The Mennonite Community Could Not Be Reached For Comment

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  1. Ol’ Remus’ rule #1 – Avoid Crowds

  2. MaryfromMarin

    Fourth anniversary of murder of Lee Rigby. Yet another example of Islamic terrorist MO of choosing a significant date for an attack.

    • Or lots of idiots with no situational awereness, gun free zone …. soft target.

    • Maybe, maybe not. There are only 365 days in a year and after many, many hundreds of years of well recorded history, everyday is the anniversary of something. Factor in ALL of the clashes between Muslims and non-Muslims throughout history, you’ll have an anniversary of something.

  3. Obviously the authorities need more draconian powers in order to “protect” us– which they can then use to harass the citizenry into submission.

    This after the UK’s liberal politicians let in all comers for decades against the wishes of their constituents.

    • problem

      fuck the poLICE
      fuck the gubmint

      • I notice your bodycount is STILL at zero and you ain’t mustered the sack to ACT on your convictions…. Coward. Goad on, little blowhard. It’s your schtick. 🙂

        • you are a LOSER aren’t you?

          tell me moron, do you think the pigs are your friends? are they there to help you or fuck you out of your $ and freedom?

          do you believe they will ever give up the power over you – ever?

          you really are a dumb fuck aren’t you?

          cop sucker.

          • Stop projecting, coward…. I’m curious, tFAGGOT, what felony are you guilty of that you hate cops so much?….. I’m guessing pedophilia. You SEEM like you might have the balls to victimize children. Maybe. “REEEEEEEEEEEEE” on my little cowardly pal. At least while you’re online, we wont have to worry ’bout you diddlin the neighbors son, babyfucker. 🙂

      • You’re onto something, here.

        The General Election …. scheduled for early June … has been cancelled, I hear.

        Could be that some sort of political power-consolidation is going off in Westminster. Buuuuuut, if that is the case, then one would have to wonder whether last night’s explosion involved the collusion of the Security Services.


  4. Has CNN blamed Trump and/or the Russians yet?

    So shocking that muslims living in Britain haven’t magically become indistinguishable from the actual British. Wasn’t this the insane boomer cuck fantasy?

    This will continue, at an increasing pace, until either the muslims are entirely driven from the West, or the last European is murdered.

    Always keep in mind that the muslims are merely a symptom, and the actual problem is the people that are enabling the muslim invasion. Getting rid of the symptoms without eliminating the underlying societal disease accomplishes nothing.

    • There’s a flaw in your logic and that is you have to eliminate both at once, not an impossible task but certainly more difficult in a disarmed nation

  5. Pisslam again. Euroweenies get some nads and get armed. Nice wknd trip over the river and through the woods to Ukraine or other frontier outposts where money talks and armament is to be had.

  6. I am ever grateful that I grew up when a young person could go to a concert, have fun, and go home with all of your limbs and brains intact. In a major population city, no less. I went to the 1984 Olympics in LA, and terrorism never even registered. My how things change, when you open up your country to every Tribal, convict asshole in the world.
    You do not have enough guns and ammo.
    Stick with your own kind.
    If it might be trouble, it usually is.
    Avoid crowds.

    • a follower

      “While they sleep,’ (we) becoming fat and complacent, then we strike.(evil)
      check this out at the 28 min mark. if you are then interested watch entire video.

  7. This has almost sunk to the level of a Monty Python skit. This one tweet I saw had this teen girl, who had just got home from the Manchester concert, trying to get all the child body parts off her cloths and out of her hair. I thought of that commercial where that lady sang ” I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair”. Imagine that young teen breaking out in song ” I’m gonna wash those kids right out of my hair”
    The left seems to have no bottom. A million girls in England raped by the grooming gangs ain’t enough.
    Etta, the dismembered child from Stockholm, now has lots of other dismembered kids to play with in heaven. Lucky her. Lucky us.
    Turn your head from the horror.

  8. The number of functional solutions mounted to this new outrage will be calculated as follows. Outrage level (99) multiplied by willingness to act outside of political correctness (0).

    No “British” muslim is going to be losing a wink of sleep except for the pain in their guts from laughing so hard.

  9. I still hold hope there will come that Draft Riots/Gangs Of New York moment when the true English will rise en masse, drag sonsabitches like Khan from their beds and make ’em do the Mussolini Can Can from lamp posts. Start killing our babies over here and we’ll take you alive and feed you to the hogs Mo. But we won’t be gettin’ to the pen for awhile; ‘ya follow?

  10. Look Squirrel! Although it’s hard to watch someone kill themselves sometimes you can’t stop them. I suggest we attend to our own cultural suicide here in the US vs. watching the Brits slowly insert pikes into their skulls?

    • You’re about half right. But then I doubt you’ve seen what I’ve seen nor done what I’ve done. Besides, how could a man like you feel good about himself if not for men like me? I’ve lived to a ripe age “knowin’ when to freeze, knowin’ when to run”. I can settle for that. Thanks for the new handle.

  11. When the musloids in FUSA take power the first thing they will go for are our guns.

  12. Britain wants to pull out of the EU and a suicide bombing happens at a concert attended by little British girls.

    Not a coincidence.

    • Those youngters – If they only knew:

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  13. anyone parting with their $ to see some no talent stanky little tramp named ariana deserves whatever they get…

    no sympathy here.


      tfA-t: What if it was a Tobey Keith concert in Dallas? I would never attend such a venue as I am an old man with different tastes. The issue is these spectators were enjoying their type of music and not hurting anyone. They are the victims of a craven, syphilitic government system which has admitted these mooks and skells into their country. The issue before us now is how the Brits will react to this. If they follow the lead of the Frogs, then they will just roll over and piss on themselves and that will be that. I would be surprised if the people rose up and started killing their real enemies.
      The Muzzies here are smarter. They have seized political power in MN, MI, and ME. They do not need to blow up anything as the syphilitic cosmic white progressives and their useful idiots in the Lutheran, Baptist, and Catholic refugee agencies are giving these psychopaths Carte Blanche to settle in and suck up our tax-funded benefits.
      It started in the public school systems years ago, when the clueless idiot teachers had their elementary and middle-school students dress up as rag heads and eat pita and lamb sandwiches. I saw it first hand in the small town I used to live in on the Southern Oregon Coast. It was glossed over and there was no outrage. If someone had showed up at the local school board meeting to protest, he/she would have been shown the door by a badge-wearing thug.
      I am still waiting for things to pop right here. I believe I will have a long wait. If these Mohammedans and their useful idiots in the public schools have their way, I will wake up one morning to a loudspeaker echoing the call to prayer from the Coeur d’ Alene Mosque. I hope I do not live to hear it.

    • Spoken like a coward AND a sociopath…… You’re something else, tFAGGOT.

  14. Hang the Queen. The entire Royal family are traitors to their people.

  15. The Usual Suspect

    Princess Dead Di concours.

  16. VooDoo6Actual