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Welcome to Postmodernity, a non-artistic nihilist philosophy reflecting most of the core principles of the ‘Postmodern’ movement.

And welcome also to its illegitimate spawn, the unholy alliance of Liberals, Islamofascists, Marxists and Progressives (LIMPs) whose objective is to surreptitiously destabilize the West by slowly eroding and curetting its core ethos, a process that destroys a country, a culture or a civilization within a very short (historic) period.

This is how it works: LIMPs attack the socio-economic matrix of a Nation State in a variety of subtle ways. They do not use frontal assaults but inflict a prolonged series of small, deep incisions that are artfully designed to wound below the recipient’s perceptual horizon.

Then, having first penetrated the protective outer fabric of a given society through a myriad of seemingly insignificant wormholes they proceed to engineer localized paradigm shifts in established wisdom by appealing to the reflexive angst with which wealthy Western chattering classes are infected and our younger generations indoctrinated. Through these holes a by then confused ‘Mea Culpa!’ culture is drip-fed a hallucinogenic broth of disinformation, misrepresentation, and intimidation, thus bringing about a state of collective cognitive dissonance where every outrageous oxymoron and category error is absorbed without being subjected to rational analysis or refutation.

By effecting this cultural sedition through innocuous pinpricks over a period of decades, Postmodernity induces a terminal osteoporosis of that conceptual skeleton to which the sinews of a strong, functional society must be anchored; with both the will and the means to resist sapped, that society finds itself unarmed, fractured and disorganized, naked in the face of its enemies. It is for this reason, either by commission or omission, that the Western and European academic and political classes have for a long time been defenestrating and then replacing the psyches, moral vertebrae and demographics of their Nation States.

Now, as the cost of containing the depredations of the surging biomass of dependent parasites and feral predators from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa begins to exceed the physical and financial means of the native net contributors the latter will finally have be fully emasculated and the ambitious and acquisitive LIMP governing classes and their fellow travelers, in a last desperate move to ensure their own survival, will have no other recourse than to bleed the native population dry then violently cast them aside once that is accomplished.

It is then, during this final phase of the New World Order project, that the wealth of nations — fiscal, ethnic, moral, cultural and spiritual — hemorrhages away, and chaos precedes the descent into tyranny and/or brutal conflict.

Killing our children in Manchester yesterday was but another step on that steepening downward slope…and more will come with increasing frequency and nothing truly effective will be done about it because the powers-that-be now live in fear that they will be called upon to answer for their past and present actions and inactions.

It is also worth noting that whilst this NWO strategy is (internationally) unitary, its tactical mechanisms are legion, and although I here address the situation in the UK, parallels sustain throughout the Western world. Hence those of you reading this demonology from beyond these shores may well need to analyze your position and react according to your immediate circumstances.

You can substitute Deep State for NWO if you wish as I am of a mind that they are two different names for the same organism.

Seneca III

Middle England, 23rd May 2017.

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Spot on, Tommy Atkins!

    Q: Will the UK EVER have the spine to administer “Rule .303?”

    It’s down to “us” or “them” blokes.

  2. nonsense.

    the poLICE will save you…

    • Michael Garfield

      @RDG. The moslem murderers have accurately read the Brits. No spine at all.

      Bullshit. Besides, what have you Yanks done in response to 9/11? And I mean ordinary people, not those who govern you? It’s true we have our fair share of liberal lunatics who are hell bent on their own destruction, yet look at the Social Justice Warrior’s reaction in America to Trump being elected President. Am I to judge all Americans by their lunacy? Pull your head out of your arse, and stop believing in the stereotypical Hollywood portrayal of ‘Brits’. If you think we have no spine then you haven’t been paying attention for the past couple of thousand years. Who do you think founded your nation?

      • “…Who do you think founded your nation?…”

        Not to put too fine a point on the answer, but it sure wasn’t Brits: a bunch of ‘farmers with pitchforks’ sent them running home to Queerie George.

        Then we had to bail the Brits out of two wars they were totally unprepared to wage.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          Re: “‘farmers with pitchforks'”

          W/o the assistance of parties from France, Spain, & Poland, the above ‘farmers with pitchforks’ who did such a naughty thing to Hiz Mehjusteh’s Sowljuhz® would’ve eventually been wiped out. I know such ‘heresy’ is disturbing to encounter, but America didn’t come into being ex nihilo no matter how much we wish it did & like it or not we had lotsa hep that we needed BADLY.

          Re: “bail the Brits out of two wars they were totally unprepared to wage’

          Note also that those wars resulted from the games Euros played & that we too were inexcusably unready for friskiness whether domestic or foreign. It IS rather amusing how when the Bwits/our other external detractors get into a spot of bother it’s we ‘uncivilised & unsophisticated’ ‘Yanks’ they squall for to get them out of it. But then we do that as well w/ the difference being that we tend to go bully faster (& w/ less finesse) because we can which, ironically, is exactly how everyone else behaves. How ‘inconvenient’!

      • @MG

        I’m also already hearing from men in America that brit men will do nothing.

        You don’t understand why American men like me talk down about brit men. It’s because of that History.

        My Scots Irish ancestors left the islands in 1750 and later fought on the side of the Revolution. We created a country in spite of the British. But we’re such helpful and forgiving people that we returned in WWI and WWII to save your asses. Can’t let our cousins with bad teeth get butt reamed by the Germans.

        After 9-11 some men like myself actually joined the US military and deployed overseas. Take note that the homeland of Jihad is a lot closer to Britain than the USA. However, there were very few British men actually in the fight. They stayed home and went to soccer games. Sadly I’ve seen stats that show the TA recruited fewer ethnic British reservists compared to the Muslims who volunteered to leave Britain and fight for ISIS.

        I’m hoping brit men can put down their keyboards and pints long enough to take care of their own problem. That would show me you guys have a spine. Or will you wait for the Americans to return and do it for you? Again?

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          “My Scots Irish ancestors left the islands in 1750”

          How droll, almost makes the post-Culloden Clearences seem similar to the retired Brits who’ve moved to Spain & France. Black Watch ring any bells?

          “and later fought on the side of the Revolution.”

          Against, you omitted, many of our kinsmen who allied w/ the English which was replayed in that North/South disagreement in 1861-65 & later in the ‘Indian’ wars period.

          “But we’re such helpful……by the Germans.”

          While I have a deep appreciation of ironic sarcasm, playing fast & loose w/ the nakedly pragmatic facts behind our involvement in said conflicts gives such the appearence of contretemps & thus goes too far. They used us & we used them & we got the better of the deal monetarily & influentially both times, unless, that is, you believe they/our other allies voluntarily gave up their empires.

          “Or will you wait……Again?”

          Given that of late we’ve dragged them into a LOT of BS of ours (just like a certain little Mid-East country who has LOTS of its co-religionists in positions of influence here does) that they should’ve (& would’ve if they had a real choice) refused to join in, your snidery’s a tad much.

          • Cass,

            I’ll repeat myself on this so you can do your own research and catch up to where brit men are today:

            “Sadly I’ve seen stats that show the TA recruited fewer ethnic British reservists compared to the Muslims who volunteered to leave Britain and fight for ISIS.”

            It was the most important point you ignored.

      • Holger Danske

        In response to all of this, Americans bought the guns you couldn’t buy, stocked up on the ammo you only dreamed about, and got professionally trained by those you banned from entering your country…

        • Cassandra (of Troy)

          Holger Danske/23May17@17:07,

          And their state of continued physical disarmament’s THEIR OWN DAMNED FAULT as they, just like FAR too many in the U.S., have faithfully adopted the Eloi philosophy peddled by Theh Bettahs while making only ineffectual bleats about the obvious hypocrisy of those who fed them said BS. Interesting that despite the BrExit kerfuffle & its attendant chest beating about ‘British exceptionalism’ they still remain in close harmony w/ the vast majority of European thought/action which includes being just as dismissive of/hostile to us.

          And btw, Holger, when are you Dansk & the Norge going to re-activate your too long dormant Viking blood & stop aping the suicidal self-degradation of the Svenska?

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Michael Garfield/23May17@14:07,

        “Besides, what have you Yanks……those who govern you?”

        Unlike you VEDDY ‘civiwised’ Bwits, the ‘typically barbaric’ response of LARGE numbers of ‘backward’ Americans to such atrocities is to invest in firearms/accys/ammo/training & get legislation enacted that protects & ensures the individual American’s ability to respond to those who’d commit such acts w/ deadly force DESPITE the vehement objections of LE/politicians/celebrities/media/pathological altruists to the contrary. And should you discount the effectiveness of this strategy, note that unlike over there, those members of The Religion Of Peace® over here who decide to energetically apply their belief system’s tenets on others make it SOP to pick targets ruled by those who agree with/enforce the ‘sophisticated’ Anglo-Euro attitude of passivity & waiting for The Ahthorehtehs to sort things out. Unless, that is, said ‘Enlightened’ are the objects of enthusiastic obstreperousness, THEN the attitude’s that Gen. LeMay had toward the Japanese.

        Perhaps instead of indulging the well known Bwitwit habit of reflexively attacking Americans for their ‘inconvenient’ correctness when your ‘superiah’ methods fail, you may in future find it more profitable to reflect on if not reprise Ol’ Winnie’s counsel on effectively dissuading ruffians. After all, old pot, such ‘atrocious’ behaviour IS how you got that Bloody Mahvahlus Empiah you once had, royt?


  3. Another terror attack in Manchester England. Had enough yet?

    These white cuck’s sending their “love and prayer”! Feeble whites doing what they do best, spending time and energy on shit that will not help or make any difference once stinking bit.

    Entertainers are saying “I have no words”. Fucking seriously? you have no words? A god damned muslim detonated a bomb outside a concert and killed a bunch of people and you have no words? After all these attacks in the name of the religion of peace? Fuck you!

    These multi-culturalist, antifa, lgbt-what-fucking-evers, liberals, know who you are. You have blood on your hands for these events. I wish I could be the one to pull the trigger at your execution.


    I remember the old B/W movies from WWII: “There will always be an England!” NOT! Get ready to start receiving the white, British refugees and ex-pats. Since their syphilitic, craven, pedophile-enabling government will not help them, I am sure many are ready to vote with their feet.

    • Michael Garfield

      DWEEZIL THE WEASEL. Nope, I’m going nowhere. I’d no more leave my country to a pack of 7th century cretins than you’d leave yours.


        Mr. Garfield: Thank you, sir! I sincerely hope that the spirit of Waterloo and Trafalgar is not dead. God Bless you and yours! I wish I could ship you my Ishapore Enfield. Bleib ubrig.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Michael Garfield/23May17@14:09,

        And how, praytell, are you/similar stalwarts going to effectively refuse eviction w/o the means/numbers to do so? Family experience from the northwest of your island post-1745 in addtn to similar aftermaths arising from encounters w/ Brits in Polynesia & Andrew Jackson’s acts in Georgia lead me to seriously doubt how successful you/similar will be.

  5. Government leaders: it’s not a holy war. Me: STFU yes it is.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Many are ready to vote with their feet !
    Don’t come here you craven fucks, we have enough
    liberal surrenderphobes here already, we don’t
    need any more.
    We have bailed your ass out twice now, won’t be any more.
    Swim or sink !

    • kay_de_leon

      I beg to differ. If and when the English decide they’ve had enough, I’d go over on my own dime and with my own gear. I don’t imagine I’d be alone in that willingness, either.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        1. If the situation was reversed & it was we who were in the dire straits they are, do you really expect them to altruistically come over here & help us fight our fight? From what I’ve seen/heard/read/experienced, the Erinese/Welsh/Scots/English have little affection for us over here & it doesn’t take much to get them to express their antipathy.

        2. Given your alleged zeal for Auld Anglia & knowing the gravity of their situation, why dost thou wait? Get ye hence thither forthwith & instruct those who’ll need the martial knowledge you possess as others w/ such experience do here. But before you/similar neo-Eagle Squadroniers make your travel arrangements, you might find it worth pondering why the innumerable former members of the RA/PR/RM/SAS w/ recent combat time who’re also well aware of the ever declining state of the U.K. haven’t created groups like DTG/MDT/Mosby/MV/et al so as to prepare the Faithful for the long struggle to reclaim their homeland. If such’s occurring it’s either an intensely well guarded secret or it ain’t hapnin atall, then again, it may be that the current/former mil have plans already in place to re-create the Home Guard & have them deal w/ the civvy end while the pros address the ‘loyal’ milpers/LE/Security services.

  7. B Woodman

    Trustworthy friends.
    Cricket bats.
    Dark clothing.
    Dark night.

    Some assembly required.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      B Woodman/23May17@12:35,

      I was about to add sharpy/pointies until I remembered that such items have been Officially deemed fah too naughty for the natives to possess, but there is however an alternative that requires only the lowly shovel, suitable transport, an appropriately desolate locale, & silence. The Brits also happen to be islandic w/ a well established fishing industry that provides them w/ wonderful opportunities for unconventional marine entrepreneurism.

  8. There is only one way to stop Islam from murdering our children KILL. THEM. ALL. Everything else is bullshit and meaningless talk.

  9. Michael Garfield

    @The Usual Suspect. Oh dear, another myopic Yank who spouts the usual ‘we saved your asses’ bullshit. Haven’t you got anything new to say? It was the Allied Forces who won the war, not solely American ones – or are you under the pathetic impression that everyone else stopped fighting and dying when America entered the war? All those soldiers, American or otherwise, were brave men who gave their lives for a free world, and morons like you are a disgrace their memory. Thankfully I don’t revert to blanket insults concerning Americans, I just insult ignorant cretins like you. I could point out that, on the face of it, you had your asses kicked by poorly equipped Vietnamese peasants, but I’ll leave such childish nonsense to the likes of you. You judge us all as liberals who are willing to surrender to the scum in our midst, yet judging by the reaction to Trump being elected President I would say you had a fair few morons of your own. Using your benchmark and pure ignorance of a people, I could judge Americans in the same manner yet I won’t. I’ll leave that ignorant shit to fools like you, who think patriotism and pride mean that they have to insult someone else’s nation – and the nation that founded yours no less. Trying thinking a little further back than 1776 and a little more forward than the end of your nose, cretin. The Usual Suspect? No, the predictable twat, unfortunately.

    • Dude, what history books have you been reading? The rest is debatable but the idea that the US didn’t fund virtually the entire war effort and kept you from speaking German is not borne out by fact. Over half a trillion in loans and free shit (inflation adjusted) got dumped on the U.K. not to mention the enormous transfer from the Commonwealth as a whole. The Russians also lost about half your country’s worth of people fighting on the western front. Doesn’t really matter, we’re on the same side here, arguing about bygones isn’t going to keep a black flag out of 10 Downing Street. I dunno what to tell you, I lived there for 5 years and hated the food but liked the history and y’all aren’t so bad. The lack of any real way to defend yourselves certainly complicates things. I’d be making logistical contacts to obtain necessary items should the need arise. Some of y’all still got some sand, but I certainly am not confident in an outcome one way or the other.

  10. The English will keep dying and their politicians will DEMAND that they keep dying to prove their ‘tolerance’ and unwavering fealty to the slogan “Diversity is our strength!”. Watch for threats of hate-speech charges to emanate from Parliament for those who publicly denounce the muslim menace…..

  11. Anonymous

    LIMP preaches self-loathing, self-denial, and collectivism with the priests in charge, like every other religion. Nothing new there.

  12. Normally, the open exchange of ideas that goes on in these discussions is a good thing. Perhaps that will be the case here too – in some future history book. For now though we have to guard our comments because we all know who else is reading them and we secretly worry if we’ve crossed some red line and can expect a knock on the door in the middle of the night.

    I’ve been reading these articles and the comments that follow and have noticed that as the terrorist attacks increase so too does the apparent anger of the readers who comment. More and more frequently we see thinly-veiled threats to “kill ’em all,” meaning all Muslims.

    There are a couple of things we should take from these threats: a) Considering the insecurity of our electronic communications, anyone who makes such statements is probably a government troll or too stupid to accomplish what they suggest, and b) the real threat to Muslims isn’t making comments in public..

    There will be blood and – at least here in the U.S. it will be mostly Muslim blood. Here we have people who remember (dimly) that lynching was an acceptable tactic for keeping others in line. I’m 83 and I remember a lynching and it wasn’t in the South and the man on the end of the rope wasn’t black! Of course now we have more high-powered rifles than in those days so Bracken’s story about quelling a riot from the back of a pick-up might be a better way to do it, but the psychology is much the same and as the bombings increase so will the threats and so will the quiet determination of the various lynch mobs.

    We do live in interesting times!

  13. The Usual Suspect

    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, Man up or shut up, you have mudslimes
    coming out your ass.

  14. Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ are about to start flowing.

    My American brothers should understand that from the fall of France in 1940 to the invasion of the USSR more than a year later, Britain stood ALONE against Hitler. If the Brits owe us, it is also true that we owe them. And don’t forget the poor Russians, oppressed by their own murderous dictator. Without them and the Eastern Front it is highly unlikely that we could have beat the Germans. Maybe with the Atom Bomb? Who knows.

    Anyway, I do hope the Brits get their act together, assemble some lamp post ornaments with rope and LeftProg pols, and nail the baby raping muslim slime to the telephone poles.

    • Mr. Frosty

      So the British stood alone against Nationalists defending their nation and stood strong with the communists to ensure our present state. You’re proud of this?

      Seriously, would any of this be happening if Hitler won?

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    Guess someone will have to make an updated, Islamic version of “18 Brits” now.

  16. so long as the Jew Central Bank owns the political class, the borders – American and European – will stay open, and the Muslims (Blacks, Mestizos) will keep on invading and killing us on behalf of their (((Masters))). Kill all the ragheads (Blacks, Mestizos, White collaborators) you want. It will change nothing. It’s the Jewpower that has to be broken. Permanently.

    • Mr. Frosty

      Exactly. Jews are the AIDS, the muds are merely the opportunistic infections.

      -80% of Jews consider themselves liberals
      -80% of the first Soviet government were Jews
      -Every single Jewish organization supports unlimited muslim refugees for Christian nations and zero refugees for Israel.
      -90% of the anti-White, anti-Christian Western media is owned and run by Jews.
      -AIPAC is the most powerful lobby in Washington, so, we have soldiers deployed in the Middle East fighting Israel’s enemies. We have no soldiers defending our southern border.

      Yes, it’s the Jews, grow some balls and speak the obvious truth.

    • Oh no, it’s much easier to hate the approved groups. Most dirt people are just as mind-controlled as the libtards. They too respond to stimuli tailored for their psych parameters which have been studied and refined by the priest class nigh on 5,000 years.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        the masses don’t understand a little basic Psychology 101 goes a long way in controlling them. They really are too dumb to understand who and what pulls their strings, and even when shown the how and why of it, they ignore it and go right back to their basic default position, which is stupid and controllable.
        I believe mankind has passed it’s apex, and is headed back to the stone age, riding their forefather’s laurels as their own badge of accomplishment.

  17. Paraclete

    Well…it seems to me, since the Empire won’t take matters in hand…
    Rather, they desire to hold vigils and candle light what have you events…
    Maybe the IRA, and other like minded groups, will start plying their trade against the invaders…It’s a war, the invader declared it…it’s past time
    to stand fast, then do what needs to be done.

    • IRA won’t be helping. Now they are a depressing collection of alcos, romantics and drug dealers. Some great operatives but they were a plaything of Brit intel just like ‘muj , brotherhood, al CIAda and Isis were / are the muslim legion of ‘western’ intel.
      BTW , Gerry Adams made his first overseas trip to attend commie congress in South Africa. ‘Nuff said.

      • Paraclete

        Well that’s sad to hear…I guess I was referring to the fighting spirit
        of folks who’ll resist and fight…probably should’ve used a better
        subject for illustration…oh well I think the point was made…

  18. The Usual Suspect

    True that, until the International Jewish banking Cartel is hounded
    to hell and destroyed in detail the wars of greed and power will
    continue to plague civilization.

    The plague of Islam will continue regardless of the Jewish Banker
    schemes, implemented by the ruling class traitors in the individual
    countries across Europe.

    Since Europeans are effectively disarmed they have no recourse
    but to get used to it.

    Princess Di could not be reached for comment.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      To be fair, other than the Hindus now and again, it’s not like anyone else is running out pulling counter-terror attacks on Muslims. Some governments blow shit up, but most populations just sit there and take it.

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  20. SemperFi, 0321

    Everyone is still chasing the wrong squirrels.
    Some folks refuse to learn, actually, most of them. Or is it a combination of denial and refusal? For most of you, the brainwashing is bone deep.

  21. Sad day for WRSA. Why are we here?


  22. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

    Islam must be brought under control, if not, must be eliminated…

  24. A few comments up:

    To be fair… well, I’ll just quote WRSA’s current header:

    The so-called ‘freedom movement’ has failed tactically, strategically, and intellectually in its stated mission to preserve and restore individual freedom in the former United States of America.

    Thus endeth the dick measuring contest… LMAO!

    But, but, but…

    Personally… I’m surprised The Orb didn’t predict this… LMAO.

  25. Are they trying to contact Mordoor for fresh instructions? 😉

  26. Great header. Nobody wants freedom … only their own version of Collectivism. Totally depressing.

    • With respect to Brits … RDG has it about right … no spine.

      Why? Because we have no Principles. Democracy has no interest in Principle; its interest is solely in numbers.

      I’ve been a Brit for 60 years, and I feel qualified to tell you that this people is deeply, deeply Collectivist. They adore the institutions of State … police, army, the NHS. This veneration strips the individual of his autonomy, such that he cannot conceive of action outside the framework of the State. Thus, the Brit is simply INCAPABLE of responding to external threat.

      You’ll see them, waving their flags and singing, “never, never, never, shall be slaves.” And, it’s all bullshit. I would wager that few people in history have ever experienced a greater level of subjugation. I’m not even sure that “subjugation” is the right word, because it’s not really imposed externally. It’s voluntary servitude. That’s what makes it so utterly despicable.

      As to arms. I reiterate that the “guns don’t matter”. Because no-one has any desire to use them. Brits and Europeans were NOT disarmed. It was wholly voluntary. As far as I’m aware, there has been not a single instance of resistance.

      We ARE the Eloi.