Kim DotCom DotBombs

ZH article.

Just another unsolved homicide.

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    Kim Dotcom has explosive info … which he’ll release later, to the proper authorities … maybe, if they kiss up to him just right …

    More bogosity.

  2. Another attention whore?

  3. Cunt.

  4. Randall Flagg

    Another showboater. How convenient. A total disinformation/misdirection ploy.

  5. Anonymous

    To the above commentatariat,

    Did it ever cross your mind
    You unimaginative geezers
    That the entire “we wuz Doxx”
    Was a ploy
    In order to see which parties
    Would respond most loudly

    Do you even play chess, bros?

    #WashingtonPost/CIA/Jeff Bezos

    You fuckers couldn’t COINTEL your way out of wet paper sack.

    The reaction by the aforementioned parties is highly indicative of the fact that, under the duress of the threats from Kim DotLardAss and Sean Hannity, these parties felt the need to launch a counter-narrative ASAP, up to and including publishing a list of all of Sean Hannity’ s advertisers.

    Why do this, if it’s all just a fake news/internet conspiracy theory.

    Check yourselves, before you neck yourselves.

  6. Anonymous

    If we DON’T wanna play the COINTEL angle, and examine it for totality of the situation.

    Nunes interview with Wolf Blitzer

    Skip to 2:00

    Key words, “Unmasking. Americans. June”

    Here’s why the Kim statement matters: Kim is a foreign agent of interest. If any American citizen had direct communication with him, it would have been subject to the FISA unmasking ordered by Obama (the same excuse for why Flynn was unmasked). This heavily implies that Seth was unmasked by the Obama admin and resident dems in power. That’s a very powerful implication against the illegal actions of obamarama and Hillary

    See, when people fucking DIE trying to educate the ignorant, it’s rude to question the FEW who WILL, with targets on their backs (like Kim).

    If you doubt Kim, realize it’s one thing to anonymously claim you know shit and it’s another, to be the owner of Megaupload, and actually know shit (like fo’ real).

    The alphas know what he knows. Assange knows. If you twats were worth half the credit you give yourselves, you’d have already questioned what Snowden knows.

    But alas, here we are… 10 months later. You’ve missed so much. Kim’s assets were seized because HIS extradition to the US, is caught on a technicality (((they))) can’t circumvent right now. Megaupload didn’t have the bandwidth, infrastructure, storage and security it did (think of the scale of Twitter, now x2), so you could jerk off to Anchorman II, 9 days before it hit theaters. So, that begs the question, if Megaupload wasn’t just uploading/streaming boots for degenerates, what was ALL THAT infrastructure designed for? Who’d need that kind of edge/firewall power? Who’d need all that up/down bandwidth, storage, remote backups and redundancy? For the love of fucking god, WHO MIGHT BENEFIT FROM offshore storage and security? Who might have SO MUCH SHIT they’d need to securely dump in ONE SHOT?

    Does no one here actually know ANYTHING about how data works? Anyone ever question how 44k+ in e-mails, 17k+ in attachments, including all the images you can’t filter and auto-upload icons you can’t escape in signatures, gets from one place to another?

    Now imagine bigger leaks… like Manning’s. How do you think someone like Assange ends up with all that data. It originates from somewhere right? Please don’t tell me you think people are sending info like this, to people like Assange on a PNY USB stuck in a bubble-lined envelope, covered in 30 stamps, addressed to the embassy. People like Seth, who work with people like Assange, end up working with people like Kim and when people like Kim get involved for the reasons they do, that’s one extra vulnerable copy exposed. Kim has what he needs to make the comment he did today, while legally protecting himself. On top of it, /pol/, we did you another solid. Ironic how the same people who’d benefit from his confirmation which validates your finds (based on your ability to operate a search engine, I mean… let’s get real, you haven’t found anything that hasn’t been sitting out there for 10+ months, waiting to be found), will be just the start of what he has. Kim can prove, 100% that Panda is Rich, Panda was provided secure connections and tunnels through tokens to download and upload his dump, then scrub the tracks he’d leave, as it was done in several pieces. Remember programmers are great at programming, securing and storing the termination of MASSIVE info, isn’t there forte. Interestingly enough… it’s Kim’s.

    Dig into what Megaupload’s “storefront” was. Basically, they hosted/streamed shit, you weren’t supposed to watch or see. Some of that traffic made it’s way over to the US, broke a few copyright laws, but you can’t extradite him on some infringement… so what can they do? They CAN take him out by seizing all of his hardware/liquid assets. This gets them the servers/hard drives they might want to look at if tunnel traces and dead end tokens lead them to generic IP’s back in NZ right before Seth’s station goes dark on the LAN/WAN to purge his first, second or third round of 10-15k+ docs and e-mails…

    You fuckers need to bitch about cops less, and do something other than dickstroke in the comments section. Take a fucking Groundrod Primer from K or something. Jesus Christ.

    • While I don’t know shit, don’t pretend to know shit, I know the truth when I hear it. This resonates with me I belive/think makes the most sense. Thanks for the xplination Anonymous.

      be interesting to see how this plays out.

      Doubt anybody here didn’t recognize this killing for what it is, a hit. A hit that goes to the core of Democratic Party.


      • Anonymous

        I do what I can. I had to bitch slap some kids earlier today with that.

        Look at Sean Hannity’s Twitter. He’s getting his shit pushed in by sock accounts like he’s Trump.

        Ask yourself, aside from say, State actors, WHO has an army of on-line shills?

        If your response was, “DAVID BROCK,” why, you’d be correct.

        This isn’t an accident. They’re not allocating this many resources against Hannity for the giggles and grins…

      • Randall Flagg

        “Doubt anybody here didn’t recognize this killing for what it is, a hit. A hit that goes to the core of Democratic Party.”

        A hit it was; no doubt. But the missing point, what ANON fails to address, is if the whole point of Wikileaks is to impartially* shine sunlight on all, what was the bigger story? That the DNC plotted against the Bern to give the nomination to Hilligula, or PizzaGate, OR that certain w/in the DNC took a direct hit out on the leaker of the aforementioned material? C’mon… that’s a no brainer. So why not dump the INTEL on the hit shortly after it happened? Why sit and wait on it nearly 10 months? For COINTEL? For what purpose? Because the evidence wasn’t strong enough and they wanted to cast a wider net? That’s a tough sell.

        *Unless, of course, Wikileaks is partial to certain interests.

    • Iceni26AD

      Thank you for this. Your understanding, and ability to express your understanding with laser clarity is most appreciated.

  7. Randall, perhaps, however this Is DC Inc, the rules don’t apply to some fancy animals. No answers for you, don’t even know, how I know. But we all know.

    The poopoo won’t solve this, not in their best interests.

    Have you ever noticed just how fast some crimes are solved, and others not!

    From what I’ve read Seth was a red white and blue American, he believed enough that he gave it all. How can one not admire that kind od courage.

    Knowing that the Intel community the DNC, and everybody with a dog in the fight was tracking your every move, intending on putting a bullet in your head for doing the right thing.

    These people are scum.