Be One

Via Gab.

9 responses to “Be One

  1. The author of the graphic forgot one — “Globalist: I own the glass and am prepared to offer fractional ownership oversubscribed by 400%”

    • And if you act now we’ll include a special engraved message from President Kushner himself.

    • Jim Klein

      “…fractional ownership oversubscribed by 400%”

      Ha…nice line but it forgets something. Who subscribed?

  2. B Woodman

    “I’m twice as big as I need to be.”

  3. ‘Tis piss for certain!

    The good guys will be discernible from the bad guys based on the direction of incoming fire. Even then it may be a bit sketchy.

    • Grenadier1

      See Pats first post on this thread. There are those among us that will begin firing in all directions at the first sound of thunder.

      • Jim Klein

        No doubt. So if they fire in all directions, from where will the return fire come?

        Maybe 200 million isn’t such a bad guess. About the only silver lining recently is that the longshot odds of collectivists killing each other off, have improved significantly.

  4. Camacho2016

    C’mon scrot! That ain’t piss, it’s Brawndo. It’s got electrolytes!