Z Blog: Ruminations On The Way Down The Mountain

A travelogue of sorts betwixt ideologies.

FUSA is dead.

The PRUSA* project is in its final construction phase.

And Team BFYTW had best get its public messaging completed.

“Eff you all”, no matter how emotionally rewarding, is not something that the normies will understand, let alone support.

*People’s Republic of the United States of America

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  1. What are the PTB if they are not the ultimate BFYTW/we are the penultimate rulers of the dirt people, aka the cloud people? For is there any doubt in their general attitude of the dirt people when boiled down, is we rule because fuck you thats why?
    Without the regime taking advantage of Normie behavior and exploiting that societal dynamic to its advantage, TINVOWOOT would not have become the weapon the cloud people employ to retain power over the dirt people and keep the little totalitarians among us happy?.
    And PRUSA would not be possible without the little totalitarians among us.

    All three, BFYTW-TINVOWOOT-PRUSA are linked in time and parallel development, the cumulative effects of we witness in real time.

    I think the little totalitarians among us come in many forms and guises. Some hidden in plain sight who appear as allies. Some may not even recognize themselves as such. You can recognize them because they recoil at the idea of BFYTW. They struggle with the defiance inherent in BFYTW when it is used by dirt people, and fail to understand BFYTW is a direct message to the PTB they can never make slaves of us nor will we bend a knee to tyranny.
    BFYTW is much like Don’t Tread on Me or Molan Labe on that sense.

    Looking a lot like the Normies are going to end up waiting till the last moment. If their hearts and minds have not been moved by the multitude of events, if their normalcy bias has not been swayed by obvious revelations of the malice treason and forethought evidenced daily across the social mediums. they are then what they are. Most reluctant participants in a pivotal time in history. That normalcy bias is a pickle.
    The question must be what then is persuasive in the glaring events of our time if normalcy bias is to transform into preservation when nothing else has changed the perspective? You can lead a Normie to the fountain of truth, but you can’t make them drink from it. Or as Morpheus said to Neo, “I can only show you the door, your still the one who has to walk through it.”

    Richard Feynem the great Physicist of the Theory of Electro Thermodynamics, made one of the great leaps of critical thinking in understanding what could not be understood in quantum theory of light, he had the epiphany that it didn’t matter if there wasn’t a theory that explained what couldn’t be suitably explained, all they had to do was accept it as it was.
    It was a revolutionary bit of critical thinking that opened everything up where before nobody could define things.

    I think there is a great cautionary lesson in that. The Normies, well, they are Normies, and you have to accept it. They are going to change or not, when they do so. It is why they are norms to begin with. It is how it is going to play out, so if you want to understand Normie thinking, you have to accept it and move on.

    We all get tunnel vision in one way or another. There is so much going on, it is not hard to loose the forrest for the trees, any track of lineal thinking can be a rut that is difficult to avoid here and there and get hung up in for a spell.
    The Normies are are probably the largest single plurality in America. They probably have no cognitive idea of the latent motive energy they possess, that they are even a plurality. I think they probably understand on a gut level they are some kind of majority that gets the shitty end of the stick and nobody in the political class has their backs.
    The idea they are a plurality will come to them if it does as a black swan event. It will come totally out of nowhere, it will catch on like a prairie fire.
    It will be something that totally changes everything. All of us will be wrong about how things will happen.
    Trying to understand and sway Normies is akin to herding cats. It’s not a bad thing. It just is what it is.
    Normies are basically pretty decent people.
    Normies are the wild card.
    Normies are the key to everything that will happen.
    They will do what Normies will do when it hits Normies in a way Normies understand.
    Normies hold the greatest power imaginable. Their consent.
    And if anyone holds the potential defiant power of BFYTW in spades it’s the Normies.
    Like Feynem’s epiphany, it is what it is.

    • dumpkaine

      Interesting discussion of normies. I think it’s not appropriate anymore to use the term normalcy bias. A majority of the country elected a man on the strength of his screaming invectives at both sides of the established political class. If normalcy bias still held sway that would not have happened.

      I have also often remarked to people that my rifle is my tiny piece of political power and that it is no threat to anyone politically unless it is joined by some significant mass of others of like mind, and that that would only be possible in an extreme political situation. Such as what we have right now, for example. So I regard this in this way: it is normal to not want to kill other people to achieve ends. It is rather quite extraordinary or abnormal. The normies all know that things are terribly terribly wrong. And while it’s not the sort of thing you casually ask friends, I suspect some large number of them are probably not yet ready to kill to achieve political ends. (This to me has always been the strength and beauty of the second amendment.) So in that respect they’re still normal, but frankly in my opinion that’s the extent of their political normalcy. I am increasingly confident that that last piece of normalcy will fall away for quite a large number of them and the relevance of the Second Amendment will once again be felt. There is such a thing as righteous anger. Trump’s election was a display of righteous anger but not its final display.

      • a follower

        normalcy bias did hold. The people were still convinced things could change through voting for a man who promised change.

        • …and those people are getting a wonderfully educational and very public display of just what their “vote” is being allowed to mean. It IS normal to not want to kill people for political ends…unless you have no other choice and are faced with extinction in a very real way. I love it when my enemies continue pushing people off the fence and into my camp.

          People try to use the “system” which they are told is their means of expressing their political views, and out pops the rabid left and MS telling them they are racists just for voting, and that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I am sure this lesson isn’t lost on all of them.

          I am still, to this day, absolutely bewildered by the display of a presidential candidate openly calling half the nation “deplorable”. Perhaps this is vestigial normalcy bias on my part (we all have some, don’t we? otherwise kinetics might have started already), but that event like no other told the nation what the politicians think of us. And now the media is telling the nation, loud and clear, 5X5 and 24/7, what they think of us. It’s wonderful.

          Did everyone think the choosing of sides would happen overnight? Don’t forget what a “bell curve” is.

      • Ya, but you yourself all but said normalcy bias. So what does one call it?
        Ostrich Head?
        Turtle Head?
        Fatal Denial?
        The Bonfires of Procrastination?
        I Don’t Give A Fuck-Itis?
        Head Up Butt, Maybe World Go Way?
        Who Gives A Shit I Won’t Have To Pay My Underwater Mortgage When TSHTF Syndrome?
        I’ll Shoot Every Motherfucker Within 1000 Yards Mentality?

      • Voting for Trump may very well be the single most revolutionary act of defiance of the PTB that many have ever committed in their entire lives.
        Consider that seriously for a minute.
        Think about it from Normie land perspective.
        Shit, look at from the deep state perspective, they are another kind of Normie too. Hell, they have a Normalcy Bias all their own, and you and I aren’t invited.
        And they missed the Normies voting for Donald Trump, and they have this country bugged from one end to the other like the new US Embassy in Moscow during the cold war.

        Here’s an outlier for you.
        Maybe Normies are the only ones who have it right and everyone one of us got it wrong. Ever think that?

      • 1970.My wall in my bedroom had a poster. Normal what’s normal for you. Normal was working as hard and smart as possible. The work was and continues to always be there.That has always been the guide post for me. Labor has always been a commodity. I have worth,value and marketability because I choose it.I protect my commodity with my brute strength,brute intelligence. and my trusty hogs leg. God bless John Browning.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Looking a lot like the Normies are going to end up waiting till the last moment.”

      Why wouldn’t they? Virtually every side in the coming conflict openly holds them in contempt and most want them dead, too.

  2. rid the land of cops, and the muslimes will be gone in short order.

    no protection- no ragheads.

    easy peasy.

    what’s so hard to understand?

    • Please explain, the correlation cops gone, rags leave, what am I missing.


    • I want to apologise for mistaking who and what you are. My bad. I hate muzzies as much as pigs.

      • wendystringer48088

        @Dirk “Please explain, the correlation cops gone, rags leave, what am I missing.”
        I think tfA-t means that with no cops (no state power to enforce the law) those people who would be so inclined would then be able to act with impunity to do their righteous duty to rid the land of all the Muslims.
        Of course some of us think there would be all sorts of unintended consequences shortly thereafter and further down the road if the police were all suddenly gone.
        We have had this argument of anarchy vs private security vs citizen militias (and what the crimminal gangs and those who would be warlords with private armys would do in such a vacuum) before.
        I know it’s frustrating relying on possibly corrupt police forces (tfA-t always posts a bunch of new links every couple of days of the most recent police misbehavior of those that got caught) to enforce the law. I although I don’t know tfA-t’s situation I do know from other’s experiences that a really bad experience, or several not so bad but still bad experiences, with corrupt lying police can really turn someone off to the point they say there are no good police.
        It’s a difficult situation to be in. But I don’t think a society without the rule of law (which is what the police enforce) would exist for long without people filling in the vacuum left by the now disappeared police and the result I don’t think would be for the better.

    • As you say, because something important must be hard to understand to a lot of people.

    • a follower

      Rid the world of evil and we may have something. evil is not solely confined to any one group, be it religion, be it a vocation, or isolated to any particular race or gender etc.

    • That’s your solution to everything when you mouth off here a few times a day. But you’re busy hiding in the woods from them.

      I don’t understand.

      • I’m tired of the losers in murka. They are nothing but trouble, thieves, and drunks.

        Why would anyone choose to live in that environment?

        You guys can deal with your peers, I’m above that rabble.

  3. “Eff you all”, no matter how emotionally rewarding, is not something that the normies will understand, let alone support.
    Or stomach with anything less than the sheer derision such childishness deserves.

    So…an entire post response dedicated to fisking and undermining t-Fat’s entire raison d’etre…?

    Yeah, not worth the electrons.

    But I’m pretty sure BFYTW was a pretty self-encapsulated and coherent response to the last 10-40 or so regimes in D.C.

    I suspect that the ammo-maker who first engraves BFYTW on the jackets of popular caliber ammunition will be doing land office sales, despite the inherent redundancy. (Public domain marketing idea, guys, have at it with my compliments.) In terms of market (not to mention torso) penetration, it’s a vastly better idea that “zombie loads”, and the excise taxes are a great barometer for your would-be overlords to indirectly quantify overall public discontent.

    Which will suffice, until the rounds begin to strike home.

    Bonus for CA:
    future Post bait to ponder
    A little pic of why everyone west of the Rockies hates the government 3-9X more than those of you in all points east.

    • BFYTW is a context thing, kind of like other expletives. Take Damn! for instance, think of all the myriad ways it is used. Happy, sad, curse, for casting a curse, expression of amazement, subtle regret, almost any dynamic for every context.
      There is looking at BFYTW with lineal thinking, BFYTW kind of goes right by you if you don’t see or appreciate the context it is given in.
      It’s like TINVOWOOT.
      Not for nothing, “There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This” is hilarious to me, it exemplifies so many things going on it is almost universal at this stage in the festivities. Never mind the gallows humor aspect of it. But what’s delightfully ironic about TINVOWOOT, is voting was never intended by those who created the republican form of government to be something for getting out of something, but to avoid in the first place to never get in that kind of a pickle to begin with.
      Some people just don’t have a sense of humor for that or understand the agitprop value, they take things too literally. But hey, each his own.

      Like your ammo idea. Thats priceless to me. It is rich.
      I did a agitprop with an AR silhouette along the lines of your BFYTW ammo stamp. Goes like this;
      Dot BFYTW: refers to caliber
      AR graphic: refers to armed liberty
      Whats In Your AR?: your gun is your property, thats the first thing, (refer to .BFYTW)

      It’s not intended as insult, it is a statement of refusing to submit to tyranny.
      Like I don’t care is to Alt-Right.

      It’s a play on words and a widely known credit card slogan, (they used Viking barbarians with weapons in their original ads, never mind the counter cultural marxist value, remember the political persuasion of hollywood celebrities they use), but its a play on why the 2nd was originally created too, then the statement of resistance value. Check it out:

      Here’s the thing, I posted that agitprop here, on Gab and my blog. I believe most never picked up on the left handed irony or humor. At least nobody commented.
      Maybe it’s something you can’t understand because you it takes a leap of faith to understand these kind of choices you haven’t made.
      It kinda leads back to Normies and normalcy bias. How can you understand the choices you haven’t made, in regards to whats coming down the pike? They aren’t choices that a “normal” America has to make.
      You have to walk a mile in another man’s shoes sometimes to understand kind of thing?
      Lot of here have the benefit of thinking outside the so called “box”, to us it seems “normal”, but to somebody new or recently has joined the scrum, some things we all jabber about or venture, bitch and argue, probably are rather radical and way out there to say the least.

      How many times have you been the one in a comment thread to risk saying something outlandish or venture an outlier, where nobody turns over fresh ground, but when you do, all of a sudden ten are pooh poohing the subject or point you make?
      Where were these minds at before they start to piss on somebodies different insight or perspective?

      Why are they not thinking for themselves and bringing up the counter argument via critical thinking before you did instead of arguing after the fact, negatively?
      Why not?
      Whats the dynamic?
      Is it you have to risk something, and only those who risk going against convention in the long run change hearts and minds?
      It’s far above my pay grade. It sure is interesting and entertaining.
      I have learned more things from others comments than the blogs or sites.

      Outliers make a lot of people nervous, even the “what if” outliers.
      Comment threads are actually revolutionary in a lot of ways. Some are even insurgencies in thinking, some are mutual support threads, oe a comfort zone. Certainly for those who must be “right” no matter what, they are a risky affair to join in if there is thin skin involved.

      • Jim Klein

        >>>How many times have you been the one in a comment thread to risk saying something outlandish or venture an outlier, where nobody turns over fresh ground, but when you do, all of a sudden ten are pooh poohing the subject or point you make?<<<

        Lol, not sure the number system goes that high. Meanwhile you're dishin' out gold but I'm skeptical others are willing to help themselves. It seems that 5,000 years of teaching that's the essence of evil, has taken a toll. We'll see what we shall see.

    • Nevada is barely a state at all.

    • Well, I for one, would buy those cute little BFYTW brass covered pops; for myself, for gifts, for political theater with the John Brown Rifle Club members. How fun! And yes, everyone west of the Mississippi River understands that the West hates FedGov. FedGov controls and upsurps property that we (supposedly) own to facilitate the benefits to “their” property. In the the early 80’s, I knew a Wyoming rancher that would have gladly shot every parks & rec, BLM, etc person he saw. His family had left New York City in 1858-knowing that the Civil War 1 was coming. Wealthy at that time, they sold the mansion & property on Long Island, and went west. They still had original blood Morgan horses that were crossed with whatever was around at the time. Amazingly, these horses still looked, acted, and behaved like Morgans: strong bloodlines tell in livestock and people. The only problem in the West is the fools in the megacities, and their attendant toadies. I’m still betting on the Dirt People-the Basket of Deplorables.

    • Damn that is a lot of red.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “why everyone west of the Rockies hates the government 3-9X more than those of you in all points east.”

      Of course, there are an awful lot of people out West who hate the government because it isn’t powerful and all-encompassing enough.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. “Romans in the Republic took care of the needy of society through freewill offerings like ancient Israel but under the Imperial Cult of Rome the temples became government institutions supported by taxation. John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ were social reformers who were teaching people how to go back to free societies through the practice of Pure Religion through the perfect law of liberty. This was the Christian conflict with Rome. The Modern Christian is in conflict with The Way of Christ.”
    In its entirety at:

  6. a follower

    Were we being sent a message from the elites?

  7. Not for nothing, here’s Alt-Right in graphic form if I have it figured out, (Zeitgeists are by nature hard to pin down), below.
    It seems to me, and I’m a guy with a 7th grade formal education, a welder all my life, basically a working Joe, a dirt person, and I get this. It’s a pretty awesome message if you ask me.
    Whats not to understand, right?
    And I embellished in my crude fashion in an attempt to convey that message in brute simple terms with the best go fuck yourself symbol ever created:

    It doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. If you saw The Matrix and grok it’s message, it exemplifies We Don’t Care. Defiance of authority of the state or whatever, doesn’t get much clearer.
    And the Matrix is filled with a kind of race of Normie’s.

    There is no overt threat in the message. It is saying I will not comply. It is peaceful resistance. But it is probably about as scary an act as there can be. It’s total in every sense.
    Total, against the assured, only alternative, those being the defied can apply, to make you do something: the threat and use of force and violence.
    But here’s the conundrum.
    Nobody can make you consent to anything. You always have to choose, no matter what, you do.
    If somebody puts a .45 against my head to force me to do something, I still have the choice to comply or to refuse to comply.

    It is the Normies predicament is what it is.
    Better the life we live now than the life we might live, or die for, if we refuse outright to comply.
    The predicament is choice.
    The problem as Neo figures out in the end, for the machine, for Smith, is Choice.
    He says to Agent Smith, “you were right Smith, you were always right. It was inevitable.

    Its not the message.
    Oh, Normies get it.
    They really get it.
    They always did.
    It is why they don’t make the choice.
    They understand it.
    They don’t want to make the choice.
    They see the choice is inevitable no matter what they do.
    They are going to let the choice happen.
    Its inevitable.

  8. A thought about the mindless ‘I love the cops’ BS.

    There are good cops.
    Around me in rural OH, almost all of them are.
    They are our best partners in a safe and friendly community.

    There are bad cops.
    They will take your guns and shoot you if some scumbag politician tells them to. They are deadly enemies, to be avoided if possible. The best way to do that is to never go to berkley, $hit cago, nyc, etc. As long as they stay in those human cesspools, fine.

    They had better not ever come here.

    • a follower

      Same concerns arrive when we consider the military, and many of us are veterans.

  9. robroysimmons

    Freedom from fill-in-the-blank. Say and move on

  10. The author of the linked post has likely made a choice to live where he lives, and work where he works. From my porch, I can’t get up much sympathy, nor any commonness of belief between me and him. He’s sleeping in the bed that he has made.

    Again, from my porch, I do not particularly care about expressing myself in such a way that a so-called “normie” creature would either appreciate or understand.

    If “normies” are to be made into another special class, whose approval must be sought, then I go back to the old reliable “eff them all” and the horse they rode in on … assuming that those normies know which side of a horse to get on, which is a stretch. I don’t need such folks, and they can get along without me. Intersections of sets (old math term)? Then the usual Big Boy rules apply.

  11. Anonymous

    Out of four planes of 9/11 Normies, only one organized to rush the cockpit. I think that performance will continue. There will not be a White repeat of the MLK civil rights movement, instead there will be a White repeat of the Trail of Tears, where healthcare is what is taken away. Medicare is poised to consume the federal budget. Bye, seniors.