collectively, stopped fighting for Our own tribe about 400 years ago.

    Now when it all goes down it will almost be a fair fight because we have armed them for the last 70 years

    • Watch them shoot. No it won’t be a fair fight. We don’t hold our pistols sideways or shoot a rifle held in the over-head position, plus we know what sights are for. My MBR for SHTF (& LGBQBBQ FTW) is a
      military bolt gun since I plan on hitting what I shoot at and not wasting any ammo.

  22. Virgil Kane

    Silly negro, life without whitey would be impossible for blackey.

  23. Don’t forget the many businesses wiped out by the
    Horizon Oil Gush and Corexit – Health wise and
    financially. Horizontal Gene Transfer with synthetic

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  24. This is very instructional:

    The New Class War
    by Michael Lind

    (It’s a paywall site, though it is gracious they give you your first 3 reads gratis.)

  25. And you know what the real irony is? The entire black population in our once great nation are bitch slaves to the democrat party.

    Lyndon Johnson famously said, ‘Give me this (welfare) and I’ll have those niggers voting democratic for the next hundred years.’

    • Mr. Frosty

      Blacks are the ultimate useful idiots. Dumb, violent, insecure and willing to do whatever the (((black community))) tells them to.

  26. Foot in the Forest

    Remember Ray Nagin promised to rebuild NOLA as a chocolate city. Seems like his folks are doing a bang up job.

  27. Shades of things to come. For all the talk, bluster and key pounding, there’s no push back. Who is taking a stand? The only way to achieve winning is through violence or perceived violence – the left know this and puts it in place to great ends (for them). The ball less ‘right’ has no spine and to that end, our once great country was lost – get use to it and prepare accordingly. You may be safe now, living a good comfortable life but my guess is that is about to change ……………

    • Effective pushback depends on a plan of action. Posting “there is no voting our way out of this” or “when SHTF”, or “taxation is theft” is not a plan.

      • There is not enough pain yet for people to accept any action plan that involves doing what is needed for their survival…I put forth an action plan and for the most part it’s crickets or criticism concerning it…But their will come a day when it’s heeded but by that time it just might be to late…There is a few though that are using their brains and they get here and wonder why they didn’t do it sooner…

  28. “Jim argues that such a mindset is the result of material excess, as people struggling to feed themselves would have more important things to worry about. Later, we ponder what motivates the Left, and Jim offers some advice for interacting with these new church ladies. The first hour also touches on anti-Whiteness, multiculturalism, and how becoming a father altered Jim’s perspective for the better.”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  29. Still maintaining that Europe has a better chance at surviving this century than the usa does. Despite millions of muslims that have squatted all over Europe, most European countries are still 80$ or higher native. Those who founded the usa, white Europeans; are dropping to where it’ll be less than 50% long before the century is over and the usa is likely to be governed a lot more like the central and south American basketcases, although it can be argued we are there already.
    IMO, England is the place to be; when things start going down; England can go survivor and literally kick them off their island and they probably will.

    • kay_de_leon

      The glaring problem in your assessment- mindset is not hereditary.

    • Truth. But we haz guns in our safes here in ‘Merika. So Liberty!

    • “kick them off their island and they probably will.”

      I would not think so.

    • As a southern nationalist, I don’t want the USA to remain intact. We want the USA, which is merely a government, out of our southern lands.

      Then, what remains of the non-whites after we cut them off welfare, will be easily handled.

  30. The Usual Suspect

    Well,,,, neither Lyndon or the niggers can hear us playing
    El Deguello to them.
    About time for some Alamo, America !

  31. Tim Wise, a Jew living in an all white neighborhood, is anti-white and anti-Christian.