Orwell Would Puke

UK Independent: British Government To Create Unprecedented Internet Regs

UK Daily Mail: BBC To Advise Employers Of Employees’ Online Conduct

Thugs gotta thug.

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20 responses to “Orwell Would Puke

  1. Coming to a country near you,perhaps even the one you live in.
    Times like this one starts rooting for the hackers.

  2. The mandatory pilgrimage to the owners and operators of the western banking and money system.

  3. Thank heaven government is here to shield us from fake news. Where would we be without our wise stewards?

  4. They have to have total control of messaging in all it’s forms, so some kind of Orwellian diktat that uses force of government to exclude all forms of alternative and free media will have to employed.
    A tall order. Especially in the light of building distrust of corporate/state controlled media. You have to have people in suitable numbers who watch/listen, and believe the propaganda, lies and narratives.
    Doubling down is as we witness is a formula of diminishing returns both in the sense it takes more and more resources to garner ever decreasing desired results your lies and obsfucations are intended to create.
    All along, creative and inspired people create insurgent and alternative methods, redux of old systems, methods, and resources.
    Everything from VoxDay’s Alt-Tech to the renaissance of civilian radio communication networks.

    The old marxist brainwashing handbook needs a new chapter on how to out G the alternative media G.


    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Roger, mtnforge! The more THEY try, the more WE will succeed!

      They can NEVER zip up tens of millions of ANGRY AND ARMED FREE MEN bound by duty and honor to God, family, and each other!

  5. If it has the words, alleged or unnamed/anonymous sources, it’s fake (lies).
    If there is a law that allows the media to lie that law should be abolished.
    When people are held strictly accountable for their behavior they tend to be more careful with their behavior, and the opposite is true.

  6. pizzagate is real

  7. (((Eli Pariser)))

    [[[Donald Trump]]]

  8. John A. Fleming

    This problem cannot be solved. No matter what is implemented, it can and will be gamed. By those whose continued existence and relevance and importance depend on the prominence of their words and ideas.

    This is just another evolutionary parasitic arms race, fought in meme-space.

    If it was just that, it would be ok. But, whoever is doing the implementing will also and always put their thumb on the scales. So there are three categories: “true facts”, “cultured news”, “fake news”. “True facts” will always be scarce because they are consumed by the other two.

  9. PGT Beauregard

    Edgar Welch is a modern day Knight of the order of poor fellow soldiers of Christ.

    Would that we had ten thousand of such men willing to take action today

  10. If you push free people far enough, this is what happens.

    Speed up to 1.16 for the money shot. Commies, scum and treasonous pols (but I repeat myself) you are heading down a road you don’t want to go. Turn around.

  11. There is no way to control the signal. I’ve worked in media. It’s what the BS degree stands for. Objectivity was never a goal. Sensationalism sells more pablum, more pablum generates more ad revenue.
    Believe nothing of what you read or hear and perhaps half of what you see.
    The minute some tells me…..”did you hear about……” or “did you read about……” I am immediately suspicious.
    I wasn’t there. I didn’t see it. I didn’t photograph it. It didn’t happen.

    The Barnum and Bailey circus has folded the tent for the last time. It was indeed “The Greatest Show on Earth”. You were there, you saw it and you were entertained. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Like P.T. once said “There’s a sucker born every minute” should be on the masthead of every rag and talking head box.

  12. Camacho2016

    Just government reaching its logical end state. A boot on the face of humanity forever.

    “Cold and misty morning
    I heard a warning borne in the air
    About an age of power
    Where no one had an hour to spare

    Where the seeds have withered
    Silent children shivered in the cold

    Now their faces captured in the lenses of the jackals for gold.”

    Karn Evil 9
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer

  13. Team Mo attacks again in England.

    19 dead so far at some concert in Manchester.

    Rule of 3s… Multiply the # of dead X3.

    Makes about 60 casualties.

    Kill all these cocksuckers.

    Those who escape deport. NOW!

    BTW, tell this to the Leftist “judges” who halted Trump’s muzzie ban.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      How do you know it was Team Mo, and not Big Brother?

      I thought the whole lesson was about NOT believing MSM.
      Occam’s Razor vs MSM should tell you it’s probably a lie.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. I know why the goat fokkers blow up the children of those who do not believe in the ultimate goat molester Mohammed, because they are sick unhinged bastard savages with no redeeming qualities. Why would big bro do the same?