Source For Further Thought On The Matter


One must assume that the secret police will always act like secret police.


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  1. johnnyreb

    If even 10% of the crap about Comey is true, he should be hung in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave by this afternoon.

  2. Man, Comey is the Rosette Stone of corruption, if he don’t end up taking a dirt nap soon I’ll be amazed.
    Wonder what they are finding on his devices and in his files.
    Guy like this is got to have a personal doomsday insurance policy stashed away someplace. Maybe thats why he us still breathing.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Roger that, mtnforge! …there’s a whole lotta nail guns at the big box stores, or being “despondent,” (ahem) ‘fell from an open window,’ or the usual “died of a heart attack” from all the stress.” (via hypo needle.)

      Maybe something spectacularly gruesome awaits Comey–you know–got to show the others in the evil horde what happens to those who get caught or sing. An example of

      Dance with the Devil–ya gotta go home with the one who brung ya there.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Colby River Tours, LLC – Ride the rapids, enjoy a rousing campfire, and wash up on the bank in the morning.

  3. It coming full circle now. Living and watching all this through time, the revelations, the current events, it is apparent the consequences have all come home to roost. The whole thing has taken on a life of its own, the question we got to be asking is how crazy, and how far these people are willing to go. Seriously. They strike me as the kind of mind blowing arrogant elites who are NOT going to do a perp walk.
    They have enjoyed basically a lifetime of doing whatever they damn well please. Becoming hideously rich at it to boot.

    It is so gotten out of their hands at this point, JFKing Trump won’t change anything, they would have to take out an entire administration. Or pull off an outright coup, after all they basically constitute a Junta as it stands now, aka the deep state.

    This is a really dangerous moment on our history. Your talking a regime that has essentially run a shadow dictatorship for decades the permeates every component of the US government and literally all of corporate America.

    And they have murdered thousands of American’s to protect their shadow crime syndicate.

    • Amen, could not say it better.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Don’t you get it? The lack of evidence is just proof of how diabolically cunning Trump’s conspiracy with Russia really is!

  4. Guerilla preservation of those ideals.

  5. Grenadier1

    This sounds like a real possibility….lets see what happens next. I am still thinking that this Seth Rich thing is going to destroy the DNC, but this could help do that to.

  6. “Our job now is to decide and execute on the best ways to preserve the ideals of individual freedom, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, and (very) limited government during the Endarkenment which is upon us.” Assumption: Its true on its face.
    Point: Running around the woods alone will not reach the given aim as defined above.
    Observation: Success will dictate operating in three spheres. i) Economic, in the ability to maintain hearth and home in some semblance of self sufficiency. ii) Politically, engage in local political affairs that with reasonable assurance of success a small cadre of individuals can take over a city council, etc. iii) Militarily: Assemble the requisite militia for lack of a better term, to provide cohesion of social order, defense if needed, apprehension if required.

    Should sound familiar, it comes right out of communist thinking.

  7. when the leadership at the top of LE is so rotten and corrupt, why would anyone expect those at the bottom of LE be any different?

    cops are more than half of this countries problems.

    • You’re confusing a political Obama appointee from 2013 with anything resembling a cop.
      Comey was a lawyer with zero LE experience, except in getting fat Bill’s tit out of the wringer, which is doubtless how he appeared on HopeyDopey’s appointment list.
      There hasn’t been an actual agent running the show since the Acting Director’s six months during 1993 (like several other short-term acting directors who were actual field agents and cops). There hasn’t been an actual Director who was a cop since Clarence Kelley, for the five years after Watergate.
      Before or after that, never, including Hoover.

      We’ll likely never know how many career agents contributed to Comey’s undoing, but Trump certainly didn’t figure this out while watching reruns and sitting on his gold-plated shitter in the thinking room.

      On the larger question:
      Law enforcement condones far too much jackassery, but they aren’t all shitbags, and they aren’t all heroes. Most are somewhere in the middle. A good start would be making them all criminally and civilly liable for their actions across the board, and let capitalism and venal lawyers curb their excess. Open up one grand jury per county to public access by any attorney, and any case where criminal indictments are returned goes to an independent special prosecutor, for jury trial.

      • No confusion.

        DOJ is just as bad. They’re all weasels in suits.

        I simply have no need for cops. Period.

        Why am I forced to pay for these crazed half-wits that I have no use for?

        That’s extortion.

        Let the weak and dumb pay for their own ‘protection’ -LOL and leave the rest of us to deal with things ourselves.

        That’s freedom.

  8. How do they get so twisted?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Lots of power, little accountability. It ain’t a recipe for quiet restraint.

  9. Trumps statement regarding tapes and records is a threat with teeth. Should either surface, the logical question is let’s see the chain of evidence, and storage documents.

    If Comey can’t produce a legit chain of evidence, for any evidence he retained, especially after being fired, then He could soon be in prison.

    Of course he could try a end run to discredit evidence against himself.

    If this is accurate Intel, it’s brilliant.

    Trumpster, is an interesting thinker. I like the way his mind works.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      When was the last time someone in gov’t was hung or locked up for life? This is a clear cut case of treason and malfeasance, and more than likely he’ll walk with a new job recommendation for some top post elsewhere, or he’ll go work for the Clintons. No jail time or loss of bennies whatsoever.

  10. ‘Drop the hammer’ means something entirely different to me, evidently.

  11. Jerry Pournelle at his blog has a really good background write up on Comey showing his progression as a Clinton operative starting back in the ’90’s.

    • Pournelle excerpted the exact same story, minus the author’s attribution SOTN included, and posted it on his site 5 days after SOTN did.
      He got it in an e-mail, and may not have had the author’s name to begin with.
      But it’s the SOTN piece, absolutely word-for-word verbatim.

  12. 1) It fits the unraveling history of puzzling events over the past 16 months or so, like dropping the missing piece into the middle of a puzzle.
    2) The obvious question is, WTF did it take until last week to string together the blisteringly obvious corruption of Comey since Day Zero, and his lifelong toadying for the Clinton Machine, given a record of cover-ups and grade-school obvious quid pro quos on their behalf?
    And Limbaugh, Coulter, Drudge, Hannity, Beck, et al times infinity couldn’t roll this monstrously huge shitball up and put a bow on it long before now?!? SRSLY?!?
    This proves they’re just as captive to the lying MSM narrative they decry, and either too lazy or too stupid to row against the current, dig up facts, and pass along the analysis needed when it counts.
    3) Comey suicide inside two years, and before any trials/depositions:
    a) Seven self-inflicted bullets to the head with unregistered six-gun in Fort Marcy Park
    b) Plane flies into a fog-shrouded mountain
    c) Found drowned the morning after a late night canoeing excursion
    d) Sailing trip in Bermuda Triangle, never seen again
    All documented symptoms of the Arkansas Flu.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer or more deserving guy.

  13. Grey Ghost

    If you “own” the Dir FBI and Dep Dir FBI with your Foundation then you can get away with murder (Seth RIch) … it’s how the Clintons and Dems have rolled for decades. Now that AG Sessions probably has all evidence that was in Comey’s hot mitts, Comey had better be careful or he ends up in jail and he might anyway. As to the scumbag McCabe (DepDirFBI) he needs to be in jail with the general prison population. Recently Podesta said Trump won’t be impeached… yea because everyone now knows AG Sessions has the some of the goods on the swamp creatures. If this report is true, the Trump administration is now wielding a big stick. Now if they have the balls to use it.

    Grey Ghost

  14. I am still NOT holding my breath.