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From Max:

I am going to add a comment here and it will likely be the idea behind a new Max Talk video. I always get comments on videos from people who do not understand training and drills. They are not professional infantry / SOF, nor are they experienced veterans or trainers. They are tactical midgets. I deleted one from YouTube today. Frankly, it is embarrassing that people make these comments (for them). So:

1) You have not attended the training class and you do not understand context, or the training of drills. When you see people walking down a trail, it is designed as such, on a range, so that a drill can be executed, which is either an assault forward, or a break contact drill.

2) MVT runs a number of classes that teach actual tactics. What you see in these videos, is mostly drills. There is a relation between tactics and drills, or TTP’s, but the point is to learn the drills so that it can be applied tactically.

3) If there is no cover, there is no cover. It happens extensively in the Middle East and all across the USA. You may not always be in a place with a lot of cover / concealment. These are ranges and techniques are being taught. PT is often an issue with tired students taking a knee rather than going prone, but taking a knee is also legitimate where speed of movement is a factor, and where you are creating cover by your suppressive fire i.e. ‘cover me!’

4) What you are seeing is students doing an excellent job after a couple of days of running good solid basic drills. They have been training in weapon manipulation, safety, movement, communication, break contact drills etc. What you are not seeing is people trying to ‘sneak about’ with ‘tactics.’ You are seeing them shoot, move and communicate.

5) You do not see the squad attack at the end of CTT where we put it all together and use a covered approach to conduct a squad hasty attack. You do not see Force on Force, or Combat Patrol, or the Combat Leader Course, where we expect people to apply the techniques along with the tactical use of ground. That is tactics.

6) Here at MVT we are professional infantry / SOF combat veterans who know what ‘tactics’ is. We also now how to train people through a progression. We do not need comments about walking on a trail in the open or taking a knee rather than prone. If you come on a class, then you can go prone. You will still walk up the trail, so we can initiate the drill and train it. If you want to stay in the woodline, you will miss running the drill.

If you are a tactical midget, please do not comment. Thank you.


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  1. i’d still hate to live in an AO where there is no cover or concealment…

    when i search for new digs, that’s priority #1. i can build or change my home, i can’t plant a forest in time for it to be my ocean to swim in.

    • Virgil Kane

      Good point. Beautiful country, but nowhere to hide.

      • Actually, it’s deceptive living out here. Coulees abound, and the land folds in unexpected ways. The cav and injuns used to run into each other in places they swore there couldn’t be another soul.

        Plus, we have minimal population density. It’s great!

    • Don’t come out this way. There ain’t a tree in this state (except for the hangin’ tree cottonwoods in the river bottoms which occasionally provide a fitting end for a range dick), nor a blade of grass to hide behind. ‘Specially in a dry year. Gangsta elk run in packs, and bears routinely kidnap chirren. Best to stay in your current AO.

  2. Jim Klein

    The only slight negative about Max’s comment is that he even bothered to say it. Those who need to hear it, never will. At root, it’s always epistemology…in the current instance a severe inability to distinguish thinking from doing.

  3. Tactical midget. Heh.

    I’m really pushing my budget so I can get in a course. Take a clear look around, and anyone with half a brain surely sees it’s necessary.

    • you’re nothing but a watse of life.

      a dumb as fuck loser who may or may not have a real job.


      • You can hide on your island for at least three days I bet…. good thing it’s got lots and lots of trees.

        They’ll pay the natives a case of firewater to help run your dago ass to ground.

        Half wit, dwarven masturbator.

        • less than a half mile north of my land is mainland Canada… nothing but wilderness from my backdoor to the north pole. but you living in shitland can’t grok that.

          you simpleton.

      • Lol, look at you, getting all worked up on the Internet. I must’ve irritated you. Really easy to do. If you don’t mind my asking, what mental illness do you have?

      • Virgil Kane

        Damn, dude.

  4. Good ‘un!


    • Centurion_Cornelius

      idaho bob

      what he said!

      love that song of the lead hitting steel.

      music we like to hear!

  5. I’ve done my share of ruck humpin, snoopin-n-poopin. Terrain features and Veg. play heck with what is recommended in the FMs let alone what OPFOR puts in one’s way, Non-radio Comms are another head ache especially when ‘proper’ dispersal is in effect. This makes the pre-mission briefing covering all aspects of the mission absolutely vital

  6. Detroit III

    Max is the best contributor here.

    Thanks, Max.

  7. tactical midgets, We are experts, professional military and SOF. We know!

    Max their’s an old saying here in the colonies,

    ” Theirs no promotion, like self promotion” you are a master of self promotion.

    Never the less, at least your training, keep up the good work.

    For a full of shit Brit, your alright.

    ” that’s a compliment”

  8. Midol for Max. If you post stuff expect flak. You’re not the only one who’s been downrange. Read your bio…lots of “I worked around this group…saw these guys”. If you want to make your living offering a Disneyland for wannabes…that’s your right it’s a free country. When you continually post defensive comments about your program and then remind us of your superiority to all other self proclaimed alpha warriors…suspicion rises. My best team mates were the quiet self assured guys who didn’t react like a little school girl because someone criticized them. Your Kool Aid drinkers will attack me but if you’re for real you know the deal. Here’s a suggestion…grow up, harden up and quit whining…you’re starting to sound like Suarez. Alpha Mike Foxtrot.

    Gulf War I…21 SOS…Somewhere in the Magic Kingdom

    • LOL. Funny how people react. Whoever you really are. What you portray is not the spirit in which the comment was written. It is self explanatory, and posted on YouTube as a response to those ‘tactical midgets’ who complain about lack of concealment on Idaho ranges, and don’t understand when we are running drills. As said, self explanatory.

      As for my bio, i will post below the stripped down bio from my website. What part of that suggests I was ‘around somebody else?’

      “Max is a tactical trainer and author, a lifelong professional soldier with extensive military experience. He served with British Special Operations Forces, with the Parachute Regiment which is Britain’s elite quick reaction force and forms part of the UK Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). Max served as both enlisted and as a commissioned officer, a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Max served on numerous operational deployments, and also served as a recruit instructor.

      Max spent five years serving as a paramilitary contractor in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This included working on contract for the US Government in Iraq, a year of which was based out of Fallujah, and also two years working for the British Government in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

    • Idaho Cajun

      J Doe,

      One of the wannabes replying here. I’ll be honest, I have no military background, my career took me down a very different path. I do however see the utility in preparing myself and family for a SHTF scenario. As for the training, I assure you, it’s no Disneyland. Max was simply pointing out, as he does in class, this is the basic drill…practice the drill, NOT the scenario. I don’t see how his post was whiny or juvenile, informative if anything. I appreciate your service to our country, and the freedom it has provided me and my family. However, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to call the folks who genuinely want to prepare themselves and families wannabes. I’m currently in the Idaho class. Today I acted as squad leader, ran a live fire ambush with ad lib casualty care and extraction. Sure, this is probably old suit for you. However, for me the best practice is live practice. Maybe I drank the Kool-aid, or maybe I see the utility in ACTUALLY training (as with anything, it is a perishable skill), but in the end….I assure you me and my family will be prepared.

      Just my two cents, not worth that much.

    • LOL. After 35 years in in the USAF, I can appreciate how special your your ‘quiet professionals’ were, a few decades ago. Even though I was a ‘zipper suited sun god’ back in the day, I felt the need to develop the skills necessary to protect my children & grandchildren. The funny thing is the SOF guys at Ft. Bragg come up to train at MVT. I guess they cannot find some old 21 SOS ‘quiet professionals’ to spin them up before they deploy. Maybe they just like the MVT Disneyland more than yours…

  9. I never get what the reason is that Max’s quality training attracts negative comments.
    I think some people just get weird validation by being negative.
    I have taken many of his classes and even though I never taught Infantry stuff I taught a lot of other subjects in the .mil and I recognize a good POI and training program when I see it.

  10. wendystringer48088

    Looks like a lot of fun, and unlike airsoft / paintball you apparently get to shoot real guns and use real ammunition for the basic drills.
    Just watching them performing the shoot and move drills across the field I would say that is a lot more exercise than most people get in a day or a weekend.

  11. Max, you do whine a lot. You have a good product though, that speaks for itself. Don’t get so bent out of shape. Scammy Sammy is everywhere with his blue gun team girl squad midgets. Haters gonna hate. Let the antifas continue to be midgets, if they don’t ken to your videos, more the better. Too every one else, make something better yourself or shut the fuck up. It’s not the critic who scorns, but the man in the arena.