“Knock & Talk”, My Ass

From Rutherford.

Never ever talk to the police.

As the man said years ago.

16 responses to ““Knock & Talk”, My Ass

  1. The so-called ‘freedom movement’ has failed tactically, strategically, and intellectually in its stated mission to preserve and restore individual freedom in the former United States of America

    Failed premise.

    Beginning with “United States of America”, freedom died; with the corpse hauled out occasionally for vilification & desecration.

  2. “THE RUTHERFORD INSTITUTE stands ready to defend your rights if they are violated by police. Unless, of course, the police kill you while performing the Knock and Talk. Not that it matters, because the courts will back the police’ actions regardless of whether you live or die.”
    Hermann Goring would be so proud.

  3. watch as he copsuckers come out and defend their slave masters.

    fucking pitiful.

  4. Here come the fuz, here come the fuz.

    I’ll leave my comments there since all we do and say is recorded illegally by our rulers for some future verdict.

    Local, lists, zero the glass, bury, build teams and networks.

  5. joelfradbink

    My heart has finally turned to stone — I care not, anymore — if my wife or immediate loved-one is taken I will get “me some”… and then some. If they are not taken I will still get me some

  6. Wow, “tFAGGOT” hasn’t chimed in on this one yet?! That in itself is a fucking miracle……

  7. My front door has a lock, and a window. I do not willy nilly just whack the door open. If you are a stranger, or the cops, I talk to you through the door. Just safer all around; especially reading about all of the innocents killed because some cop is trigger happy. I also prefer my spaniels whole and healthy.


      Absolutely spot on. DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR! Ask them if they have a warrant for your arrest or a search warrant for your premises. If they do not, then tell them to go away. Have your attorney on speed dial.
      You are under no obligation to talk to the police. The only time you are is: 1) You have to make a report to the DMV because you have been involved in a traffic accident where you or someone else has been injured. 2) You are a teacher, nurse, PA, child care professional, Day Care Operator, physician or other educational/health care professional and you observe obvious signs of child abuse.
      Keep in mind that most agencies now have body cams and ANYTHING you say or gesture you make will be recorded. I would imagine the only time these body cams “malf” is when they are just about to taze or beat the S**T out of you. Avoid them, if at all possible. Bleib ubrig.

    • Thankyou for a sensible comment.

      Banging on your door at night or day? Nothing puts the plod on the back foot like an alpha male voice shouting “identify yourself”.

      Do that and they’ll know they’re not dealing with a criminal or a bitch, doomsday prophesies of inevitable police butchery aside.

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    They knock you on your head and then see if you can talk your way into convincing a judge and jury that they shouldn’t have. Seems pretty reasonable.

  9. Dont answer the door – period. Be prepared to defend your castle. Let the chips fall. As the graf says, be it you to answer “the call” not your chillens or gran chillens. Force met with force – either we live as our castle is or if isnt. Harden your hearts and minds brothers – harden your hearts and minds. Resist – by any means. Solzenitsen (sp) and his Gulag murmurs are regrets to be heeded.

  10. I have a plan to “repel boarders”, and so should you.

  11. 1. Don’t open the door.
    2. Don’t answer the knock at all.
    3. Period.

    If you don’t answer, then no one is home.

    They either get tired of beating their knuckles and go away, or illegally provoke the load of buckshot in the face a subsequent forcible entry will assuredly get in response.

    Game Over.

    And that isn’t just theory, I’ve played this game half a dozen times.
    It seems once a dirtbag is listed at your address from prior tenancy, they never bother to update their database. This is doubly true of fuckwit bail agents and process servers.

    When stopped by the po-po while out and about, you’re required to identify yourself.
    When inside you’re home, you’re not required to respond to fuck-all. Whatsoever.
    So don’t.

    (A note on the door that advises that loud or prolonged knocking may trigger your PTSD flashbacks from Nam/the Sandbox/your time in the CIA, in a grab-a-gun-and-point-it sort of way isn’t a bad plan either.)

    It also helps if they can’t see inside, can’t hear you at all, and would need several minutes with tools to get through the front door in the first place, not least of which because there’s a security screen, an alcove, and a barred reinforced high-security door between inside your house and the front step.

    There’s also nothing illegal (though it might piss off the neighbors at 2AM)about putting a police siren attached to a 100W or better loudspeaker
    over your door, behind a tamper-proof metal grille, with a switch inside for you to turn it on. There’s nothing like melting their fillings and letting them think they triggered your burglar alarm to encourage a tactical retreat. It’s also funny as hell.

    If your door is more like that of a bank vault, or a medieval fortress with gatehouse and portcullis, so much the better.

    And along with “No Trespassing” signs, a proper door mat is icing on the cake.
    These are good:

    This one is NOT:

    a) It pisses them off, while inviting an escalation of response.
    b) Which they can, and may very well, do.
    c) And now they can come right on in.
    d) And then they’re inside your house. And pissed off.

    • And here’s the quintessential case in point for the Bad Idea File:

      The police are always playing Hide-N-Seek with criminals.
      Your job is to change the game when you’re concerned, to one of Hide-N-Go-F*ck-Yourself.

      Choose wisely.

    • Also, if you have automagic lawn sprinklers that can be triggered from inside the house, and you set them to douse the front walk, entry landing, and any contiguous sidewalk heavily, turning them on for unexpected doorbell company is both legal and hilarious.

  12. Security should not begin at your front door.

    Secure thy curtilage.