New Woodpile’s Here!


3 responses to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. The Usual Suspect

    ” Who wants to grow up to be a drag queen ” ?
    We have reached the apex of debauchery and the parents
    ‘ especially the mothers ‘ are extremely enthusiastic
    about the mind mangling of their children .
    The horror !
    They should all have their vaginas sewn up, w/wire.

  2. Anybody read Remus’s link to Alex Jones, that linked story being about Alex Jones being an acorn that has not fallen far from the CIA tree?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Just goes to show, being anyone’s groupie is a dumb thing to do, no matter who they are.
      Learn to think for yourself, use your own brain instead of borrowing someone elses.