Enabling Murder

(Her name was Ebba. She was 11.)

A reminder that it is the predominantly-white, non-Muslim politicians of the West that have loosed the scourge of Islam upon all of us.

How are those non-partisan elected/appointed official accountability files coming along?

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  1. The politicians enabling this fuckery and much much worse fuckery are the problem. ALL OF THEM. They have enabled the financial rape of several generations of Americans. They have facilitated endless wars for profit costing precious American blood. They have enriched themselves through corruption at the public trough while Americans starved and became homeless. Had enough yet America?


      Tom: Those of us here have had quite enough. The Amerikan Sheeple, not so much. After my heave-ho from a local high school up here in Rawles Land, I can tell you that the cancer of political correctness and syphilitic, craven behavior on the part of parents(especially men) has metastasized throughout the land. I am convinced after years of life experience that all politics is local. It starts with the School Boards. Remember Hitler’s comment: “…we already have your children.”

      • As Hitler was the government, your federal government has your schools. And Law Enforcement. And lawyers. And judges.

  2. a follower

    A much needed reminder. And whom do they serve?

  3. Those two photos placed next to each other say more than all the words ever spoken on the subject.

    • And yet the media refuses to show any photos that demonstrate clearly the horror, and the real danger the islamists pose to Western civilization and Christian culture.

      Somehow, we’re too delicate to see the blood and the brains and the crushed children who testify against the barbarians. In covering it up, hiding it, and sweeping it under the rug, the media and the government are complicit in the crime.

      The intent is to whitewash so we keep swallowing the poison until it reaches lethal levels, and then, it will be too late – if it is not already.

  4. Virgil Kane

    Because there are so many “hate crimes” against Muslims.

  5. The words of Virginia Dare are frightfully close to the truth. Hitler and Charley Manson both thought they did nothing wrong ( At least Ted Bundy knew and admitted he was a scumbag). I had some hope after Trump was elected. That is all gone now. How the left and the neo cons can explain away the last 50 years of islamic slaughter (starting with Bobby Kennedy) is beyond all logic. If the splattering of children like Sophie Rose of Manchester and Etta from Stockholm Doesn’t get our leaders screaching mad, they are no better than the jihadists who did the killing. Both groups, the progressives-neocons and the jihadists, have no problem explaining away the slaughter of children. Howard Beale from the movie Network has the answer. First thing we gotta do is get mad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_qgVn-Op7Q. Our progressive leaders have become what they set out to extinguish, mass murderers.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” Our progressive leaders have become what they set out to extinguish, mass murderers.”

      They never set out to extinguish mass murder. They just promised that this time, they’d kill the right people, and regular folks wrongly assumed that it meant someone other than them.

  6. Jim Klein

    In my personal life, I’ve been an enabler in the past…and a pretty bad one at that. It all came together and I was able to change when I learned about co-dependency…super important concept, and true. Knowledge is power.

  7. Grenadier1

    Its close. There will be a reckoning and it will not be nice.

    • Don’t hold your breath. In addition to the candlelit vigils, the British men gathered in the street and got drunk and sang insults to ISIS.

      Maybe they’ll start killing them next time?

      Probably not. They have no balls, and no manhood left and even their women know it.

      Look at the bold response from the men of Rotherham, after the islamists gang raped their daughters for years with impunity……the response of course was to do nothing so as not to offend the raping pigs.

  8. Hang the Royal Family. Traitors to the English people.

  9. VooDoo6Actual

    One big Goat Rope Circus etc. stalling …. diverting …. distracting …… disrupting …. deterring until the planned Economic Collapse.

    All of the Politicians complicit in this manufactured Terrorism & “HIJRAH” conspiracy know that:

    Religions are full of dis / mis information & misinterpretations –
    Fundamentalism (especially Radical & Moderate Islam Fundamentalism) is second hand thinking when someone tells you how to think & what to think. That’s called FAITH. FAITH means abdicating your right to think for yourself. It means that you accept some else’s ideas opposed to being an independent critical thinker.
    Things that are symbolic & don’t necessarily have to be literal.

    The Brain is the least used Organ of the Human Species. The lack of proper education causes people to use they’re Brain’s less than ever before & accept programmed conscious ignorant fundamentalism. Rome perfected that & long already proven.

    Humanity already bought the ticket now enjoy the ride.

    We are witnessing a bigger global governance system conspiracy & coverup.

  10. Re: We’re basically ruled by trial killers.

    Almost. The correct term(s) is (are) psychopath/sociopath.

    The higher up the “political ladder”, the more likely to be psychopath (no conscience).

    Think of WHY someone wants to be in high government position……(even local government). Question ANYONE who wants power.

  11. The real truth of financing the current muslim invasion of the west. Jews have been murdering Christians for 2,000 years.

    • Grenadier1

      The logical fault of your little theory here is that if the Muslims become so powerful that they destroy the west….who will protect the Jews from them?
      Who protects Israel right now? The West!
      Who keeps the threat of an irradiated Tel Aviv from happening? The West!

      If the Muslims overrun western culture then they will overrun the Holy land and drive the last jew into the Med. Fiat money cant stop a jihad and there are not enough Jews to play war of attrition with the Sand People.
      If the West falls the Zion falls.

      • You have to understand jewish psyhology/genetics. They are parasites that can’t stop what they do. This is why they’ve been kicked out of 108 or more nations, all for doing the same shit time after time. They never create a steady-state relationship.

        Part of it is also the fact that they aren’t a 100% cohesive group, there is competition between them, which can lead to diff grps worrying more about personal advantage than group disaster.

    • Actually, the Jews believe that they can foment the coming of their “real” Messiah, in the same way that Sunni/Wahhabists (not Shia) believe they can foment the coming of their Mahdi.

      So, it works together hand in hand for both. Which is also why you will see a Sunni Coalition take over the ME/Persia and create a Sunni Caliphate… with the help of USA Bigly.

      Or, as one learned man once said who knows this stuff in and out… if I were to take sides, I’d take the side of Iran.

  12. NorthGunner

    Hmmm…looks like some of the cannuks still have balls after all!!..

    Choose Your Quebec!

    “Alexandre Cormier-Denis is running for office in Quebec as a staunch opponent of Multiculturalism and Islamization. When his supporters put up posters like the one shown above (“Choose your Quebec”), they caused outraged among Muslims and their leftist allies. A complaint was made to the police, and the police reaction was to take one of the posters down.”

    Gotta credit the man for using a no-nonsense visual that speaks truth about putrid moslems!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  13. You cannot reason with someone who wants to kill you. Simply put, you kill him…FIRST!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      You can reason with them, it just won’t change the outcome. (See Tate v. Atkins (1969) 10050 Cielo Dr.)

  14. How are those non-partisan elected/appointed official accountability files coming along?

    i posit all employees of .gov are to be held responsible for treachery and subversion. right down to the arrogant county road workers who at one time understood they were teat draining lowlifes but now hold the common taxpayer in contempt.


    ************ Warning snowflakes and liberals read further at your own risk **************
    So once again we witness a horrific terror attack killing and wounding innocents. The world cries out in pain and morning, to last as usual perhaps a few days, then back to not giving a shit till the next attack. The war we are currently fighting, and yes it’s a war, has been going on for 1400 plus years. The difference today is that the enemy, radical Islam, no longer sulks in silence. Every attack results in the same outpouring of tears, flowers and teddy bears, the more of them combined the greater the victory celebration for the terrorists. Each attack results in the same empty words from world leaders, the same promises to keep us safe, the same do nothing response every time. We in our western self-pity and self-pride have opened our home lands to these monsters, yet we refuse to acknowledge this issues.
    The liberals and politicians (one in the same) continue to lecture us that it’s our duty to let these animals into our countries – all the while they destroy what we give them. Time to realize that there is no respect for life or values of a civilized country that are held by these Muslim invaders. TO them life is cheap and easily throw away. Just tell me how many parents of a western child, say 7 years old, would wrap him in an explosive vest and send him somewhere to be blown to bits all for the cause, but they do it without hesitation.
    There is no reasoning with these terrorists as their minds are poisoned from 1400 years of hate.
    SO NO MORE FLOWERS NO MORE TEDDY BEARS NO MORE TEARS ………………………….. The answer is pure unmitigated VIOLENSE, simple quick death and elimination.
    VIOLENCE IN THE FORM OF BULLETS AND BOMBS. Others in these Islamic communities know these acts of violence are being planned, but they secretly support them and will not speak out so they are as guilty as the original actors. Cruel as it sounds we need to eliminate these pockets of terror to the last person, very last one — men women and children. The terrorists do not fear the followers of the Cross, as we are much to kind in our dealing with them, the kindness they do not understand and take for weakness on our part.
    The terrorists need to be made to fear to the very bottoms of their beings, and they need to understand that every act on their part will be met with an act more violent on the part of western world to them. Don’t go all soft on me, did we not kill millions when we dropped the bombs on Japan.
    Pity has no place in war. The only way to win a war is by killing, like it or not. They are in it to eliminate our way of life and to force us to their sick form of religion and they will win if things do not change. They are winning currently and until we, the western world understands that our very existence is threatened they will continue to be ahead. AS sick as its sounds and as unpleasant as it is, extreme violence is the only way to make headway against these mentally deranged and hateful terrorists.

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  17. Where are the British fathers with the guts to take action against those who would do harm to their children?

    • wendystringer48088

      Leon Gary Plauche (November 10, 1945 – October 20, 2014) was a native of Louisiana, known for the killing of Jeff Doucet, who had kidnapped and sexually assaulted his son, Jody Plauche. The killing occurred on March 16, 1984, and it was captured on camera by a news television crew. Although Plauche shot and killed Doucet, he was given five years probation for the shooting and received no jail time. Plauche claimed to believe until his death that he was in the right, and that those in a similar position would have done the same thingGary Plauche was initially charged with second-degree murder but agreed to a plea bargain in which he pleaded no contest to manslaughter. He was sentenced to five years probation and 300 hours of community service. He suffered a stroke in 2011 and died in 2014 aged 68 at a nursing home after another stroke.
      R.I.P. Gary Plauche.
      His son, Jody Plauche, seems to be doing ok. For Jody Plauche’s web site: “Currently, Jody presents professional and college trainings about sexual violence risk reduction throughout the country.”

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Glad to see a piece from Bawer. This guy puts a smile on my face as he is an example that SOME PEOPLE can wake up! You see, Bruce Bawer is a queer who left the horribly repressive USofA to go to a more open and enlightened Europe. He had an eye-opening experience.

    You see, as much as he used to love to bash conservative Christians here, he came to realize that none of us wanted to KILL HIM because he was queer. But in Europe? He encountered the satanic malignancy that is islam. And he learned. He and his boyfriend left the Netherlands (I think that was where they had lived) due to muslim issues. Then on to one of the Scandinavian countries (which one escapes me at the moment). He wrote about how there were imams there LITERALLY discussing whether or not they should kill all the queers!

    You see, although this guy likes other guys, he is not an idiot. His eyes were opened. Which shows that it IS POSSIBLE for others. Of course, all of the other queers threw him under the bus because muslims apparently are sacrosanct. But he UNDERSTANDS about islam and is trying to warn people.

    A few wake up, but far too few and far too late. This simply will become an asterisk in history.