K Blog: The Baizuo and You

It’s obvious to outsiders.

Death wish for self.

It’s a Western thing.

8 responses to “K Blog: The Baizuo and You

  1. Odd that the Chinese get it…very apt description of the ‘white left’.

  2. Are we headed here? You be the judge; our lines are open:

    Mouse Utopia

  3. Heh, awesome, thanks for sharing that.

  4. My standard reply to those who genocide of any sort — “Why, after you Dear Friend….”

  5. the Chinese have little to fear from open-borders Judeo-globalization and can thus view the shabbatz goyim with a high degree of objectivity. Little to fear because a world that looks like China today – crony capitalism + police state socialism and no Whites – is exactly what the Ashkenaz are pushing.