The Price of Delegitimization

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  1. Hate is good.

    • You would be an expert on the subject, but not on it’s subjectivity.

      Like any other emotion, it’s the uses to which it is put, the intelligence of focus, and the cold, calculating ferocity of employment that count…

      for good or evil.

      • Simply put, hate, like constipation, can back up and clog the faculties to the detriment of body, mind and soul.

        Again, the trick is in the focus and the motivation, not the consumption.

        When things come to such a pass, as frequently they do in human affairs,
        hate is all that’s left when your enemy wishes you dead for incomprehensible reasons, anathema to your whole understanding. If they must, in their vile insanities, hate you, you are within reason and of necessity must HATE. THEM. BACK.

    • a follower

      For years i had proclaimed ” I hate people.” Only to find i do not.
      i hate evil.

  2. Yeah, keep believing that

  3. Well, I am with the guy who posted that no one in the “Important Areas” have food gardens, beef farms, etc. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and other upscale dispensaries don’t have a stocked warehouse in the back of the store. In fact, no grocery store does now. We know that when the EBT goes down, or the ATMs no longer work, that there will be blind anger and panic in the Important Areas. Food and water are the basics, and I doubt that Antifa will hold strong once it’s day 3 without either. So, point one for our side. Working out in the gym is nice-I love my fitness place and add some yoga too. That is NOT walking 10 miles, biking on a rough trail to safety, or knowing how to avoid main streets. Hell, most people cannot drive without Google Maps or a satellite system. So, point two for all of those doing the real PT. It is going to be ugly, bloody, and mean; but I still believe in the dirt people.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You’re still going on the assumption liberals/communists are stupid and can’t take care of themselves, same thought process I read from most in the III% community.
      That right there will be your greatest mistake.

      Most of the fittest people I know here in NW Wyoming are liberal Democrats, and a lot of them hunt and fish too. They raise organic gardens and preach healthy living. The local communist NOLS (Nat’l Outdoor Leadership School) is filled with hardcore mtn climbers who are also tree and wolf huggers.
      The conservatives are the fat slobs who drive around on 4wheelers and drink diet sodas all day. Haven’t been around many big city folks in a few decades, but I’m going to guess it’s pretty much the same there too, 50/50 either way.
      Thinking they’re all gay pansies will get you dead real quick.

      • Wisdom/truth given, Semper Fi!

        Never, EVER, underestimate your enemy. It’s all well and good to poke some fun for stress relief and to also see if you can goad an opponent into a mistake you can turn to your advantage, but don’t make the error of believing what you’re making fun of….

        Don’t hate your enemy; hate is an emotion that unbalances you, not the enemy. Stoically observe the opposition and respect their capabilities, ensuring your own training is ahead of theirs; watch the enemy closely and learn from his and your mistakes, especially what he is doing to correct them; learn his weaknesses and his strengths; learn how to optimize on mistakes, how to avoid strengths.

      • Get out more, 0321.
        You’re completely wrong about the city types, as the ones living on Starbucks and take-out from TofuBurger are overwhelmingly the Antifa hordes you’re seeing on YouTube. None of your Wyoming liberals are any impact at all, outside of Cheyenne, and describe 0.00000% of citified liberals nationally.

        All the liberals in Wyoming combined is less than 0.01% of the populational total just in the US, and they are as different from the megalopolis variety as elephants are from house mice.
        The ones you’re talking about are rare enough to belong in a museum, if not a zoo. There’ll be a few left over from the PacNW and the Northesast farm regions, but come the day, they’ll be about as rare as Mennonites and Amish are now, overall.

        After a week without food in the 25 biggest cities, most of the Left will be sitting listlessly while their bodies consume themselves from hunger, and be about as dangerous as a sleepy six-year old, range-limited only by the amount of gasoline in their rides.

        After that, it’s a Malthusian curve as famine and disease have their way, as they always do.
        After 60-90 days of no food trucks rolling, the demographic shift will pretty much wipe out 1/2 the country, and that’ll overwhelmingly be the half without stored food and no running water.

        Apocalyptic literature tries (and fails) to paint that picture, while apocalyptic theatre/film/TV ignores that reality altogether.
        Try imagining an America with no cities larger than 50,000, a population the size of 1949’s, and 99% of transportation either on foot, bicycle, or animal-powered, and you start to get an idea.

        Factor in heaps of corpses everywhere there’s a city (in most cases, too large to even gather and burn, if anyone left had the urge), and it starts to take a shape approximating reality.

        But that’s in a quick crash.

        A slower slide looks like Venezuela.
        Read up on that one, and note that the only people there breathing, and still espousing Leftism, are TPTB, trying to cling to their raft amid a nation of starving scarecrows storming the gates.
        Even the cops and soldiers are abandoning the elites, and they’re about a nudge from total meltdown.
        When the generals (inevitably) take over again there, they’ll keep the people hungry, because housepets rarely rebel as long as the food dish is filled each day.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        Can Comfirm.
        The whiny faggots and weirdos are the ones they put on TV and Youtube.
        The democrats in Baltimore all have family who are hardened felons. Some did serious time.
        They like shotguns and handguns, and will burn your house or car down without a second though.
        In Baltimore the black and white lowlifes formed an alliance jn the mid-1990’s and have since been teaching each other a cultural exchange.
        How to navigate a dystopian landscape(to the whites) in exchange for offroad skills and marksmanship(to the blacks)
        The Brown guys grew up in a dystopian civilization. This will be nothing for them.
        I live in Baltimore City, served 7 years as Airborne Infantry and later a Scout/Sniper(Ghost side) I did 12 months in Baghdad and was on the 82nd North African Global Response Rescue Force for 3 years.
        Believe my words and listen carefully.

        They are gonna fuck us up.
        We will win.
        But they are gonna fuck us up.

        Sad Times ahead gentleman, make sure you spend time with extended family and friends. Have a Barbeque, enjoy.
        The summer of rage is coming. During my off time, I play a democratic pot smoking retard for fun to unwind and get laid by daddy’s perky spoiled brat. They are more ready then you are, and they run the DHS cameras, college Labs, gangs, and are all Goverment related by some family or friend. This is ugly, And I have seen Sadr City.

        • RockStar:

          Great post.

          Might you be willing to throw in some more details (including your recs for action) to be used as a standalone post?

          Thanks in advance.

        • Baltimore…?
          Almost 40 miles straight down the road to D.C.??
          That Baltimore??

          Pardon me for observing that you live in D.C., whether you’ve noticed it or not. FFS, my avg. daily work commute is fartherer than you live away from Babylon-On-The-Potomac.

          People living between the I-5 and the I-95 are going to have a rather vastly different experience of things than you when The Sportiness visits us, and you can’t extrapolate where you are to about 99% of the country.

          For those in that boat with you, the observation is spot-on.
          All the more reason to GTFOut of there.

  4. Hate and anger,when controlled and channeled can be useful. Unbridled hate and anger are detrimental. Hate is a strong motivator. Anger can be a driving force if utilized properly.
    What is a persons motivation to kill someone they have never met . Honor,glory,patriotism. No. You kill for the guy next to you.You kill to protect your brother..

  5. Does The Party pick up the dry cleaning tab?
    Tha’ts what I call up close and personal.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    stealthspaniel–your money quote: “but I still believe in the dirt people.”

    HELL YES! I’ve still got enough of the DNA and environment Dad and Mom gave me from the real “Great Depression,” WW2, and the Korean festivities. It’s in my being. Me and mine will survive and thrive. Always have, always will.

    Just like Paulie from Tarsus, we’ve learned to live in plenty or want and still be content. Still got our Ferguson TO-30 for the chores, plus a few Percherons. First cutting now done and crops planted. Not bad for a kid birthed in the inner-city, who was off to all the “proper” schools to get the doctorate sheepskins, but deliberately chose to live and to prosper among the dirt people. Can’t be happier.

    “…for dust you are, and unto dust shall you return.” Credo of dirt people.

    • C.C. : Admire your momentum, but please get a better tractor. Plenty to choose from in the pre-computer-already-issued stock…….and yes, we have owned 3 of your M/F variants. [AND also used the M/F term to describe each of the M/Fs]……Happiness is collecting the auction check when they disappear over the horizon on the buyer’s trailer!

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        I hear ya, Soapweed! My chuckle was always picking up the M/F TO-30 tractors for pennies, since no one of the “under 50 set” could ever start ’em. Had me plenty ‘o them.

        HA! Positive ground on the battery was the key. Fired ’em right up–AFTER the deal was made! Like I tell folks: “I was born at night–but not last night!”

        Those auctioneer checks were sweet when seeing the buyers towed ’em away….

  7. #saywhen

  8. wendystringer48088

    From The Price of Delegitimization article: “Turning Trump into a lame-duck president does not make the anger that elected him go away, it merely intensifies it.”
    Yep. Trump may not be all that we wished for, or even a disappointment, but then again it wasn’t about the man, it was about the message. And the feelings behind that message are getting stronger as the other side further tries to marginalize Trump and the people who supported Trump.
    @Stealth Spaniel” Comments relating to food not being stored in the “Important Areas”: I hate to upset anyone’s views of an easy victory due to being in an area where food is grown instead of a major urban area, but I would refer to the Z Man’s American Vendée post ( and the history of the Russian Civil War to point out that the people with the larger more heavily armed organized army can come in, steal the food, drive the rural people off the land and cause them to starve to death. So plan accordingly.
    The other side has a large number of people on their side too, and they have been working hard to bring in many more fighting age (and breeding age) people into this country that could be used on their side in any future conflict. Not everyone on the other side is a special snowflake. There are plenty of hard core people on their side who are angry and who have experience with using violence too. They will be the actual troops.
    So maybe it comes down to who controls the military if the battle is to determine who controls the country? Or if the the country breaks up which regons have the stronger military forces? Or if things really break up who has the biggest private army?
    “It is going to be ugly, bloody, and mean; but I still believe in the dirt people.”
    I hope so. (Well, the part of the dirt people coming out on top in the end at least).

    • Live free or die. I would rather die in defeat of my values than live in the victory of theirs.

    • …the people with the larger more heavily armed organized army can come in, steal the food, drive the rural people off the land and cause them to starve to death.

      Steal what food, Wendy?
      It’s not like there’s 7 years’ supply of grain sitting in handy carry-out bags, and chickens and cows lined up waiting to be taken to town and turned in burgers and buns.
      Drive the people off the land, and everyone starves forever, until there isn’t anyone left.
      That threat is a guy with a gun to his own head, telling everyone else not to move. Only one guy is at risk in that scenario.
      The point is, the most valuable thing on a farm isn’t the land, the animals, the crops, or the equipment; it’s the farmers. If you kill all the bees and take the bee hive, you don’t get to go back to the hive a second time for more honey, and the wooden box isn’t a magical honey-making machine.
      The same is true of farms in this country.

      As to a military, you’re dreaming.
      1) The one we have isn’t going to go door-to-door or farm-to-farm.
      a) The attrition would wipe it out in the first state alone. Leaving 49 others. Even if you started with Rhode Island.
      b) Most of the military will desert before they’ll starve.
      c) Their leadership is more likely to turn on the cities or their own leadership before they turn on the countryside.
      2) Bodies aren’t an “army”. They’re a rabble. Ask anyone who’s spent 5 minutes in boot camp, let alone a drill instructor or any former military officer.
      3) You can’t train an “army” of bodies if you can’t feed it. That snake has already eaten its tail in your opening line.
      4) In a counter-insurgency just against farmers in the U.S. (let alone all rural folks), you’d need an army of 40,000,000, per standard doctrine of 10:1. Or, about 3 1/2 times larger than the American military in 1945 (its largest year ever), and over twenty times larger than it is right now. Sh’yeah, when monkeys fly outta my butt, that’ll totally happen.
      You’ll see a rampaging Midget Army carrying broomstick lances and riding on armored war pigs first.
      As it stands now, just the NRA alone outnumbers the entire US military by 2:1.
      The 50,000 regular cowboy shooters in SASS have more trigger pullers than the entire USMC, and unlike the Marines, most of them have fired more rounds in the last month than the average cop trains with in 2 years.
      And I promise you, TPTB in the Pentagon have already done that math, and thrown that idea out in about 0.02 seconds.
      The military would (and will) seize the US Capitol before they’d take on the US countryside. If only to make sure they got fed and paid.
      The same is true in the National Guard of all the states.
      5) If, arguendo, the NYFC police because biggest city PD in existence), for example, decided to head out to the ruralians nearby to commandeer food and such to sustain the Starbucks hordes of the Five Burroughs, by Tuesday of that week, the cops would all be dead in hundreds of 1 v.1 and 2 v. 2 shootouts. Now you have no more cops, and the 80% of the farmers they haven’t gotten to have a big grudge against NYFC. And they still have all the food.

      So tell me, in your dreams, how that works out for just New York.

      Google “Snake Plisken” for a preview.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Drive the people off the land, and everyone starves forever, until there isn’t anyone left.”

        The Left has changed from exterminationist to extinctionist. Everyone dead is basically the idea.

  9. wendystringer48088

    Re the Kurt Schlichter tweet “Buy guns and ammo”:
    I guess as a four word sound bite or tweet it works as a statement of defiance.
    However, I personally see these messages and think “Beyond a certain point, don’t you have enough guns and ammo (practically speaking)?” In my opinion you have to have everything in balance.
    In the work world you can work all the overtime and get fat and smoke and drink and then die the richest person in the graveyard.
    Seems to me applying the same rules you can have an arsenal but die of being out numbered or a physical injury or health problem or dehydration or starving to death and all you did was arm someone else (hopefully they will be family members and friends, not the enemy or crimminal gangs).
    At some point it gets to be time to switch to buying stored food, water and water purification, medicines and medical supplies, not to mention physical training, unarmed combative training and firearms training.
    I am sure of all the embarassing pictures of the “meal team six” fat militia guys (also called “moolishia” as referring to them as fat as cows I guess) they probably have plenty of guns and ammo. They need to balance out the load (I am really referring to balancing out their time and money) to get the most bang for the buck from everything.
    Unless one is planning on doing a lot of shooting, I can see more use for stocking toliet paper (remove cardboard tube and compress for more compact storage) than more guns and ammo beyond a certain point.
    Just my opinions.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Having guns and ammo doesn’t mean much, in and of itself. Having the will to use them – that’s the critical bit.

  10. Buckshot leaves no ballistic signature when it leaves the barrel.

    So, what’s the plan?

  11. Two Doc’s gotta better then one. 🙂

  12. The Usual Suspect

    When Keith Obemann assumes ‘THAT’ kneeling position,
    post it here !

    • Never going to happen.

      Keith, like hundreds to thousands of his ilk, is going to die in his boxers, gagged, in an empty warehouse, with a surprised look on his face, and there won’t be a body found afterwards.

      The last place you’ll see him will be on a milk carton.

      If the Mob (or anyone else) had only had the wit to buy a mortuary with a crematorium, a pig livestock yard, an alligator farm in a swamp, etc., they could have pulled a silent coup off in the country half a century ago with no one the wiser.

      Just saying.

  13. The societal breakdown we’re looking towards is best understood as making popcorn: a few early pops here and there, but when the temperature gets hot enough, all the corn pops, and no one has to co-ordinate any of the kernels to get that to happen. It just does. It’s a physics thing.

    The lesson is, things ain’t hot enough yet.
    Simmer down; it’ll pop when it’s time.

    If you don’t see people forming tribes and groups, it’s because they don’t see the need. Yet.
    Not everyone lives on the hill, and not everyone keeps watch down the road.
    If you’re one of the farther-seeing ones, or farther-travelling ones, and you’ve passed on the message that a dust cloud is heading your way, that’s it, your work to the community so far is done.
    No one’s stopping you from taking advantage of the information yourself, in the lull between seeing the dust, and seeing the horde that’s creating it riding into sight.
    ROWYBSs, and make prudent preparations.

    It’ll be awhile yet.
    But if they are headed this way, it will become apparent to everyone in due course.

    As to who ends up kneeling in front of a ditch, I wouldn’t bet the farm on things going like the “neo-Jacobins” imagine. Even just looking at how their plans have turned out so far, their predictive powers leave a lot to be desired.

    Meanwhile, while noting the signs, whinging because no one will join your mulisha is not only childish, it’s a waste of your prep time.
    Invest yourself in being the one everyone wants to pick for teams when things go to shit, (or better yet, the one everyone wants to pick them for their team) and the details will work themselves out.
    None of which involves anyone purchasing a saber, sash, or gold-braided epaulets.

    There’s waaaaay too much cosplay “preparation” going on, and not nearly enough dirt time in the bush, logistics time at PrepDepot, or improving your position.

    So if folks are going to play with electrons, maybe spend more time with pdfs, and less with jpgs.

    Just saying.