His Nickname Was Panda

Pravda-On-The-Potomac Editors Pre-Emptively Poo-Poo Seth Rich/Wikileaks Disclosures

Donna Brazile Asks PI Who’s “Snooping” Into Seth Rich Murder Investigation

Kim DotCom Promises DNC/Seth Rich Disclosures On Tuesday

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  1. Takin’ flak?….. Over your target.

    • hey copsucker, where were your poLICE that morning?
      where are your poLICE now?

      answer: when their busy robbing raping and murdering innocents, there’s no time to investigate any real crime.

      fuck the corrupt pigs and their corrupt just us system.

      Here are the reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, May 19, 2017:

      Orleans County, New York: Two deputies were charged with larceny and falsifying records involving double-dipping while working at a private security firm. ow.ly/nCr930bS0dC
      Snohomish County, Washington: A now-former deputy pled guilty to reckless driving and endangerment for an on-duty crash that cost a man his legs. ow.ly/BEkt30bS0px
      Update: Jackson County, Mississippi: A deputy pled guilty to having sex with female inmates while he was on duty. A second deputy was indicted for the same crime. ow.ly/gGOs30bS1qb
      Update: Cape Coral, Florida: An officer was found guilty of DUI for crashing into a home, during which she was seriously injured. She was sentenced to probation and now an internal investigation is underway. ow.ly/pjqr30bS5gV
      San Antonio, Texas; An officer was suspended 45 days for disabling his body camera. He was suspended an additional day for telling a crime victim that officers hate citizens. ow.ly/jzru30bS5Fv
      Update: Daviess County, Kentucky: A deputy who was suspended after his domestic violence arrest has been fired after violating the protective order stemming from that incident. ow.ly/hGkQ30bS7gb
      Atlanta, Georgia: An officer was fired for using excessive force. The officer was off-duty but directing traffic when he fired into a van and wounding a man inside. ow.ly/4wRd30bS7Wz
      Update: Waterloo, Iowa (First reported 8/4/16): An officer who was acquitted of criminal charges related to an off-duty road rage incident was demoted after an internal investigation. He is appealing. ow.ly/UGtb30bPR8q
      Update: Tulsa, Oklahoma (First reported 8/22/16): An officer was acquitted in the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher. ow.ly/wRso30bPROs
      Update: Balch Springs, Texas (First reported 5/1/17): The now-former officer charged with murder for shooting Jordan Edwards previously tased a handcuffed man. Body camera footage of the incident has been released. ow.ly/73B930bPUiV
      Maryland Transportation Authority: An officer pled guilty to theft for stealing from the police union as president. He is slated to be sentenced August 28. ow.ly/p5xg30bPYH7
      Claycomo, Missouri: An officer was arrested with his wife for submitting fraudulent opioid prescriptions in Kansas City. ow.ly/95Uq30bPZXC
      Memphis, Tennessee: An officer was arrested for pushing and choking his wife while he was intoxicated. ow.ly/85p930bQ0CI
      Update: Wheeling, Ohio (First reported 11/17/16): A now-former officer pled guilty to sexual abuse of a high school student while he was SRO. She is now his fiancée, though he is in hot water again as he appears to have violated the plea agreement by maintaining contact with her, failing to register as a sex offender, and possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. ow.ly/NtPh30bQ1za

      such fine examples of virtue and righteousness…

      • How’s that bodycount comin, coward?…… That’s what I thought. “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” on you little chickenshit cunt. It AMUSES me. 🙂

        • hey asswipe, there are no cops where i am.

          something you’ll never know because you are poor and will always be poor.

          what’s it like to be a nigger with no future?

          the murkins are a lost cause.

          200 million of you dumb asses need to stop breathing.

  2. When I explain the entire Seth Rich saga to a leftist, I get this blank expression, and then they brush it aside, clearly not wanting to hear it. And in that moment I just want to assault them. I just look at them and I can’t see what they are worth to Liberty. In fact, they are detrimental to my Liberty and my family’s Liberty.


      Word. You might as well be talking to a large rock. But, it has been that way ever since I was a little boy. I can still remember my dad shouting at my grandma, telling her what a crook Frank the Cripple was. She would not hear of it. “He” gave her social security.
      It continued on with Camelot. The True Believers would not even think that their good, Catholic president was hosing hookers and MM. Savage was right. Liberals and Democrats are mentally disordered. Anyone detrimental to my liberty and prosperity is my enemy. I do not speak with them. I avoid them at all costs.

    • I think Sam Adams said it best in 1776.
      “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
      the tranquility of servitude
      better than the animating contest of freedom,
      go home from us in peace.
      We ask not your counsels or your arms.
      Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
      May your chains set lightly upon you,
      and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

      Those words are even (if possible) truer today. We ask NOT your counsels, or your arms.

    • There is no heed for us to define who we are to our enemy.
      We all know who we are and what must be done and where they aim to take this.
      Better they know when they feel the cold hard truth, of our swords in their belly, that moment of truth when all becomes clear.

  3. Epic alt right affirmation events occurring both today and tomorrow. Body parts of children set in motion by the rape refugees today, followed by Kim Dotcom introducing who ‘Russia’ really was, tomorrow. A few months ago I commented here that I thought that Kim Dotcom was involved in wikileaks. I wasn’t so much lucky as I followed my nose. No one had more motive, means, and smarts to pull this off than Kim Dotcom. Kim isn’t so much a hero as he is an internet grifter. His Megaupload site stole billions from the movie makers and rock stars in Hollywood. These are the people who propped up the campaigns of Obama and Hillary and Bill with their hundreds of millions of dollars in donations. Hillary and Comey led the attack that froze all of Kim’s assets in New Zealand. Why he went Honey Badger now, rather than months ago, I don’t know.

    • He had a lot on his plate for awhile it seems. You know the old proverb of vengeance is mine, in this case, a dish best served cold and when the time is right.
      It’s not hard to imagine if the guy could do all he has already to such a degree, he has hedged his bets and got his affairs in order for when the timing is right.
      You have to strike when the iron is hot in this Potemkin Village media construct, things change so swiftly providential moments are occluded in hours and days by the next shining object.

      Look at the bombing in Manchester. Thats just too convenient a distraction. Especially with President Trump oversea’s receiving universal acclaim and tribute from the rest of the world.
      It’s probably good advice to expect a string of just too convenient events, each proceeding in outclassing the next in magnitude and distraction specifically to distract from what is the most existential revelations, namely Pizzagate and Ben Rich, that lead to the truth that can not be permitted to be outed.

      Events and consequences are of such a nature due to the action of the usurpers and destroyers, things have reached a level literally where nothing that happens now are spontaneous unrelated events or happenstance.

  4. Hindsight being 20/20, I think y’all fucked up in affording equal status to the hominids

  5. I’m left to assume the immediate family are ideologues and more than willing to sacrifice their son to The Party. Forward Comrades!!!!!!

  6. They were crapping over a pedo laptop too and what came of that?

    • Who run Bartertown now?

      Trump is 33-0 on cabinet appointments.
      Phase II: Lock Her Up/Build The Wall still waiting in the wings.
      The only question is whether Trump wants to be a one-term aberration, or actually start draining the effing swamp.
      If anyone seriously thought we were going to go from 2017 to 1958 (or 1800) overnight, they’ve got another think coming.

      At my level, it’s pretty much continue to prepare, until you can’t do that anymore, because you’re shooting the bullets faster than you can crank them out of the reloader.

      • Comey is what became of it after the NYPD detectives handed it over to the FBI.

        Here isn excellent accounting of Comey’s political elitist underworld bonafides and why he is who he is. If it happening, and Session’s isn’t somehow compromised into confiscating all of Comey’s files, devices and journal’s in order to keep them from ever seeing the light of day, it will take years to collate and connect everyone involved.

        Between Comey and Weiner’s devices in the hands of Trump Administration personal, if it indeed goes anywhere, I’d say the deep state as it exists is toast. And they know it.
        Expect desperate acts and events to begin like we haven’t seen before if they are to be exposed:

        “There are very few crime/mystery novels that approach this true story for compelling drama, intrigue and brinkmanship (with the nation in the balance).”

  7. Dan Morgan

    Big, headline grabbing terrorist attack the night before a huge Seth Rich revelation.
    Coinsidence ?

  8. Donna Brazile is the housekeeper in the old plantation house that everyone needs to keep an eye on. Not only can Aunt Jemimah steal the silver, she has no qualms about putting poison in your coffee to get at the family safe. This woman is quite capable of bullying, threatening, and destroying anyone to get her way. Sad that the family of Seth Rich is so willing to sacrifice their son on this woman’s altar of hate.

  9. Randall Flagg

    Anybody else find it odd that K.DotCom waited until yesterday to “consult with his attorneys” when he’s supposedly known about this since last July?

  10. They tried to set a trap for us dirt people in the form of White Lives Don’t Matter and Antifa. Both traps failed, because we are people made of virtue and moral fortitude that can not be usurped as easily as a system of government. Our character is stronger than our enemy supposed.
    And we are still armed.
    Don’t forget, this total war being waged against us dirt people, is because we are the dirt people. Don’t forget, as a people all across this great land, we dirt people are literally all that stands in the usurpers way.
    It can not be anything or anybody else, the most obvious truth being, of we where not the bulwark against tyranny we are, why would the usurpers go to the lengths and the ends of the earth to distract, brainwash, deceive, and betray us?
    What would be the point of decades upon years of a fake/false media complex costing billions and billions in treasure to construct and maintain. Why the scale and scope of voting fraud and gerrymander?
    Why use a violent, bloody, homicidal false flag events to herd us, to brainwash us dirt people so we would not recognize, or even know the truth if we saw it?
    Why create a myriad of false enemies, of straw men, of false enemies?
    Why play on our heart strings of patriotism, and send the blood of the treasure of our finest men to their deaths and destruction in foreign lands?
    Why strip mine us dirt people of our intrinsic wealth, indenture us into servitude of debt and desolation of our industrial base and the creative energy of our industriousness?

    Why, if we dirt people, are not the greatest threat and foe of these usurpers and their tyranny, has all this and more been perpetrated against us???

    I know in my dirt people heart, it is because I’m armed. I have the most effective combat arm ever created in the history of warfare and self defense, the combat rifle, and I know, from the history of my forebears, us dirt people are formidable guerrilla fighters, us common dirt people, that among our kind, there resides a quantity of us who can not be stopped, can not be denied, who know in their bones, that they are free men to the end, no matter that end.
    And I know I am among legion, and the one campaign waged incessantly against us dirt people of the west, is we are an extinct breed of dirt people, that nothing could be further from the truth, that we exist, that we are taken as serious as any foe, is proven without a doubt, by the false flag creation of Antfa and White Lives Don’t Matter.
    Us dirt people are being probed for weak spots in our lines, it is reconnaissance by fire, we are being tested, our resolve, our grit, and our virtue is being sampled and studied, for the purpose of developing a final campaign in the final stage of extermination of our race of men of the west.

    But what they have discovered is we dirt people are not as weak as they supposed.
    that after decades and a century, we are not only still here, but we have become stronger in ways nobody suspects. We have become nebulous and insurgent, open source, we are become a nightmare of every warmongers dreams of conquest, a legion scattered across a continent and a land of resources no sane general would dare attempt to subdue, never mind liquidate in entirety.
    And all because of this battle rifle I hold in my hand, and the total resistance to tyranny I hold in my heart, and the knowledge I can never be stopped even if I am killed in my mind.
    That proof is in the pudding, that if I where not legion, events of the day would not be as they are.
    Us dirt people would all already be slaves or dead.

  11. BayouCoyote

    Check out the “Lower GI LGBT Lingo” they’re using here w/a timeline & overhead sat-maps of the crime scene

  12. VooDoo6Actual

    Risible – Farcical – Pathetic – Surreal.

  13. Funny how a terror attack happened to distract everyone from the story

  14. He is nothing more than clickbait.
    Wasn’t Hillary supposed to be in jail now?
    Fatboydotcom has nothing, and she’s not going to spend one second even worrying about jail.
    Effort is better spent elsewhere – hanging your hopes on a person who craves celebrity does not bring good returns.