The Correct Answer And Its Antithesis

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  1. other than local organization and agitation, there is nothing substantial to be done until the runs out of debt-based goodies to buy off the “I’m OK with this” majority. Which, in western Europe and America, currently stands @ c. 70%. Including approx. half of the Whites.

    in the meantime, for the terminally bored, there is always the Propaganda of the Deed. Feel free, sovereign individuals.

    • Only a fool could blame a “Jew” for a Muslim Terror attack on European children.

      • Only a fool would post a comment with a 20 year deficit in knowledge.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Like I keep saying, the brainwashing is bone deep. They can’t help themselves, being an apologist for someone you don’t even know has become second nature to many. Defend anyone and everyone, guilty or not, but stand up for them…….. just before they kill you.

    • Sure there is “shit needs doin'”. Live happy. Don’t let yourself become “t-fat”…..

  2. David Burge: Terrorist collaborator.

  3. Hopefully sooner than later.
    No running, bad knees.


      Word. I have run all I am going to run. I’m too old and too arthritic. The DCM Garand gets a work-out this W/E.

      • I went with the M1A.

      • Mine was too worn on the muzzle gauge.
        The Kreiger GI profile Is on it now.
        1943 Springfield. Korea and WW2.
        155 Nosler CC over 4064 or 4895 in Lapua brass.

        It is definitely more satisfying to hit steel with the old warrior than with my HBAR .
        You can really hear the extra energy on target.

        Same for my M39 Finnish Commie Killer.

  4. But but but …. vote with your feet! That’s what the so-called freedom loving patriotic crowd has been saying and doing for years.

    • That’s right . We who held tough in Cumhole run NY were scorned a few years back when Safe act was ‘passed’. No guns were turned in , no one was rounded up and the half-dozen arrests were mostly cop-suckers trying to be uber well behaved sheep. Freedom is a state of mind not a state.

    • “But but but…vote with your feet!”

      That’s exactly what the moslems have been doing for decades courtesy of their collectivist enablers and their Saudi and other moslem financial backers. It’s called the ‘Hijra’ and its been slowly and silently successful both in Europe and here (Dearbornistan, Lewiston, Maine as well as Minnesota to name just a few..not to mention Twin Falls in ‘Rawlesland’).

      Where there are moslems and their occupying fort/mosque, they WILL grow their numbers for the ummah and gather strength..and slowly start implementing sharia law..count on it!

      Anywhere they settle in non-moslem lands they are a fifth column insurgency against the pre-existing culture and people.

      Enoch Powell and Blackjack Pershing were right!

      ALL moslems MUST be removed permanently from all non-moslem countries asap and never allowed back in! All mosques and madrassas must be demolished and pig offal sown in the ruins!

      Think I’ll take my Fal out for practice..the target being a koran..time to make it a truly ‘holey’ book!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers and supporters MUST be destroyed!
      NorthGunner III

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    For shame! Iowahawk left out the critical step of singing “Imagine”.

  6. robins111

    They’d damn well better get bigger candles for these ludicrous victim memorials because the ones they’re using don’t do nothing

  7. Been pointing this out for years, particularly to all the “heroes” who “voted with their feet”, and turned a red state blue here in less than a generation.

    So, how’s that strategy of run and hide working out for y’all in the other 49?
    Just wondering.

    The greater point should have been that we were done running in 1603, or whenever you or your ancestors got off the boat here. Which was the entire point in the first place.

  8. Yet.
    As someone who moved from socialism-lite to full-bore socialism, your crowing about the view from the fall on the way to the ground is comedy genius.

  9. As regards the opening meme: You are training the next generation, right?