Buppert: Totalitarianism and the Great War

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Bill’s latest on where the modern troubles began.

Where they will end is a pyre.

No matter who wins.

17 responses to “Buppert: Totalitarianism and the Great War

  1. Gotta love this afternoon’s masthead. Perhaps for once, nobody can disagree on the failure. Although the Jew and Cop haters are probably chiming in right now, assigning blame to their favored targets.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Until folks learn to change their archaic thinking, nothing will get any better, as we’ve seen for thousands of years. Same old same old………..
      Falling back on your default position is a sure fail.

    • They are starting to sound like retarded parrots, aren’t they?…. I kinda hope they all get to meet friendly officer Rabinowitz soon. 🙂 It’d be entertaining as fuck to watch cowards like “tfat” lose his shit over that encounter…..

      • anyone so pathetically helpless as to need a pig really doesn’t deserve to live.

        you coplovers are a disgrace to the male species.


    • Mr. Frosty

      Really? So ignoring 2000 years of evidence because the TV told you to is being a “free thinker”?

      I think I’ll believe Jesus, Martin Luther, the Founding Fathers, Henry Ford and General Patton instead of the TV.

  2. Mr. Frosty

    So, governments have never killed lots of people before? I think Rome, the Golden Horde, and the Caliphate might have a little blood on their hands. The only thing different today is the scale and the tools used.
    Not being oppressed and forced to live and die at the hands of your rulers is a relatively new thing in the history of humanity. Only certain genetic groups, adhering to certain cultural values within certain frameworks can enjoy “freedom”

    Or as Franklin put it; “A Republic, if you can keep it”

  3. I might fall into the hater category, but I never claimed as my ‘stated mission to preserve and restore…’. I do however hate all groups and individuals who make it their mission to destroy everything wholesome while binding the human race link by link.

  4. JFC

    the murkins are fucking dumb…

    they loves them some boot and badge.


  5. NorthGunner

    Here’s the meat on the bone:

    “Jim Powell explains:

    “Powell persuasively suggests that if America had stayed out of the war the belligerents, exhausted and with no hope of a clear battlefield victory, might have accepted the need to end the conflict without any winner. Had that happened, there might well have been no Bolshevik revolution in Russia and therefore no deadly 75-year “experiment” in Soviet communism under Lenin, Stalin, and those who followed them. If Germany had not been humiliated, stripped of 13 percent of its territory, burdened with “war guilt” and heavy reparations, and left in political and economic chaos, a demagogue like Hitler, with his Nazi ideology of racism and blood lust for revenge and conquest through a new war, might not have come to power.”

    When you fund (through your slavery/taxation..same difference) the cult of ‘authority/gov’ you will always get MORE of it..not safety..not ‘security’..not freedom or liberty..same happens when you grant it ANY legitmacy or obey it in any way shape or form.

    ‘gov/authority’ is nothing more than a disease masquerading as it’s own cure.
    When you ‘vote’ or enable through the parasites game of ‘politics’, you directly make yourself their engine in their goals of domination and coercion and fraud.

    The enablers and enforcers are not innocents..especially when they engage daily in acts of coercion, violence and theft and kidnapping…there are NO ‘good cops’ (the truly ‘good’ ones saw what they were enabling and QUIT!!).

    So, if you still support:
    ‘gov/authority’ and their enforcers and their ‘laws’

    YOU are not a friend of Freedom or Liberty…YOU are part of the problem!
    Here’s some things to help ‘de-gov’ folks:

    The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes – Larken Rose

    The Jones Plantation

    If YOU Were KIng

    Larken Rose On The Mind Control That Made Us Accept Government – Free Your Mind Conference 2011

    The Complete and Undeniable Truth – Larken Rose

    And for those statists here that keep saying, “anarchy won’t ever work in the real world!” understand that every voluntary act that you engage in when you interact with other people, whether it’s buying groceries at the store or by stepping up to help out a neighbor or family member, is in fact an act of anarchy in operation.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    NorthGunner III

    • Jim Klein

      “YOU are not a friend of Freedom or Liberty…YOU are part of the problem!”

      Damn straight. Monster comment. Nearly everyone wants to blame those whom they can’t control and ignore the one person they can. “Gee, how come nothing ever changes and it just gets worse?” Real toughie, that one.

  6. Confusciousez

    What amazes me is some of the commenters on this forum still refuse to accept that the lying, evil badged swine get their livelihood, protected class status (boo-hoo/crybaby-don’t says bad things about cops) and military toys of oppression from those who sign the checks, and it ain’t us. They are not here for your protection, they exist to bleed us dry for their masters.

    Cops will tell you to your face they don’t work for us and yet we still have the bootlickers making never-ending excuses for them and the whole system of self-serving “laws” that robs us in one form or another 24/7. Cops serve the pols and the rich, not us. They’re the evolved form of the slave patrol that we’re not supposed to know about, nor have taught to our kids in school.

    Enjoy your open-air prison copsuckers, some day these scum will turn on you and your family and you’re responsible for it.

    Bad apples my ass, they all know exactly what crimes against humanity they’re committing daily plus having the gall to emblazon cop cars with such lies as “To Serve and to Protect”, serving their masters more like.

    Hypocrites and enemies of liberty, all of them. Open your eyes an see the threats to our country drive by you in an oversized black and white we paid for.

    Don’t believe me, visit some of the pig websites such as Police One or Fraternal orders of badged criminals and get a taste of the mindsets behind those comments from these low IQ roidhead oath-breakers post about us. Ironically. these losers are some of the largest recipients of govt welfare, thinking they’re some kind of special gift to mankind and not the parasites and destroyers of freedom they truly are. Choose your sides carefully after you wipe that leather shine from your lips.

    • Jim Klein

      “Enjoy your open-air prison copsuckers, some day these scum will turn on you and your family and you’re responsible for it.”

      Not only true, but obviously so. Believing otherwise is the operative definition of insanity. It’s the one thing the (so-called) lefties and righties have in common—“Ain’t my responsibility.”

  7. The Walkin' Dude

    Wonder what they’ll do when they start getting McVeigh’d left and right?

  8. For your edification and enlightenment:

  9. Jim Klein

    Masthead—“…preserve the ideals of individual freedom,”

    Ideals are ALL in the mind. “Philosophy moves the world.”


    Helpful, but not necessary. Individualism does NOT mean alone.

    “personal responsibility,”

    Doesn’t matter whether a guy accepts it or not…he’s got it anyway.

    “and (very) limited government during the Endarkenment which is upon us.”

    Forget about it already. As noted elsewhere, “In any compromise between good and evil, only evil benefits.” Ruling others or being ruled by others is always evil. If someone needs to be stopped, then stop him. No need to rule him or even give two shits about him. Go with Patton and let the other guy sacrifice for his country, or whatever other silly ideals he may have concocted.

    Patton? A WINNER.

    ALL of human progress arose from those few minds who were able to imagine–and instantiate–that which was never thought of by others. So it shall be now. It’s that or extinction. This is our nature and you can’t fool Mother Nature.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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