Better Go Get Gomer’s Nerve Pills

Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years

Bonus question:

Get out your copy of the Blessed Parchment and find, either in the USC or the BoR, the provision(s) that authorizes the Federal government to intercept and store for future retrieval all digital communications originating from or terminating in the United States. Provide the citation(s) for said provision(s).

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  1. I think we all understand that a piece of paper can not literally save us, but since FreeFor seems to have a major problem rallying around ANY distinguishable cause at all besides being angry about something, I suggest we start with what’s written on the derisively (I think it was derision) called “sacred parchment” of the BoR. I just think it could be used as a decent starting point for FreeFor. Nothing else seems to be cutting it. Our hatred of whatever thing it is we are “fighting” against isn’t enough. We still fight against each other just as much. So if we could start rallying around what the BoR says and then work outward from there, it might help our cohesiveness.

    • So if we could start rallying around what the BoR says and then work outward from there, it might help our cohesiveness.

      Good Luck with that Brother…Like I said before we have a hard time even having a decent discussion let alone an agreement on something…

      • How about rallying around what the BoR was designed to do, rather than the words themselves?


        Reams of court decisions and government actions have mooted those words over the 225 years since the BoR was ratified.

        The BoR has failed utterly in its purpose.

        Clarity begins w facing that fact.

        • Doesn’t do us any good to come up with anything if we don’t have the numbers in a concentrated area to implement it… Coming up with something will be easy since we already know what works and what doesn’t and what needs to be tweaked to work…It’s the getting people in the same area to be able to implement it that’s the hard part… JMHO

          • Agree with mass.

            Disagree with people know what works.

            Varying flavors of servitude have been the norm here in the land of St. Greenwood since at least 1789.

            • Well the masses no but I think there is enough people that know and if they were in one area would be able implement those ideas…Maybe I’m to optimistic on that thought but have spoken with quite a few people who get it but are spread thin across the country…

      • True. Looking down the page and see the angry ignoramuses like t-FatAss and I wonder if we even have a shot. Then again, the angry ones like that will be dead near the start, if not before. So I guess we’ll see. I just figure the BoR could be a good starting point, and I suppose if it has to be the end point too, it could still work.

  2. If one merely reads “The Preamble to the Bill Of Rights” it’s a bit easier to understand, because it blatantly spells out them as being further restriction upon government.
    I called out a “Trump-ist” whose pocket Constitution didn’t have that because he was waving it around one day. I took it and said, “huh, no Preamble to the Bill Of Rights.”
    He gave me a blank stare on that one, and scratched his head.

    To be fair, I didn’t realize that even existed until merely a few years ago, they surely didn’t teach it in school.

  3. Technical observation to the first graphic: These days,Telco transmission in the main are dead silent. Fact since the ISDN days forward the Telco’s impress a background hum into the DS0 lines. Otherwise humans think the line is dead when it is not. So the observation these days exactly the flip of the graphic — When the background goes dead silent is most likely when one is being ‘observed’.

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