Suarez On Manchester

With a discussion of pre-emptive remedies.

Diversity + proximity = war.

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  1. Randall Flagg

    Your country may be in trouble when… Morrisey is making more sense than anyone else in the room…

  2. Well stated,Truthful. The pic, is a head fake. Wolves do not fear these guys, they fear what they don’t see. An armed and trained citizen, with their head on a swivel.

    Tic Toc.


  3. Don’t think this won’t happen here again. In spades. Europe does have gun control. It isn’t that easy to get an AK there. Not so here. I see them at the gun show buying AK’s, and AR’s. They have plenty of money and plenty of them are Amerikan citizens and can legally buy a truck load of guns and ammo. And they are. There are dozens of ‘ethnic compounds’ all over this country. Not counting a hundred thousand garages. Obama brought in at least a 100k completely unvetted rape refugees. One of them already massacred a room full of my brothers work mates in San Berdoo. At my former security job, I was told a year ago that the FBI was getting no sleep. The threat already here in Amerika is beyond belief. They could easily field 20 five man teams with AK’s to visit 20 different malls or concerts in one night. I have two close neighbors that are Muslim and they are the greatest folks in the world. Probably 2 thirds of all muslims are great. But that one third equals to hundreds of millions of jihadists. Minimum 20k already here.
    Keep your guns holstered, but keep um real fuckin handy from here on out. Ramadan is in 5 days.

    • Religon of Peace

      “I have two close neighbors that are Muslim and they are the greatest folks in the world. Probably 2 thirds of all muslims are great.”

      Lmao! Sure they are that’s why they are speaking out against your other third and doing things to stop their fellow maniacs. I wonder what they really think and say when your not around. If I have learned anything is the extremist wants to cut your head off and your so called great Muslims wants the extremist to cut your head off. It’s this thinking that will be the end of us.


        Word. Years ago I had great neighbors who had a Pit Bull who was: “the nicest dog on the block.” I never went into their yard without my .38 Chiefs Special(125gr nyclad +P) in my pocket.

      • “Lmao! Sure they are that’s why they are speaking out against your other third and doing things to stop their fellow maniacs.”

        same can be said about cops….

    • Rainman said:
      “…I have two close neighbors that are Muslim and they are the greatest folks in the world. Probably 2 thirds of all muslims are great…”

      #1. Moslems are not the friends of kuffar; they can be ‘friendly’ (walk onto any car dealer lot, the dealer walking out to you will be friendly..doesn’t mean he’s your friend)..they are to use being friendly to ingratiate themselves into non-moslem cultures and then deceive them as to their true motives and goals via taqyiaa (lying for the ummah/mohammed) and kitman (deceit in the service of islam). moslems don’t make friendships with kuffar; they are explicitly forbidden to do so by their ‘perfect man’ mo.

      2. If they REGULARLY attend a mosque and dress in islamic clothing (especially if the man sports an ‘Abe Lincoln’ beard and male islamic headgarb as Matt Bracken calls it) they are orthodox moslems that are quietly flaunting their adherence to sharia law to the kuffar.

      3. If they do not actively and openly speak out against jihad, sharia law, the desecration of women through fgm, murder by family members for not being islamic enough, wife beating or gender apartheid all decreed by mohammed or speak openly of how evil mohammed was and that he wasn’t a prophet at all but a mass murderer, child rapist and charlatan, then their silence must be taken as a proof that they are fully part of the ummah and accept sharia law in its entirety.

      Consider the above as ‘Having the talk’ as Derbyshire would refer to it.
      Anyone who has moslems living in close proximity to them should definitely note point #2 and verbally engage them on point #3 (make sure to be armed and aware of surroundings first), the moslems reactions when queried will tell you what you’re dealing with.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty! – furthermore islam MUST be destroyed!
      NorthGunner III

      • “(walk onto any car dealer lot, the dealer walking out to you will be friendly..doesn’t mean he’s your friend)..they are to use being friendly to ingratiate themselves ”

        same can be about cops…

    • Randolph -good riddance of the muslims- Scott

      When the evil scum does that it will be open season on the muslims. No .le or .mil will stop the massacre of the evil ones.

  4. Well, hell… The obvious answer is State control over every aspect of your life. Submit to the random anal exam, any time, any place. Submit! Submit! SUBMIT! Its what free men do!

  5. Relying on police (even undercover) or the military to protect us is not only ineffective, it is a recipe for a police state, for tyranny. Only an armed populace can be present in time to respond to such attacks.

    Even that might not be enough in the current climate of liberals who would sue – or local prosecutors and liberal judges who would charge and convict (respectively) anyone who shot and stopped a member of that protected group – the followers of the Religion of Peace™. It might be difficult to get most people to draw and shoot such terrorists if they know they and their families will be pauperized by having to defend themselves in court.

    I had a discussion with a fellow on a Glock list who was reluctant to consider responding with lethal force back when Giffords – and a six year old little girl – were shot and killed in Tucson. I couldn’t imagine a male with even only one testicle refusing to shoot to defend a little girl (Giffords? Well, that might be a different story) and said so, which caused him to flame out.

    A carrier on scene, especially with a CCW permit, should be the appropriate response to muslim scum like this piece of filth. I can understand being worried about the whole prosecutor/court thing, but not enough to watch children and/or women die, or to refuse to kill – excuse me – “stop” the SOB responsible, if you were unable to keep him from doing it in the first place.

  6. Edit of the above: Gifford was not killed, although the little girl (and a few others IIRC) was killed.

    • Grenadier1

      And there was someone in the crowd at that speech that was carrying. Just having a firearm does not make you a fucking hero. You not only have to have the will to do it but you also have to have the opportunity. Gabe has a very good blog post and there should be a whole thread over at Warrior Talk about this. Its something covered there a number of times.
      Its very easy to armchair quarterback someone after the incident and say “you should have done this, or I would have done this”, truth of the matter is that we cannot say for sure that given the same situation that we would specifically have done things different.
      I think I would have engaged the shooter at the Gifford speech, however that would have depended on if my family was present and were they in the most immediate danger or if I only had myself to look out for. My first duty is to my family and so getting them to safety might have been the better option. It could have been that engaging the bad guy was the best way to do that but it also very well could have been that the bad guy was constantly being obscured by others from a clean shot and that if I had shot I might possibly have hit someone else.
      You just dont know. Thats not to say that someone on site and armed is NOT the best deterrent, it is. Its just to say that you cant second guess someone for not drawing and shooting.

  7. anonymous

    ‘Getting Used To It’ and ‘Preparing For It’ are two entirely different things. The former meaning knowing it will happen again, the latter meaning we know how to deal with it when it does.

  8. A people that are accustomed to being culled every so often are already a dead people…

    Money quote

  9. The men with guns always show up AFTER the murderers do what they do. Otherwise they have guns to keep the victims unarmed for the next time the murderers make their “pro choice” selection of victims.

  10. Dan in Ohio

    It’s difficult to take ANYTHING that fired cop & workers comp fraud Gabe Suarez writes seriously!

    • Grenadier1

      Dont start this bullshit here buddy.


      Dan: Look at the message and not the messenger. Suarez will never be able to live that down. And, for what it is worth, he’s not the first CA cop who has gone out on a bogus medical. Also, ask the prosecutor who filed the charges why Suarez was allowed to cop a plea. Whatever he did in the past is past. If he can teach me how to correctly “run-and-gun” with my AK, then he is worth something.
      I will never socialize, correspond, pay to go to his schools, or spend $900.00 on his new, tricked-out 870. However, I can still learn from the video which was given to me and what I see on You Tube. It is getting to the point in this country where indeed, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  11. Even a broken clocks correct twice a day. Don’t know surez personally. Why does it take a ” expert” to see and understand the truth, the direction?

    “They” have already won!.when a nation can’t see the solution thru the fluff. When a nation, or worse yet nations, muzzle THEIR, people, and not those responsible, THEY have achieved their stated goal.

    Solutions? Their’s only one real solution.


  12. Jimmy the Saint

    At some point, shouldn’t there be a serious discussion about counter-terror? The ones actively seeking martyrdom won’t care if they get clipped – they’re still shaheed. The folks who support martyrdom operations without being willing to undertake them themselves – they care very much if they get it.