RRW: Refugee industry wants Trump to admit 75,000 refugees this fiscal year, and another 75,000 in FY18

Why not?

Everyone else is committing suicide.

(Via Bracken)

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  1. ENOUGH already stop using my money for this shit! F-ing extortion! You bring this trash in and the rats and roachs and virus come with it. Matt Bracken did the short of the tropical island culture taken over. It’s happening and our screaming goes unheard!
    WTF over.


  2. Spartacus

    Backstory on pic of blonde woman?

    • Raped and murdered by migrant. More later.

      • If I remember correctly she was gang-raped, so it wasn’t just one rapeugee. Happened about one year ago.

        It was in Sweden I think, but that matters not. Could’ve been in any EuroWeenie city.


        And, who even remembers her name? Sad and pathetic it is.

      • European American

        The culprits, behind this agenda, will surly paint a picture in their tabloids that this white women was trash and somehow she had it coming. The Zionist Jews will stop at nothing in accomplishing their mission of White Genocide and turning the planet into a hive of mulatto slaves .

        • “The Zionist Jews will stop at nothing in accomplishing their mission of White Genocide and turning the planet into a hive of mulatto slaves ”

          I am both Jewish and Zionist (which means Israel for the Jews, nothing more and nothing less)…and I can guarantee you that I abhor this crap as much as you or anyone who reads or writes for this blog. My family was victimized – badly – by Russian leftists (AKA Communists), and the Leftist screwing of every single thing dear to me hasn’t stopped in the 100 or so years since it started. This rapeugee BS is just the latest iteration – and I can also guarantee you that my family and I are further up on the Moslem bucket list than the likes of you.

          That all said…from a Zionist Jew: fuck you, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw, you ignorant jackass.

          • singlestack

            I’m a Christian Zionist so I’m in agreement with your reply to EA. There are a lot of fucking retards that comment here.

            • ‘Christian Zionism’ = Oxymoron. Many of us are done with distinctions and could care less which semitic gang you are for or against or which mumbo-jumbo mystery religion you follow. Israel for the Jews, fine by me. Just leave us out of it and leave your ancient baggage there. Sick to death of all these fuckers telling us rednecks who we should support or destroy-a pox on all of them. The biggest threat to most of us on here are not jihadis, MS 13 … pick your poison but rather .gov and their minions and enablers.Sure as hell don’t lose any sleep over the security of a nuclear-armed Israel.

          • Spike Milligan

            TeX….you aren’t equipped to change any minds here. All you’re doing is annoying us and wasting your time…

          • European American

            “My family was victimized – badly – by Russian leftists (AKA Communists), and the Leftist screwing of every single thing dear to me hasn’t stopped in the 100 or so years since it started.”

            You are so clueless of who and what you think you are. LOL

            • European American

              PS A True Lone Star Texan would NEVER allow himself/herself to be infected by that hideously vile, toxic, demonic zionist virus.

          • Detroit III

            Word. Good on you.

        • Publius X Maul

          At Texan , fuck off, Jew.

          We know who the Russian (((communists))) were.


    • thesouthwasrght

      I believe she was a volunteer aid worker type in Sweden. She got a crash course diversity seminar.

    • Grenadier1

      Supported the invasion of migrants into the country.
      Decided to go on a “date” with a Sand Person.
      Sand Person, raped and strangled her. Left her in a park covered in leaves. Rigor set in and thats the pose they found her in.
      I believe he got off very light if he got a sentence at all. I would have to look back and see if he was the one who fled back to his Dune of origin.

    • Ann Barnhardt wrote about this sad case. I remember reading about it. Her name was Elin I think. This madness has to stop…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “This madness has to stop…”

        It will stop. Sooner or later, they’ll kill off all the native Europeans.

  3. The MSM admits that millions of people visited the US last year and 700,000 of them never left. My friends at ICE tell me that every year between 500,000 and 1 million people arrive on aircraft and never leave. Now add in the illegals that cross the border on foot and the H1B migrants and all the other legal immigrants. And then add the refugees. Oh yeah, the refugees. They get $3700 per month, per refugee. Plus EBT cards, housing assistance, etc. The government says there are 115,000 Somalians in Minnesota. The Somalians say there are 250,000 of them in Minnesota. Who are you going to believe?

    • Miles Long

      $3700/month? Can you supply citation for that $$ amount? I haven’t been able to find anything close to that on the web. Very curious since now that I’m retired, I’m scraping together loose change, selling stuff, & otherwise scratching my ass to get enough money for some major dental work after living, working, & paying into “our” system for my entire life.

      • I’m going from memory on something reliable I read awhile ago. The number used to be $3000, but it went up. The amount seems to coincide with disabled vets pensions. Not sure on the last part. But it’s pretty close.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          100% disabled vet makes $2915/mo, a 50% disabled vet makes $838/mo, I’m told welfare pmt’s for these refugees can go up to almost $4,000/mo for families. It can take up to 3 yrs for a vet to fight the system and re-submit claims multiple time before he receives benefits, but anyone can go and sign up for welfare and food stamps, in 1 day.
          So this system is rigged from the top down, and the masses refuse to see that Big Brother is their enemy, the figures alone show the truth. Vets aren’t as important as refugees.

      • Heck, learn Somali and wear a macawis and don’t forget the black face when you apply for assistance. But I hear you on the fiscal disparity.

        • Miles Long

          I wonder if ebonics will pass for Swahili. I dont have time to learn another language. My lips are too thin & hair is much too straight too. It’ll never work. There’s an Ethiopian in the fuel supply.

  4. Just remember these migrants also raped a lil girl in Idaho and not a damn thing was done about it.

  5. They are not refugees.

    They are not immigrants.


    • Trumpenthal has already upped the weekly Muslim “refugee resettlement” racket from 400/week to 900/week; that’s not counting the 1,200 goatfuckers Pence just towed over from Australia. And the Jews do not intend their various ethno-invasives to “enslave” anyone. (They) are bringing the Blacks, Browns, Muslims, and Slants here to to utterly exterminate the Whites.

      Living as I do in central Mexifornia, I’m looking to relocate to a White-er place. Checked out ethnicity in the Northwest Texas quadrant, and got somewhat of a shock. Amarillo is already 50% mestizo…Whites down to 15%, Blacks @ 10%, and the rest = mystery meat – mostly Whites being bred out by niggers and spics.

      • I see that you are your usual, tolerant, self today. I’m sure that being such a hateful prick has taken you far in life…so keep it up.

        As some old Asian guy once said (and you’re CLEARLY not paying attention), “Better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, than to open it and prove that you are.” “Fool” being a very, very generous term when applied to you in this context.

        • European American

          “Better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, than to open it and prove that you are.” Practice what you preach. But, then again, your false pride and inflated ego would never allow that. So…

        • Publius X Maul

          Shut you drooping Jew mouth and get the fuck off my street corner, Kike.

  6. Every time I see that picture it makes my blood boil. Too bad I am a white male, mix of Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon decent. Otherwise I could make a comment about the fucking worthless 7th century barbarians who follow, not a religion, but a satanic death cult married to a totalitarian political system. The low IQ monsters who do as they please with impunity because allah u snackbar fucking said so in the revered tome of hate that most of those camel jockeys can’t even read. I’m lucky that I live in a rural area that is basically homogeneous (OMG he doesn’t embrace diversity!). Ahab would stick out like a sore thumb around here.

    Oh. That’s raaaacissss.

    Europe is gone. The leftists have sealed their fates. Massive white emigration from the conquered lands will begin soon.

    The festivities haven’t really started yet – still setting up the carny booths.

    • there’ll be no “massive white emigration”. And they would not be admitted to ZOG-run ‘Murka/Canada in any case. Most post-1945 European Whites handed over their guns long ago in return for a cradle-to-grave (((debt-financed))) welfare-illfare state. All evidence indicates they’ll accept the grave, and quite calmly. Cf. Manchester. The Rothschild-run PM bitch called out the troops to protect the ragheads from any White reprisals…but she needn’t have bothered.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Massive white emigration from the conquered lands will begin soon.”

      Unfortunately, most will bring their Collectivist contagion with them.

  7. Harvest for the Despot’s
    Hijrah & Shillarious

  8. Jim rutherford

    There was at one time a post here at WRSA or link to gates of Vienna about the blond lady. She was a refugee welcomer in Sweden. (If my memory is still correct) at any rate she was from a European country, and was pro immigrant/refugee. Worked for one of the agencies that help resettle the invaders, oh my bad, refugees. Then they raped and killed her. Buried her body under some rocks in a park. There are several more grafic pictures with the original story. Maybe CA can find it in the archives. Good times had by all!

  9. Just remember if you get rid of all the cops,this shit wouldn’t be happening. Cuz fuck the cops.


    • Lol.

      Let me see if I can rationalize that though with a point I’ve made lately to some friends…

      We recently had a spree killer in my local area. Killed someone I worked with and several others. Everyone pretty much knew he was in the northern part of our county and decided to form up some armed posses with dogs and find him. We knew who he was. But lo and behold, the local cops told everyone to stand down, that we weren’t equipped to handle him. BS, of course. But a lot of people did stand down.

      So who was protecting who? The police can not PROTECT you, they just get their after the fact and clean up the mess and MAYBE find the person who did it. The number of people we had ready to search for this guy, I think we could have gotten him. We outnumbered the cops and out gunned them, but a lot of people stood down.

      So in a way, he was protected BY the cops FROM us.

      That’s about as close as I can get.

    • Jim Klein

      “Just remember if you get rid of all the cops,this shit wouldn’t be happening.”

      That’s right. Or at least it wouldn’t KEEP happening.

      “Cuz fuck the cops.”

      No, it’s not “cuz fuck the cops.” It’s cuz the cops are busy at DOING the work dreamed up by numbskulls. You do get the distinction between thinking and doing, yes? Who does the doing?

      Simple fact is, and I believe you’ve acknowledged this, that the greatest threat to any of us ain’t gangbangers or thieves or even muzzies. You know damn well what that greatest threat is and you also know damn well who does the dirty work involved. And as if that’s not bad enough, they also STOP those who would actually do something about the gangbangers, thieves and whackjob religionists.

      You seem to think the issue is whether or not there are any good cops. Well sorry, but that’s irrelevant…at least to any non-cops. Of course there are cops who are good individuals. Hell, like any other cross-section, probably most of them are decent folk. Doesn’t matter….socially all that matters is what a person DOES and one CAN’T do good while serving an evil master and doing whatever he orders. Another simple fact. You not only know this, you’ve seen it firsthand. So stop bullshitting already; it’s getting old. You don’t have stupidity to which to appeal. That leaves either willful ignorance or evil intent.

      • Well said. The only reason whitey doesn’t take out the trash is because he will be jailed and/or killed and his family scattered to the four winds. Sick and tired of these guys defending their pet group. Anyone maintaining the status quo is a mortal enemy.

        • Reasoning here a little. For example, all those people
          which say guns should be outlawed, but then, if something
          happens, they themselves call the police so
          they think it is okay for the police to do the shooting (right or wrong).
          Get the picture? Everybody is screwed with that mentality in
          the long run. Standing ones ground is an individual issue, not
          just to protect neighbors, but your own, and even strangers.

          As far the this deadly migration, nothing is a coincidence.
          Too many conmen/women and their acrobats running around
          drunk with the blood of the saints.

          “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • so Dirk.

      just what the fuck do the cops do to stop this?


  10. They are not refugees.
    They are ECONOMIC MIGRANTS at best, hellbent on destroying Western Civilization.

    • European American

      They are an “Invasive Species”, deliberately imported in to White countries to contaminate the purity of the landscape.

      An invasive species is a plant, fungus, or “animal” species that is not native to a specific location (an introduced species), and which has a tendency to spread to a degree believed to cause damage to the environment, human economy or human health.

      While all species compete to survive, invasive species appear to have specific traits or specific combinations of traits that allow them to outcompete native species. In some cases, the competition is about rates of growth and reproduction. In other cases, species interact with each other more directly.

  11. Tactical Midgets:

    I want a tactivak midget demo team. 🙂

  12. Is her name Elin Krantz? Raped and murdered in 2010?

  13. There is only one way to stop this shit along with stopping the continued dismantling of the thread that is left of this country, and it has nothing to do with being nice anymore, talking to your “CONgres-critter”, or chatting on forums.


    • Centurion_Cornelius

      mikrat–we hear ya. I just got s phone call from some pasty-faced Staffer on my Congress Critter’s staff in response to me flaming his ass via email and recorded phone call about what’s going on.

      This kid talking to me today didn’t know jack! Did not know shit from Shinola! Just kept on repeating: “I’ll make sure the Congressman hears your views.”

      “My ass!” I kept telling him….

      535 worthless oxygen thieves

  14. They are not refugees. migrants, immigrants, etc. They are pioneers settling the wilderness to expand their form of civilization. This time, we play the role of the Indians.

  15. How many muslim ‘refugees’ is Israel going to take in?

    That is how many we should take in, too.

  16. The Usual Suspect

    Well we KNOW where the indians fucked up !

  17. cough cough aka catholic charities

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      black–Catholic Charities–it’s not lost on me either. Run by crazy cat women in my diocese. tried talking with them and her groupies about importing Somalians, Nepalese, and others. They wanted ZERO input or suggestions from we mere laity. Considered me a vast pain in the arse.

      btw–went to a local board certified specialist M.D. for ENT issues; he bills at like $250/hr. I was sammiched in the waiting room with a squabbling flock of Nepalese women, none speaking English. When my time came to see the Doc, I asked him: “Who are the United Nations in the lobby?”

      He replied the local Catholic Charities flies them into town with allied NGOs, and as soon as the wheels of the plane from Nepal touch USA terra firma, BINGO! they are all immediately enrolled in Fed MedicAid and taxpayer’s foot his bill. They apparently had trouble breathing Ohio’s air.

      This, after yours truly has been working for the past 40 years, breathing Ohio’s air, and having the “white privilege” of paying Doc $250/hr.

  18. NorthGunner

    For those that need a ‘refresher course’ here’s Ann’s take on this:

    Ann Barnhardt Islamic Sexuality- A Survey of Evil

    They aren’t ‘migrants’…they aren’t ‘refugees”..and they’re not ‘unaccompanied minors’, they’re INVADERS engaging in the ‘hijra’ for their evil child raping mass murdering false prophet ‘mo’ and his evil herd called the ‘ummah’.

    Zero your weapons and prepare to defend your families and communities!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  19. The solution is vigilance, it is more likely then not, it will be a citizen not the police, who engages these off the radar groups, in greater America.

    Most citizens, and likely most here do not carry a long gun and kit to address a situation with vigor, daily.

    Solutions? I’d be interested in hearing what others initial engagement plan is. Do you carry a long gun and ammo in your vehicles.

    I do, have for he better part of 20 years. AK with 12 30 round mags. Fitted with an Ace folding stock and recently added a white light. In a time test , takes roughly 20/25 seconds to access the rifle and spare ammo.


  20. So if all the other kids were jumping off a cliff, would you ju…oh…nevermind…

  21. NorthGunner

    These pretty much sum it up for the UK/Europe:
    H/T to GOV

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III